AI Expert Says We Are Summoning Robot “Entities” Who Will Treat Us Like Ants

They "don't give a shit about you even in the slightest."

New National Security Advisor Once Said U.S. Could Take Losing 20 Million People in Nuclear War

"I'm not saying we wouldn't get our hair mussed."

Fascist Twitter Suspends Social Justice Hero Titania McGrath

Both Jarvis Dupont and Titania McGrath are, of course, parody accounts designed to send up the stupidity, petulance, hypocrisy, small-mindedness, and cry-bullying of SJWs everywhere

Genetically-modified mosquito apocalypse plan BACKFIRES spectacularly in Brazil

British biotech company Oxitec conducted a 27-month long experiment in 2013 Jacobina, Brazil, aimed at reducing the local mosquito population by 90 percent while preserving the genetic integrity of the local insect population

6 Of The Last 8 U.S. Recessions Were Preceded By Oil Price Spikes – Damage To Saudi Oil Industry Could Take “Months” To Repair

When the price of oil rises dramatically, that tends to be really bad for the U.S. economy

VIDEO: ‘Nearly Half A Dozen Teens’ Attack Man And Shove Him Onto Metro Tracks

FOX 5 DC reported the details of the attack "only became known because the victim contacted FOX 5."

Sarah Silverman Attacks Christians, Says They Should Recognize Greta Thunberg As The Second Coming

Trump Says That The Military Response To The Attack On Saudi Arabia Will Be “Proportionate”

In other words, if it is ultimately determined that Iran was behind the attack on Saudi oil production facilities, we should probably expect the U.S. to hit similar facilities in Iran in return

Trump Slams Leftist ‘Cancel Culture’ At New Mexico Rally

“The left tries to threaten, bully, intimidate Americans into submission.”

Watch Live: Trump Holds MAGA Rally In New Mexico

Campaigning in Rio Rancho in bid to win blue state in 2020

Gun Stores Across US Hold ‘Beto Sales’ after Dem Vows to Confiscate Firearms

‘Get them before Beto does!’

Video: Liberals Prove Facts Don’t Matter To Them

You can lead a Democrat to the truth but you can't make them comprehend it

Intense Brain Activity Drives Need for Sleep – Study

Your mind needs rest as well as your body

Smollett 2.0? Ex-NFL Player Arrested For Staging Hate Crime

Swastikas, "MAGA," "monkey," and "n***er" graffitied on walls

California Homeless Crisis: Sacramento River Contaminated With Human Feces

E. coli at unsafe levels in popular river

Strike Against GM Comes as Union Leaders Face Corruption Investigation

Justice Department Investigating UAW's leadership involving over $1 million

Blast & Fire Hits Major Virus Lab in Russia, Where HIV, Ebola & Anthrax Strains are Stored

Some of the most dangerous strains are still being kept inside the Institute’s building

Combination of Wood Fibers, Spider Silk to Rival Plastic

Unique compound outperforms most synthetic & natural materials

Watch Live – Border Emergency: 173rd Illegal Immigrant Sex Abuser Arrested in 2019

Share the link to this broadcast to alert your fellow countrymen to the ongoing illegal immigrant invasion!

Michigan Could Be In A Recession In Next Couple Months

Hawaii and Montana have the next highest probabilities of recession risk for 4Q19

McCarthy: We Came Close ‘To This Country Having A Coup,’ Vows Deep State Cabal Will See Justice

McCabe, Comey and others will face indictments, says House Minority Leader

Liberals Take Infowars’ Dem Debate #3 Quiz!

Can the left remember what their candidates say?

Tulsi: U.S. Acting Like Saudi Arabia’s ‘Bitch’ Over Oil Attack

Trump poised to retaliate against Iran over attack on oil supply -- if Saudi Arabia says so

Oil prices skyrocket 20% after attacks on Saudi plants disrupt global supply

The biggest intra-day gain in nearly 30 years

Watch: Democrats Fully Embrace Communism

Pro-communist liberals suddenly support the police and admit to polluting the environment in these eye-opening videos

YouTube Blocks Trump Rally Broadcaster from Being Able to Livestream

Platform continues to censor Right Side Broadcasting, popular for streaming Trump rallies

Ban On Eating Dogs & Cats Blocked in the UK Because it Might Offend East Asians

Clown world strikes again.

Illegal Immigration Is Far More Dangerous Than Mass Shootings

Learn about the real threat America is facing

More Money Pumping Won’t Make Us Richer

Neither loose monetary policy, nor big-spending fiscal policy cannot grow an economy

New Imaging Technology to ‘Revolutionize’ Cancer Surgery

Breakthrough could allow surgeon to see exactly what to cut, how much to cut