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Nearby exoplanet could be first known ocean world: Webb telescope

Along shifting coastlines, scientists bring the future into focus

Webb Space Telescope's latest cosmic shot shows pair of intertwined galaxies glowing in infrared

Melting ice no guarantee of smooth sailing in fabled Arctic crossing: Study

AI makes writing easier, but stories sound alike

Saturday Citations: The first Goldilocks black hole; Toxoplasma gondii metabolism; pumping at the speed of muscle

Scientists demonstrate chemical reservoir computation using the formose reaction

Research shows gamified investment sites have risks for novice investors

SpaceX rocket accident leaves company's Starlink satellites in wrong orbit

Crucial farm jobs dry up in drought-stricken Morocco

375-pound loggerhead sea turtle returns to Atlantic Ocean after 3 months of rehab in Florida

Study examines urban forests across the United States

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket experiences rare failure

New class of organic nanoparticles shows promise for diverse applications

Just a Category 1 hurricane? Don't be fooled by a number—It could be more devastating than a Cat 5

Impacts of extreme drought on forest ecosystems reveal species-specific adaptation differences in Northeast China

Restructuring middle managers—findings from a case study of a major bank

Exploring three-dimensional quantum Griffiths singularity in bulk unconventional iron-based superconductors

Complex impact of large wildfires on ozone layer dynamics unveiled

Research team develops light-activated compounds to treat neuropathic pain

How climate patterns contribute to coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef

New technology could open up gene therapies to more patients at less cost

2023 Rolling Hills Estates landslide likely began the winter before

Algae instead of corals: A reef island adapts to changing environmental influences

Lions in a Uganda park make a perilous journey across a 1.5 km stretch of water to find mates

Archaeologists discover one of the earliest Christian buildings in Bahrain

New geological dating techniques place first European hominids in Iberian Peninsula 1.3 million years ago

Shining a light on Colorado's little-known fireflies

Integrating small-angle neutron scattering with machine learning enhances measurements of complex molecular structures

Croc's deadly last meal in Ancient Egypt unearthed

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