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Investigating needle-free ultrasound vaccine delivery

Research shows that being overweight hampers the body's immune response to SARS-CoV-2

Cutting sugar and processed meats helped people live longer, study found

Impacts of gestational weight gain seen 50+ years later

Doxycycline tied to lower risk for C. difficile in pneumonia patients

Vitamin D supplements do not prevent bone fractures in children, finds study

Ten years on, Lung-MAP success demonstrates potential of public-private partnerships in clinical research

Coverage of Bruce Willis' frontotemporal degeneration shows media misconstrues the disease

One in eight older adults use cannabis products, suggesting need to screen for risks

Flu is on the rise while RSV infections may be peaking, US health officials say

Pfizer to rethink weight loss pill after high side effect rate

Study explores how pre- and postnatal B-12 vitamins improve breast milk vitamin B-12 levels

Polish NGO decries lack of sex education as HIV cases soar

Scientists work to bring tissue regeneration to replace root canal treatment

New research suggests cellular stress in the placenta may be possible cause of preeclampsia

Study identifies peptide as key mediator in heavy alcohol drinking

Researchers discover deep structural biology connections that help improve CAR therapy

Meditation training can support well-being in older adults, finds trial

Research shows human behavior guided by fast changes in dopamine levels

On nutrition: Comparing honey and molasses

Should parents buy video games for their children at Christmas?

Report highlights worrying decline in adolescents' mental and physical health in England

The quest to conquer latent HIV and end the AIDS pandemic

New report highlights essential role of collaborating with patients to improve cancer care

Clinical smart watch finds success at identifying atrial fibrillation

GERD is common indication for revisional bariatric surgery

Researchers warn people with type 1 diabetes to use fitness video games with caution

Urgent work needed to tackle 'substantial' digital health inequality, study recommends

Scientists say a child-centric approach is the blueprint to improve communities

Adverse childhood experiences linked to muscle dysmorphia

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