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CITE23: How to start an AI task force at your school

BMW recalls SUVs after Takata air bag inflator blows apart, hurling shrapnel and injuring driver

A year of ChatGPT: 5 ways AI has changed the world

Are we witnessing the death of the password?

Chico State part of effort to create a lighter, better battery

Solar power is growing. Now Georgia wants to store more of its energy

Montreal research hub spearheads global AI ethics debate

Nuclear power has role to play, atomic energy head tells AFP at COP28

With outburst, Musk puts X's survival in the balance

New US rules, aimed at curbing China, could make it harder for EV buyers to claim a full tax credit

Walmart latest big advertiser to pull out of Musk's X amid widening concerns over hate speech, reach

UK unveils £11 bn windfarm investment by UAE, German firms

First trailer for "Grand Theft Auto VI" on December 5

To help autonomous vehicles make moral decisions, researchers ditch the 'trolley problem'

When deep learning meets active learning in the era of foundation models

Researchers have taught an algorithm to 'taste'

AI researchers introduce GAIA: A benchmark testing tool for general AI assistants

FTX and Binance: How latest crypto scandals could influence public opinion on digital currency regulation

Using drones to protect wind turbines from ice

Using laptops and similar devices safely on aircraft

Converting a steel mill to climate-neutral steel production

A drone with microphone arrays to hear and help victims in disaster zones

EU wants to know how Meta tackles child sex abuse

Replicating the structure of bird feathers with rubber nanostructures

Rise of the web's 'pay for privacy' model

How spider silk research led to a new kind of microphone

Experiments with AI to make historic city centers accessible

Trained AI models exhibit learned disability bias, researchers say

ChatGPT and the law: A useful but imperfect tool

Disasters at sea trigger ship-safety advances

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