The Verdict is in and it's a Civil and Criminal Law smackdown!

I break down my case and argue with some callers - Toward Anarchy

Slactivist Lou Sander Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest

Slactivist and Inactivist Lou Sander talks Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest - Toward Anarchy

Independence Day What are Freedom and Liberty 4JULY21

What are the principle aspects of freedom? Only an your local Anarchist knows for sure - Toward Anarchy

Dr. Dean Lloyd Healing Arts Social Application 27JUN21

Dr. Dean Lloyd is a Healer and Facilitator in Healing Arts and Social Application - Toward Anarchy

Author Anarcho-Primitivist John Zerzan 20JUN21

John Zerzan is an anarcho-primitivist and author of When We Are Human - Toward Anarchy

Craig Harguess The Bad Roman Project, Libertarian Party Mises Caucus 6JUN21

Craig Harguess creator of The Bad Roman Project is back to talk about the project's success - Toward Anarchy

Psychic Medium Chris Garcia Accepting Those God Given Abilities 30MAY21

Chris Garcia psychic medium discusses his world and dealing with being thusly gifted - Toward Anarchy

Shameless Self-Promotion or Who is this Michael Storm guy? 23MAY21

You've heard me talk about a lot of things, but who am I? - Toward Anarchy

Libertarian Singer-Song Writer Carla Howell Good Folks Music Video 16MAY21

Carla Howell is a long-time Libertarian activist and a Singer-Song writer - Toward Anarchy

Ask An Anarchist the Most Common Questions I Encounter 9MAY21

I've collected some questions and answers for a round of Ask An Anarchist - Toward Anarchy

Michael Howell, Melissa Hansbarger Fighting the Tyranny End The Fed 2MAY21

Is End the Fed an emotional plea turned meme or a strike at the root? - Toward Anarchy

Dr Joye Pugh Cloning DNA from the Shroud of Turin, UFOs and Disclosure 25APR21

Have they already cloned the DNA found on the Shroud of Turin, is Disclosure coming? I ask Dr Joye - Toward Anarchy

Flote Creators Erin and Kingsley Edwards Censorship 18APR21

Erin and Kingsley created Flote a social media platform dedicated to free speech - Toward Anarchy

Author Economist Bradley Thomas Erase The State 11APR21

Bradley Thomas Author Economist Creator of Erase the State - Toward Anarchy

Echo Chamber Host Rodger Sanchez Operation Mockingbird 4APR21

Rodger Sanchez host of libertarian debate podcast Echo Chamber we talk media and Operation Mockingbird - Toward Anarchy

Programming a Slave Mindset and Rights with Responsibility 28MAR21

Covid 19 is Programming the Slave Mindset also Having a Legal Right Still Requires Responsibility - Toward Anarchy

Zack Snyder's Justice League and Open Phones 21MAR21

Listener questions and comments and I talk Zack Snyder's Justice League - Toward Anarchy

The Value of the 2nd Amendment, What is Anarchy 14MAR21

Flying solo to talk about the value of the 2nd Amendment also what is Anarchy - Toward Anarchy

Author Christopher Kalkbrenner The Stand of Defiance 7MAR21

Christopher J Kalkbrenner is an Anarchist author in the pre-publishing stages of his novel The Stand of Defiance - Toward Anarchy

Professor Erec Smith Classic Liberalism and Black America 28FEB21

Erec Smith Associate Professor of Rhetoric at York College Pennsylvania is my guest - Toward Anarchy

John Bush Freedom Cells also Bitcoin and Kratom 21FEB21

Activist Entrepreneur John Bush tells me abotu Kratom his Bitcoin experience and Freedom Cells - Toward Anarchy

Libertarian Philosopher, The Neo Sage Larry Sharpe 14FEB21

Larry Sharpe talks with me about politics, anarchy, Covid and more and he has a message for liberty activists - Toward Anarchy

Anarchist Fiction Author Todd Borho, Conscious Creation 7FEB21

Author Todd Borho on Conscious Creation and his work including The Evolution Trilogy - Toward Anarchy

Open Phones also Gamestop Stock Market Casino 31JAN21

Open Phones for listener comments, I break down the Stock Market Casino and Jurisdiction - Toward Anarchy

Lenore Skenazy America's Worst Mom President of Let Grow, Free Range Kids Movement 24JAN21

Lenore Skenazy is America's Worst Mom, President of Let Grow and founder of The Free Range Kids Movement - Toward Anarchy

Fellony Mellony Anarchist Mom Censorship, Insurrection, Amercia Goes Full Socialist 17JAN21

Fellony Mellony is Anarchist Mom She's Repeatedly Censored we'll talk about the current wave of political correctness and purge of dissenting voices - Toward Anarchy

Bradley Thomas Bitcoin or Bitcon, Money, Social Media Censorship 10JAN21

Economist, Author Bradley Thomas is back we talk Bitcoin, Money, and Social Media Censorship - Toward Anarchy

Craig Harguess Christian Anarchy The Bad Roman Project 3JAN21

Craig Harguess is Host of The Bad Roman podcast he joins me to talk about Christian Anarchy. - Toward Anarchy

Final show of and last thoughts on 2020 27DEC20

Final show of and last thoughts on 2020, vaccines, masks and COVID-19 driven tyranny - Toward Anarchy

Voluntaryist and lady of liberty Sherry Voluntary 20DEC20

Sherry Voluntary talks political hypocrisy and mental health in the COVID-19 reality - Toward Anarchy

Author, Activist Jackie Kerouac Road To Autonomy Magazine 13DEC20

Author and Activist Jackie Kerouac talks about her passion Road to Autonomy Magazine - Toward Anarchy

Sean Leal Author of Consent is Morality 6DEC20

Author Sean Leal talks with me about his book Consent is Morality - Toward Anarchy

Rachel Nielsen Covid-19, 2020 Rage, Her perspective as a Nurse 29NOV20

Rachel Nielsen is back with a Nurses perspective on Covid-19, 2020 rage, more later I talk Agorism - Toward Anarchy

Shameless Self-Promotion Some Ranting Covid-19 and Masks 22NOV20

It's all about shameless self-promotion this week as I try to convince you to LIKE SHARE FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE - Toward Anarchy

Foster Gamble Thrive II This is What it Takes and Thrive Movement 15NOV20

Foster Gamble talks with me about Anarchy, Voluntaryism and of course the amazing new documentary Thrive II: This Is What It Takes and the Thrive Movement - Toward Anarchy

Director Ram Denison Money Machine Corruption In Las Vegas 8NOV20

Director Ram Denison Money Machine Corruption In Las Vegas Hashtag Vegas Strong Steve Paddock - Toward Anarchy

Author Matthew Wojtecki Brushfire A Thriller Toward Anarchy 1NOV20

Matthew Wojtecki Brushfire A Thriller, Mandalorian Spoliers - Toward Anarchy

Bradley Thomas Police and Policing Agroing Agorists Toward Anarchy 25OCT20

Bradley Thomas Police and Policing Agroing Agorists - Toward Anarchy

Jason Bassler The Free Thought Project Social Media Censorship Toward Anarchy 18OCT20

Jason Bassler co-founder of The Free Thought Project talks Social Media Censorship - Toward Anarchy

Chuk Lee Off The Grid Solar Toward Anarchy 11OCT20

Chuk Lee Advice and Personal Experience with Off The Grid Solar - Toward Anarchy

Principled Anarchist. Not as easy to find as you'd think 4OCT20

Principled Anarchist Visits to Talk Voting and the Election Circus Private Property and Conspiracy

Full Episode: Aria DiMezzo Transgender Satanist Anarchist GOP Candidate for Sheriff 27SEP20

Aria DiMezzo is a Transgender Satanist Anarchist and she is GOP Candidate for Sheriff

Chris Hall Former L.A. Street Gang Member Voluntarist 20SEP20

Chris Hall is a Former L.A. Street Gang Member And One of My Hoodlum Voluntarist Friends

Aria DiMezzo Transgender Satanist Anarchist GOP Candidate for Sheriff 16SEP20

Aria DiMezzo is a Transgender Satanist Anarchist and she is GOP Candidate for Sheriff

Doctor Keith Smith Sugery Center of Oklahoma Healthcare in Anarchy 13SEP20

Doctor Keith Smith of the Sugery Center of Oklahoma talks Free Market Health Care

Chuk Lee Technology Talk Computers Internet Security 6SEP20

Chuk has been building and selling computers for years with an emphasis on security

Bradley Thomas is the Author of Tweeting Liberty 30AUG20

Bradley Thomas is Author of Tweeting Liberty: Libertarian Tweets To Smash Statists and Socialists

Author Tanner Cook Liberty And The Will To Power 23AUG20

Tanner Cook is Author of Liberty And The Will To Power: A Manifesto For The Amoral Libertarian

Erin and Lauren the DeathWives discuss their work as death doulas 16AUG20

Erin and Lauren are DeathWives we discuss their work as doulas helping people come to terms with death

James Dunavant Free Market Medical Association 9AUG20

James Dunavant Executive Director of the Free Market Medical Association

Lindsey Thomas New Friends and Private Property Rights 2AUG20

Lindsey Thomas is a new friend and a powerful voice for Private Property Rights

Infoninja Rob We Are Change Colorado Can a Friendship Survive Anarchy 26JULY20

Infoninja Rob Activism with We Are Change Colorado also can a friendship survive anarchy

David Horowitz The Law, Bulletproof Business and Estate Planning 19JULY20

David Horowitz on The Law, not codes and revenue generation also Bulletproof Business and Estate Planning.

Judge Judy Relating to Relatives in the Digital Age 12JULY20

Judy is my cousin and very similarly a black sheep of the family. We catch up, talk relationships.

Ethan the Farmer Get to Know Your Farmer 5JULY20

Ethan the Farmer is an old friend and my guest to chat about Get to Know Your Farmer.

Bradley Thomas, If I Were A Racist 28JUN20

Bradley Thomas, on Economics, Erase The State and If I Were A Racist.

Trump EO a Call for Federalized Police? Confessions of a Bastard Cop 21JUN20

Is Trump Executive Order a Call for Federalized Police? Confessions of a Bastard Cop.

Committing and Following through, Learning from Mistakes and Growing 14JUN20

Committing and Following through, Learning from Mistakes and Growing.

Danny Panzella Relationships, Protesting, Racism 7JUN20

Danny Panzella Anarchist Activist on Relationships Protesting and Racism.

George Floyd Protests and Killer Cops 31MAY20

Anarchy in relation to the George Floyd Protests and Killer Cops.

Johnny Hurley Contact Tracing Applications and Geek Stuff 24MAY20

Johnny Hurley and I geek on The Hobbit and Marvel then chat about Contact Tracing Applications.

Bryon Linzie The Strawman, The TIN Man, The Wizard of OZ 17MAY20

Bryon Linzie is a good friend we'll talk the politics behind The Wizard of Oz.

Joi Flores Decentralizing Food Supply Chain 10MAY20

Joi Flores on Decentralizing the Food Supply Chain and his start-op APP as proof of concept.

Ramsey Denison Director Money Machine What Happened In Vegas 3MAY20

Director Ram Denison his Documentaries Money Machine on the Vegas Mass Shooting and What Happened In Vegas.

Macey Tomlin and Benoit Allouche Healing Shamanism My Medicine Tribe 26APR20

Macey Tomlin and Benoit Allouche my guests for a conversation on Healing, Shamanism, and My Medicine Tribe.

Joshua Patterson Free-Range Anarchist Philospher Shaman 19APR20

Conversation about fishing and freedom with Joshua Patterson Free-Range Anarchist Philospher Shaman.

Dyreka Klaus Author Think for Yourself Critical Thinking 12APR20

Dyreka Klaus is an Anarchist, Mother, Wife, an Anarchist and my guest for a conversation.

Rachel Nielsen Nurse Battling Coronavirus Covid-19 5APR20

Rachel Nielsen is a nurse battling Coronavirus Covid-19 and sharing some clarity and truth.

Andrea Packwood Fighting Family Court Corruption 29MAR2020

Andrea Packwood is leading the fight against corruption in the Family Court system.

Robert Long Custom Carves and Corona Virus 22MAR2020

Robert and I catch up on our friendship, his passion Custom Carves and look at Corona Virus.

Jon Burlew Announcer Educator Friend 15MAR2020

Jon Burlew and I catch up talk about the state of radio and Geek out over our Comic Books

Immortal Synn Tony Z and Axel Metal Music 8MAR2020

Guitarist Tony Z and Drummer Axel of Immortal Synn talk Metal Music and Anarchy

Jeff Martinez Christian Anarchy 1MAR2020

Jeff Martinez a long time friend and man of faith. We Catch up and talk Anarchy and Christianity

Luis Fernando Mises Emancipated Human 23FEB2020

Luis Fernando Mises tells me about himself, his activism and Emancipated Human

Michael Howell End The Fed 16FEB2020

Michael talks to me about the Federal Reserve Bank

Jacob Hornberger Future of Freedom Foundation 9FEB2020

Jacob Hornberger on Liberty Taxation Police and MORE!

Ronnie Philips Heartland Waterfowl 2FEB2020

Ronnie Philips host of Heartland Waterfowl

Adam Kokesh Anarchism Vonluntarism and Voting 26Jan20

A conversation with Adam Kokesh an Anarchist running for POTUS

John McAfee CIA, Life on the Run 19Jan20

John McAfee is my guest we talk about CIA, his life on the run.

Michael Cactusman Gaglio My Brother from Another Mother 12JAN2020

Michael Gaglio is my biological brother and he lives Environmental Convseravtion

Bruce B, the activist formerly known as Winston Smith 5JAN2020

Winston Smith on Activism, how he beat the FED