New Zealand PM Encourages Gun Owners to Turn in Firearms

‘You can surrender your gun to the police at any time’

Jailed Abortionist Hopes Democrats’ Infanticide Support Will Set Him Free

Convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell wants more states to allow late-term abortions

New Zealand Will “Confront” Erdogan Over “Highly Reckless” Threats

Turkish president threatens to send New Zealanders home in coffins

Dem Party Admission Scandal: Electoral College

The left is going after multiple American institutions at once

Australian ISPs Ban Liveleak, But Not Facebook & Twitter Over Shooting Video

Targeted censorship: Facebook, Twitter NOT blocked even though video was posted there as well

AI Study Sheds Light on Human Brain

Research breaking barriers on language comprehension

Watch Live: The Real Mueller Story Isn’t Russia Probe — It’s Pedogate!

Tune in and find out why Infowars is the most banned platform on Earth -- spread this link to your friends and family

EXCLUSIVE: Deep Inside A Leftist Troll Farm

Link between "fashwave" ideology and YangGang meme culture exposed

NYU Hires Leftist Who Falsely Accused ICE Agent of Having Nazi Tattoo As New Journalism Professor

Social justice warriors hijacking journalism to advance far-left agenda

UK: Cops Now Knocking on Doors to Police Free Speech

Man questioned over comment about Brexit

“Not a good situation”: Trump Denounces TSA Child Grope Video

'This is sickening,' Don Jr. also commented

The Final Level of Censorship is Here: The Banning of URLs

After Blocking Zero Hedge And Others, NZ Telcos Demand Big-Tech Censorship Surge To "Protect Consumers"

Video: Proof Modern Liberals Have Aligned With The KKK

Radical white supremacists and the average Democrat voter both support racial segregation

Study: Migrants to Cost Finnish Gov Billions

Somali, Iraqi migrants a net loss on nation's economy, says think tank

NASA Readies Next Mars Rover

Rover scheduled to land on Red Planet in February 2021

Without Delusional Thinking, Liberals Would Have No Thinking At All

Transgender athletes and other leftist insanity

Dems Fighting to Prevent Universities From Teaching Constitution

S.C. Dems don't want a required Constitution 101 course

Czech Prez Calls Turkey a “De Facto Ally of ISIS”

Slams NATO, pending EU membership

Macron Absent As Yellow Vest Protests Expand

Populist movements rising

Watch Live: Big Tech Officially Announces Plan To Censor All Conservatives & Christians On A Planetary Scale

Share this link far and wide to join Infowars in the battle to protect the First Amendment

Fed Interest Rate Shift Good for Gold

America can't afford to raise rates

The History Of Slavery The Democrats Don’t Want You To Know

Democrat Party grew out of pro-slavery sentiments

Kaitlin Bennett Schools British Leftist

Watch the epic gun debate here!

What a “Hard Brexit” Could Mean for the UK

There had been much concern for decades over loss of British sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels

Italy: Migrant Sets Bus Full Of Children on Fire as Part of Pro-Refugee Protest

Senagalese man arrested after trying to ram road block

The Problem with Modern Monetary Theory

Is it true, however, that money is simply a means of payment?

Watch Live: Dems’ Electoral College Admission Scandal

Desperate left pulling out all the stops to win 2020 election

Google Search Filters Trump’s #StopTheBias Tweet

Google proves Trump's point

‘Cucks For Beto’ Starts In Texas

Some Beto supporters are proud to show off how much more their wives love Beto than their own husbands

Ted Koppel: ‘Yes, The Media Are Out To Get Trump’

'NY Times, Wa Post are not what they used to be'.