San Stefano Travel 2020-09-29T07:51:11+0000

Before we all wake up ;)😉

San Stefano Travel 2020-09-27T10:34:06+0000

Book your seats early !!!!

San Stefano Travel 2020-09-26T08:44:36+0000

After a lot of demand of the ones have been to Corfu town last Thu evening , and seen the most beautiful old city so fare as they told me :) we are now organising a day trip on Monday 09:30-16:00 and then an evning one on Tue 16:00-22:00 , please let us know to hold your seats in advance, thank you .

San Stefano Travel 2020-09-25T09:05:05+0000

This might be intrest to the ones who do have hired a car !!!! This Sunday the 27th of Sep there will be free admision to the Kapodistrias museum .... Who is Kapodistrias ??? You have fly to and from here many times ;) Corfu is proud to have the name of the first governor of Greece for our airport !!!!

San Stefano Travel 2020-09-24T06:39:19+0000

And after the storm..... a beautiful day has rised !!!! Remember to let us know to hold your seats for Corfu town this evening trip till midday , thank you !!!!