Confidence In Judges Is In The Gutter And We Need Term Limits To Fix It

Lifetime appointments are a bad idea

Google Maps Exposes Taiwan’s Missile Locations

Nation in talks with tech giant to blur classified military secrets

Campus carry bills make headway in WV, SD

Constitutional rights don’t stop where campus begins, says one student

Trump Highlights Angel Moms as Jim Acosta Claims Border Crisis “Manufactured”

Parents combat fake news with personal stories of children killed by illegal aliens

Where is the Universe Hiding its Missing Mass?

Another dimension?

The Truth About The Mueller Report Is About To Come Out

Special counsel witch-hunt isn't going to end the way delusional liberals think

China, US Race for AI Superiority

Trump's AI executive order sparks Chinese response

Venezuela: Poster Child for Socialism

There must be a resolution from within the Venezuelan people to turn away from socialism

Attacker of BBC Cameraman At Trump Rally Was A Possible Plant

Witness of the event shares his side of the story

Breaking Live: Empire False Flag Confirmed, Actor Staged Attack

Tune in to this worldwide transmission and spread the link to join the battle for liberty and free speech

Spending Binge Now Worse Than Under Bush, Obama, Says Conservative Outlet

GOP increasing size and scope of government against conservative voter wishes

Smollett: Empire Star’s Story Finally Unravels

Will mainstream media retract their coverage of the hate crime hoax

Live: Trump on Southern Border, National Security

President delivering official statement on humanitarian crisis from White House

Watch Live: Trump To Declare National Emergency, Build The Wall

Stay tuned for live coverage of the announcement and share this link to defy big tech censors

Democrat Vows To Terminate Trump’s “Fake Emergency” Declaration

"We'll challenge him in Congress, we'll challenge him in the courts"

German Police Lie About Migrant Crime Statistics to “Preserve Peace”

Honor killings and sexual assaults hidden from the public

Spain Calls Snap Election After Socialists Fail to Pass Budget

Globalist-socialists falter as populist-nationalists surge

Spending Bill Allows Mexican Cartel-Connected Texas Counties to Stop Border Wall

Local government officials spoke out against the building of additional border barriers and have relied on the judgment of local law enforcement officials

Feminist Pastor Unveils Vulva Sculpture Made From Melted Purity Rings

Proudly presents idol to Gloria Steinem

Trump Frees Up $8 Billion To Build The Wall

"He walks away at the end of the day with $8 billion and, of course, the Democrats and some Republicans are upset about that.”

AOC Celebrates “Defeat” Of World’s Richest Man’s “Worker Exploitation” As Amazon Abandons NY

Their cheering at Amazon's pull-out is a "victory lap for them" and their narrow political interests, not for the people of New York

Report: Jussie Smollett ‘Staged’ Attack With Help Of Extra From ‘Empire,’ Home Raided

All the Democratic front-runners and all the top Democrats went all in on this obvious hoax

Beto O’Rourke: We Should Tear Down The Walls Already In Place

Remember though folks, as the New York Times assured us: Democrats do not want open borders!

“Biggest Drop In More Than Nine Years”: America’s Retail Apocalypse Is Greatly Accelerating In The Early Stages Of 2019

All over America retailers are going bankrupt and closing stores

Report: Google Hides “/r/The_Donald” Search Suggestions

Search engine auto-suggest feature will not display largest pro-Trump Reddit community

Man Kicked Out of Disneyland for Displaying Giant ‘Trump 2020’ Banner

Banner unfurled on Mark Twain riverboat ride

China Boosts Trade With Russia Amid US Tensions

China a huge marketplace for Russian produce

Gun Control: 1 Year After Parkland

A look into the left's push for gun control following the tragic shooting

Study: Texting Soldiers, Vets Decreases Chances of Suicide

Vets have a 50% higher incidence of suicide than general population

Study: Alzheimer’s Symptoms Almost Disappear After “Cleaning” Cells

Researchers testing brain cells of animals

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