Watch Live: Mass Outrage, Protest & Demonstrations Outside EU Headquarters in Europe

Join Owen Shroyer on today's special 4-6PM CDT Sunday broadcast and find out why Infowars is the most censored platform on the planet!

NO BORDERS: Weaponized Migration Being Used to Destroy National Sovereignty

EU headquarters under siege as people reject globalist plan for Europe

Thousands Rally Against UN Migration Pact Outside EU Headquarters

Anti-globalist rally dubbed ‘March against Marrakech’ in reference to city where pact was signed this month

Report: Ex-Fox Exec Claims MH370 Got Hijacked By Organ Harvesters

Sacked as VP of network’s standards and practices department for using work email to organize fundraiser for families of those on board, she claims

NBC Anchors Irritated Federal Judge Ruled Obamacare ‘Unconstitutional’

Hopefully 'the courts just quickly throw out this ruling,' whines Chuck Todd

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: ‘ICE = Gestapo’

Meanwhile, left openly declares war on Constitutional rights

Giuliani: ‘Over My Dead Body’ Will Mueller Interview Trump

Special Counsel Mueller indicated he still wants interview with president

Obama Decries GOP Trying To Overturn Obamacare Law in Courts

Texas judge ruled his signature healthcare bill 'unconstitutional'

First Muslim Congresswoman Mocks Pence’s Christian Faith

Imagine the Democrat outrage if the shoe was on the other foot

Trump: Cohen Only Became A ‘Rat’ After FBI ‘Broke Into’ Office

'Why didn’t they break into the DNC to get the Server, or Crooked’s office?' asks president

SNL Wishes Trump Was Never President In “It’s A Wonderful Life” Parody

'Sometimes I wish I had never been president,' says Alec Baldwin's Trump

Open borders Beto opposes wall — because it’s killing people!

“The number of people dying at the U.S.-Mexico border in some years has grown,” O’Rourke said.

US Medicare-For-All & Big-Tech: The Future Of Mass Patient Surveillance

So long as the scope of government grows, the continued politicization of all aspects of life will follow

Officials move town nativity scene after receiving complaints for the first time in 40 years

The symbolic Christmas figurines had to be moved out of the public park in Woodland to a private property

Bare-Breasted ‘Mariannes’ Face Off With French Police; Tear Gas, Pepper Spray Used On Protesting Yellow Vests

Just under 70,000 police have been mobilized across France

Millennials Lacking Life Skills – Are Now Signing Up For Classes Designed To Teach Them The Basics

Preparing for life outside mom’s basement

GOP 2020 War Plan: Lose The Election

You just can't make this stuff up!

Brian Stelter Releases Racy Burlesque Christmas Calendar, Shocks Alex Jones

Infowars founder will hang calendar above garbage bin

Zinke Steps Down As Interior Secretary For Trump Administration

Has been target of continuing Justice Department investigation into whether he used position for personal gain

Alex Jones & The Map To Plato’s Planet

Globalists using time-tested methods of controlling the masses

Trump Rips Special Counsel Mueller Over Deleted Strzok-Page Texts

'Such a big story that will never be covered by the Fake News,' says president

Trump Praises Closure of Weekly Standard: ‘Rest in Peace!’

Outlet founded by anti-Trump pundit Bill Kristol

Deadly And Ineffective: Lou ‘The Hulk’ Ferrigno Hospitalized After Pneumonia Vaccine

Vaccines not as 'safe and effective' as government says

Why You Should Be Afraid Of Bernie’s Brand Of Socialism

Socialist senator wants to implement communism in America

VIDEO: Democrat Ted Lieu Wants To Censor Free Speech

Left wants to regulate speech, not defend 1st Amendment

MSNBC Lets Dem Guest Claim Trump Admin ‘Murdered’ Immigrant Kids

'Everyone in the Trump administration has done everything they possibly can to make that trip more dangerous, more deadly'

Paris Protests Turn Violent Again As Police Use Riot Measures On Yellow Vests

Less than 3,000 protesters descended on Paris so far on Saturday, compared to 8,000 or so last week

Leaked Memo Touts UK-Funded Firm’s Ability To Create ‘Untraceable’ News Sites For ‘Infowar Campaign’

Operation includes ability to conduct 'naming and shaming' campaigns targeting 'allies' of 'Russian disinformation'

‘Obamacare Struck Down as Unconstitutional Disaster’ – Trump

The decision was part of a case made by 20 plaintiff states who sought to recognise the Affordable Care Act as invalid

70,000-strong No Deal Brexit petition most popular in country

If it gets to 100,000 signatures, a No Deal Brexit debate will be considered for debate in Parliament. Get signing and spread the word

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