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"Then the business should not exist!"

If you cant afford to pay a living wage to your workers, then your business model doesn't work and you don't deserve to be in business.

Texas governor bans all COVID-19 vaccine mandates, including by private businesses

TIL roughly 70% of businesses in Sicily still pay protection money to the Sicilian Mafia.

I was driving home from work and found this little sweetheart in the middle of a busy street dodging cars. She’s very thin, not chipped, has a bunch of fleas and a bad ear infection. I just dropped 400 bucks at the vet so I think she’s mine now. What shall I call her?

I'm just trying to find a reputable business.

Business owner is forced to do his own underpaid and overstressed work after no one shows up to interview for the job.

Blue refused to live in fear. He was too busy making confederate flag cornhole boards.

What happens when you don't mind your business

AITA for telling my husband I will continue taking a nap after work instead of finding something to keep me busy?

"not wanting people who might spread a deadly disease into your business is just like Jim Crow"

"Pizzagate" was never debunked. The whole "no basement" talking point was to distract from the subterranean tunnels between multiple business fronts on Connecticut Ave in DC. It always has been real.

Amazon ‘Delivery Partners’ Hit Amazon With $15 Million Lawsuit: The lawsuit alleges that Amazon "controlled nearly every aspect" of two Portland delivery companies' businesses and "created unsafe working conditions."

Skating down a busy road…

Neighbor kid started a new business and I’m his first customer.

Found this good boy in the pouring rain on a busy road last night. Time to spoil him while we find his owner.

Sooo…. Business Insiders latest article linked to r/Superstonk

Too Busy, just like mcdonalds

Mind your business

My Dad Died on Sunday. Today, His best friend and business partner of 30 years displayed black flags at half mast at their office as a sign respect.

My son received a "business" card from a classmate

Business End