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LPT - Dogs cost roughly the same as financing a small car: an initial investment, and then monthly flea and heartworm meds, regular vet checkups (and the occasional emergency), and bags of expensive food...for many years. If your budget can't handle financing a small car, please don't get a dog.

Former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas convicted in campaign finance case

Bill Gates said “The way cryptocurrency works today allows for certain criminal activities. It’d be good to get rid of that”. Crypto was not used to launder money according to Pandora papers. Its time for these people to swallow their words and be critical of traditional finance and the government.

AITA for not telling my dad about my finances?

Built a 250,000$ gas station for one scene. 2$ green screen for another. Who was in charge of finances?

Cream Finance 🍦 on Twitter

Anti-mask FL GOP bookkeeper dies of COVID — leaving party without access to finance software

Lauren Boebert admits to campaign finance problems: “I under-reported a lot of stuff” to the FEC

Moon is near. End of centralized finance is coming to a close.

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Looking at job postings in Halifax today and came across this. Preferred masters in finance, SEVERAL YEARS of accounting and financial planning for 35k.

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Probably wants to borrow to get a free camp instead of paying for it himself or HE is that bad with his finances, ma man moving like the Nigerian Prince that keeps emailing me

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Mining Protocol | The Future of Digital Currency & Finance | FAIR-LAUNCH 1 October ☑️

The more I learn about finance the more I realize there is no left or right; there’s one agenda.

Average MSM Finance Blogger vs Average Full Report Reader

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Just because I'm childfree doesn't mean I feel like others shouldn't have kids.. if you're financally , mentally & physically capable of raising a family then by all means have a dozen... it's the ppl who have tons of kids carelessly even thougn their insurance could prevent pregnancy free

NEW - U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen proposes a tax on unrealized capital gains to finance Bldens "Build Back Better" plans.

Me trying to explain to my girlfriend why we should spend even more of our finances on GME

This was so frustrating to watch. Erika kept saying Tom controlled all the finances and she was unable to access it to leave him. Then when a viewer questioned how she eventually was able to move out into her own place, she couldn’t answer the question. Someone, make this make sense!