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AITA for deciding to separate our finances just because my wife refused to buy a pair of earring for my daughter?

Someone doesn’t know how finances work

Haven’t gotten takeout in awhile due to finances, but really wanted a sandwich. This was the “egg salad sandwich” that arrived.

Does anyone else feel extremely out of place in the personal finance sub?

Why is 3-12 month emergency fund unanimously recommended by all personal finance subreddits?

Twitter is reportedly reconsidering Elon Musk's bid to buy the social media company after the Tesla CEO confirmed $46.5 billion in financing

From the loopring sub: This level of transparency is exactly why blockchain is going to revolutionize finance. They can see that Coinbase was never actually buying the crypto. It’s impossible to hide the corruption on blockchain for those willing to look.

Ukraine will get money and Patriots Details: According to Washington Post, the bill, passed on an 86-to-11 vote Thursday, provides a combined $20 billion in military aid that is expected to finance the transfer of advanced weapons systems, such as Patriot antiaircraft missiles

BBBY showing 84% Short Interest on Yahoo Finance

US Treasury secretary and other finance ministers walk out of G20 meeting with Russia

The idea of OE was posted in one of my finance groups and the replies are hilarious

AITA for splitting mine and my wife's finances?

Thinking about creating in the Metaverse? Facebook will take nearly half your revenue - Finance

People investing in high yield projects need to learn basic finance

India has already started buying Russian oil, ‘I will put my country’s interest and energy security first’ says finance minister of India

Finances worsening for Canadians as inflation surges, poll finds

Why do single people on AusFinance seem to think an apartment is "not good enough" for them?

SIN needs to be upgraded into something more securely layered than a just number whose exposure can devastate lives & finances

"The United States will finance the supply of advanced weapons systems to Ukraine, such as Patriot anti-aircraft missiles and long-range artillery," according to The Washington Post.

Spending two hours going through your finances with a fine tooth comb to come to the conclusion the only cost you can feasibly get rid of is Netflix

TIL that in 1914, 17 year old Princess Mary decided to distribute tin boxes containing small Christmas gifts to British Empire troops at the frontlines in WW1. After trying to finance it from her own allowance she set up a fund, appealed to the public and raised the equivalent of £17M today.

Supreme Court Voids Campaign-Finance Restriction, Backs Cruz

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