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What unconventional personal finance tip has worked well for you?

If my puts print on Monday, I will quit my finance job in January to pursue my dream. (Will provide proof)

Democrats introduce constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United campaign finance ruling

My husband has been lying to me about our finances and we are fucked

DOJ has reportedly opened a criminal investigation into George Santos’s campaign finances

Santos to be removed from U.S. Congress if he broke campaign finance laws -Comer

F OFF DAVE! - Millennials and Gen Z living at home are a ‘train wreck’ thanks to their parents, says personal finance guru Dave Ramsey

This guy from Congress sharing his finances

George Santos hints that $500k 'personal' loan to campaign wasn't his own money, raising campaign-finance violation concerns

ChatGPT may be coming for our jobs. Here are the 10 roles that AI is most likely to replace. | Tech jobs, Media jobs, Legal industry jobs, Market research analysts, Teachers, Finance jobs, Traders, Graphic designers, Accountants, Customer service agents.

TIFU by discussing finances with my daughter

But AusFinance told me the AUD was going to “RIP”?

German finance ministry firmly rejects new EU common debt

"How does M. Night Shyamalan keep getting money?" is a frequent snarky question about a guy who 1️⃣: Self-financed his recent movies and 2️⃣: Keeps making profitable movies. 🌟The Visit: Budget - $5m / Box Office - $98.5m 🌟Split: $9m / $278.5m 🌟Glass: $20m / $247m 🌟Old: $18m / 90.2m

Dealer forcing me to finance through them

Yahoo Finance segment on RC, pushes manipulation narrative

Following both this subreddit and the general personal finance one is wild

received an estimate for surgery for my dog- nearly 20k. what are some options in regards to financing?

Elon Musk-funded nonprofit run by MIT professor offered to finance Swedish pro-nazi group

Born into poverty has been amazing for my finances

PizzaGate is James Alefantis Rothschild, the owner of Comet Ping Pong. He posts CP type photos on Instagram, and his name means "I love kids." That's the name he chose to cover up Rothschild. Eyes Wide Shut was filmed in a Rothschild mansion. Rothschilds own/finance Epstein, TerraMar w/Ghislaine

Is anyone else earning under $100k low key worried about their long term finances due to inflation, stagnant wages and increase cost of living ?

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