Watch: Chris Pratt Did Nothing Wrong

Left trying to equate symbols of freedom with white supremacy

Hillary Clinton Next Shoe To Drop In Epstein Saga

How will America react?

1,100 African Migrants Apprehended in One Border Sector In Last 6 Weeks

Comes as WHO declares Ebola a global health emergency this week

Google Blacklists Free Speech Platform Gab’s Latest App

Big Tech continues war against free speech in the face of imminent regulation

Worse Than What Epstein Revealed: Now Facebook Knows When You Watch Porn

Tech giant knows more about you than your family and closest friends

Detective Shares Names Of Two Alleged Epstein Female Fixers with Feds

Two female associates would procure girls for Epstein, claims investigator

VIDEO: Leftists Dump Buckets Of Fake Blood Outside ICE Facility

Far-left campaign against ICE takes creepy turn

Who Is Ground Zero Of Tech Censorship & Deplatforming?

Big Tech's first target: Alex Jones and Infowars

Trump Looking at Major Spending Cuts in Second Term — Report

President telling aides to prepare to significant budget cuts in second term, according to WaPo

Trump Personally Vouches for A$AP Rocky’s Bail After Talks With Swedish PM

American rapper was detained after squabble with migrants

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Trump Supporters Must Be ‘Confronted and Destroyed’

Media trying to stoke civil war in America to derail Trump reelection

Iran Releases First Footage Of Seized Oil Tanker

Strait of Hormuz oil shipping apparently under threat

Twitter Suspends Angel Mom for Posting About Illegal Immigration

Posts called out Democrat politicians' support for illegal aliens, sanctuary city policies

Watch: Kathy Zhu Has Beauty Title Stripped Away For Supporting Trump

Kathy joins Owen Shroyer to break down this shocking story of liberal hypocrisy toward Trump supporters

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Staff Doesn’t Make $15 Minimum Wage He Wants All Workers To Have

Staffers claim they’re really getting berned!

Chinese Immigrant Kathy Zhu Stripped of “Miss Michigan” Title After Refusing to Wear Hijab

Pro-Trump conservative refuses to back down in face of political correctness

Apple & Google LGBT Emoji Explosion

Talk about virtue signaling

Trump In Talks With Swedish Government to Release Detained Rapper A$AP Rocky

Rapper and crew detained earlier this month after fighting two migrants who instigated brawl

Dr. Drew Warns of Imminent Bubonic Plague Outbreak Starting In Los Angeles

Nightmare scenario could be result of Democrat policies

Michelle Obama Named World’s “Most Admired” Woman

Trumps take double digit spots in YouGov poll

Watch Live: Jeffrey Epstein Documents Have DC Establishment in Panic Mode

'It’s going to be staggering, the amount of names,' person involved with Epstein litigation told Vanity Fair

University to Post ‘ICE Escape Route’ Signs on Campus

Elitists virtue signal under guise of art

Did Neocons Take Out 2 Drones In Attempt to Goad Trump Into War With Iran?

Suspicious attacks on unmanned aircraft could set precedent for major conflict

Here’s Why Trump Disavowed The “Send Her Back” Chant

As nation's chief executive of law, president must stay impartial

Kosovo PM Resigns After War Crimes Court Summon

Ex-wartime commander chose to attend as citizen

Study: Transgender Hormone Treatments Lower IQ

Hormone disruptors administered to adolescent males impair cognitive development, study suggests

Social Cohesion at All-Time Low as Consumerism Rises

Americans turning to consumerism to “fill the void," but it's leading to depression

Underground Structure in Russia Prompts ‘More Questions Than Answers’

Mysterious finding possibly one of world's oldest Christian churches

Survey: Number One Career Choice For American Kids is to be YouTubers, For Chinese Kids It’s an Astronaut

Big difference

Richard Blumenthal Is The Brian Williams Of The Senate

How is this guy still relevant?