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Earth is running a fever. And UN climate talks are focusing on the contagious effect on human health

El Niño helped steer storms away from U.S. this hurricane season. What about next year?

A six-planet solar system in perfect synchrony has been found in the Milky Way

Bottlenose dolphins can sense electric fields, study shows

Nations rally behind renewables at COP28 climate talks

Maghreb farmers embrace drones to fight climate change

New doubts over coral, safety at planned Olympic surf venue

Strong earthquake that sparked a tsunami warning leaves 1 dead amid widespread panic in Philippines

To greenwash or do the right thing? Corporate dilemmas at COP28

As Dubai hosts climate talks, its air pollution soars

50 oil and gas companies pledge to cut operational emissions

New unified theory shows how past landscapes drove the evolution of Earth's rich diversity of life

As seas get warmer, tropical species are moving further from the equator

Bashful golden mole detected in South Africa after 87 years

Toxic chemicals in UK whales and dolphins are exceeding safe limits

A new possible explanation for the Hubble tension

Saturday Citations: Adorable kittens, violent pulsars, brand-new fusion reactor and a proposed giant cosmic void

Massive planet too big for its own sun pushes astronomers to rethink exoplanet formation

Agriculture officials confirm 25th case of cattle anthrax in North Dakota this year

US leads call to triple nuclear power at COP28

Ghostlike dusty galaxy reappears in James Webb Space Telescope image

Shrinking particle accelerators with cold plasma and a large picnic basket

Researchers sound out Canadian military's plan to combat ocean noise pollution

Social media influencers may affect more than voter opinions

Over 110 countries support tripling renewables by 2030: EU chief

Botany must feature more prominently on the school curriculum to promote awareness of climate change, study warns

Scientists navigate uncharted waters in fish immunology research

New understanding of 'oobleck-like' fluids contributes to smart material design

Plant survey finds dozens of nonnative invasive species thriving in southwest Ohio

Hip hop dancing promotes awareness of disability rights and performance equality, study shows

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