Watch: Illinois State Senator Threatens to Confiscate Firearms

Confiscation has always been Democrats' end goal.

Church Shooting Thwarted By Parishioners – Police

Spate of dangerous incidents at Christian churches this week

NXIVM Founder Keith Raniere Guilty of Sex Trafficking & Enslaving Women

Raniere was at the top of the cult's sexual pyramid scheme involving sex slaves, say prosecutors.

Mainstream Conservatives Still Don’t Understand The Seriousness Of Internet Censorship

They might as well give up on conservatism if they don't have free speech

Libra: “Creation of a New Global Currency”

Governed by a small group of elite multinationals, Facebook’s Libra might as well be called DavosCoin.

Incredible Scenes From Record Setting Trump Rally In Orlando

Compare rally size to that of Dems

World Exclusive: Alex Jones Exposes Fake News Hit Job

Jones reveals breaking details, future plans, more

NPR, NYT: Not “Fetal Heartbeat,” Use “Embryonic Pulse”

Don’t miss the new term for “partial birth abortion.”

Time Magazine Admits Obama Worst President In Modern History

Trump's election a direct response to Obama's presidency

Black Parolee Who Raped White Woman Said She “Deserved” it Because of “Slavery”

Identity politics madness having real world consequences.

Murder For Profit: Hired Killers in China & US

Watch Video Here!

Man Sues Brewery for Discrimination After Refused Sale of “Women’s Only” Beer

Get woke, go broke.

FL to Allow Cars Without People: Americans Asleep At The Wheel

Florida just passed a law allowing driverless cars, including cars without anyone on board, to operate on public highways.

Vast Majority of Rejected Asylum Seekers Not Leaving Europe

Only one in five returning home

Scientists Simulating Extreme Conditions for Diamond Creation

Deep Earth zones under pressure 40 thousand times greater than our atmosphere

5G Is A Slow Kill Globalist Operation

5G is being launched around the globe, but what will be the health effects of this new technology?

Watch: EPA’s Toxic Cronyism Exposed

How many ways will the Environmental “Protection” Agency (EPA) ignore toxins for its corporate friends?

Watch Live: Hillary Clinton Admits She Watches Infowars As She’s Covering Up Pedophile Rings

Bitter over Trump's rally remarks regarding her litany of crimes.

Hillary Clinton Compares Trump Rally To Infowars After President Exposes Her Many Crimes

'Thankfully I didn’t stay up late last night watching InfoWars...' she says.

Mother Wants to Throw Out Hard-Working Daughter Because She Owns a Gun

Mere ownership of a gun turns mother against her "intelligent, hard-working, responsible" daughter

Mandatory Vaccines: NY State Paid to Violate Religious Freedom & Informed Consent

Medical tyranny increasing daily.

Migrants Living Rent-Free in Swedish Town

Officials forget to charge new arrivals rent for two years

Poll: Americans & Europeans Say “Better Food” is Biggest Benefit of Immigration

Crime and drain on welfare system biggest concerns.

Male Feminist Turns Out To Be Accused Serial Rapist

Paul Joseph Watson explains why those that "virtue signal" the loudest may actually be covering up their own politically incorrect misdeeds.

Ghastly New Details About Lesbian Couple Who Forced Gender Reassignment On Boy

Learn the details of the tragic tale here.

YouTube Deletes Channel of Spain’s Populist Vox Party

"Serious attack on freedom of expression".

Tucker Carlson Privately Warns Trump Not To Launch War With Iran — Report

Neocon war hawks have been trying to push Trump into another Middle East war

Learn Trump’s Blind Spots Ahead Of 2020

Warning message for POTUS.

San Francisco Is Worse Than A Third World Country

People are dying on the streets and politicians aren't addressing the issues.

Sen. Josh Hawley Takes on Big Tech Censors With New Bill That Would Strip Them of Legal Immunity

Act like a publisher, get treated like a publisher.

Facebook Attempts To Take Over Cryptocurrency

Social media giant set to enter crypto market.

Dominican Republic Resorts Slash Prices Amid Tourist Deaths

Mystery deepens in Caribbean

Hong Kong Protesters Outsmart Surveillance State

This is how you fight back against the technocrats.

Trump’s EPA Finalizes Plan to Repeal & Replace Obama-Era Coal Plant Regulations

Massive shift from Obama's climate change focused policies

Record Numbers Of Africans Now Crossing Border

Americans concerned as thousands from Ebola-stricken areas pour into the country.

China Dumping More US Treasurys

China ditches $17.5 billion in US debt in two months

SubscribeStar Emerges as Lifeline for Independent Voices

Independent membership platform allows content creators to bypass corporate censorship.

Trump Planning “Economy Crippling” Sanctions Against Turkey Over Russian Defense System Purchase

Bipartisan pressure reportedly targeting S-400 sale

The ICE Blitz Cometh: Trump Set To Deport Millions of Illegals

Action must be taken soon.

Breaking: NBC News Reports That Hillary Clinton Ran Pedophile Ring Inside State Dept. + Trump Launches 2020 Campaign

As Trump prepares to expose the real culprits behind 9/11 & Iran war rooms, this is one live broadcast you don't want to miss

Watch: Infowars Free Speech Poster Challenge Finalists

Top Infowarriors strike back against censorship

David Knight Show: Big Tech Cryptocurrency Push Disrupting Markets

Patriots waking up to urgent threat against liberties

Rand Paul: Iran War Would Be ‘A Bigger Mistake’ Than Iraq

"Continuing to dump arms into this cauldron is fueling an arms race"

CNN Commentator: U.S. is Headed Towards ‘Death Camps’ for Migrants Coming Across Southern Border

CNN commentator Angela Rye claimed the United States is headed towards "death camps" for migrants "if our consciences are not quickly pierced" during an appearance on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" on Tuesday.

‘Age of Digital Terrorism’ Is Coming, Russian Official Warns

Impact may be as dangerous as WMDs

Don Lemon Invokes Hitler While Discussing Media’s Role in Covering Trump

CNN hack's comments too extreme for Chris Cuomo

Trump, Xi Confirm US-China Trade Talks to Resume at G20 Summit

Beijing downplaying eagerness to reach truce

Activists Urge Google to Break Up Before Regulators Force It To

Shareholders to propose voluntary breakup of tech monopoly

ICE Releases List Of Murderers And Rapists Protected Under Sanctuary City Policies

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released a list of criminal illegal aliens who were released from jail due to sanctuary city policies, many of whom went on to commit other crimes.

Ocasio-Cortez Attacks ‘Shrieking Republicans’ For Criticizing Her Comparison Of Border Facilities To Concentration Camps…

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., has taken aim at “shrieking Republicans” who criticized her for comparing border facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border to concentration camps.

CNN Cuts Away from Trump Rally After Crowd Breaks Out in ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant

“The fact is the American dream is back and bigger and better and stronger than ever before.”

Donald Trump Rouses Deplorables Movement at 2020 Kickoff Rally

Trump noted that his supporters made history in 2016, launching a new political movement in the country.

Torrential Rain Of Biblical Proportions Is Causing Immense Devastation For Midwest Farmers

The outlook for U.S. agricultural production in 2019 is exceedingly grim.

Watch: President Trump Announces 2020 Reelection Bid in Florida

Over 20,000 supporters in Orlando participating in historic '45 Fest' event.

Over 300,000 Flee Violence in Congo Amid Massive Ebola Outbreak

Ebola-stricken nation collapsing as migrants arrive in US

Princeton Professor Says Trump Tweet About Mass Deportations A ‘Terroristic Act’

Left considers securing the border and following the law terrorism.

The Eerily Accurate Predictions of Cyberpunk 2020

Diversity leads to the downfall of America.

Notre-Dame Temple Burning: Who Started The Fire?

It's been two months, and still no answers as to what caused massive fire.

MarketWatch Caught In Huge Hoax

Fake News media can't get their defamatory stories straight.

Fake News Headlines Creating Click-Bait Culture To Radicalize The Left

Globalists using nuclear option to silence Christians, conservatives

Vox Day: Drag Queen Story Hour Is About Christians Vs. Satanists

Radical left's evil agenda exposed

“Arms Race” Underway in Sweden as Gangs Wage War, Experts Warn

Bombings up 50 percent over 2018

Joe Biden & Democrats Promote Violent Revolution

Leading Dem contender hyping communist rhetoric

ElectionGuard: Microsoft & Pentagon’s Operating System to Control Voting

MSM pushing pro-Microsoft agenda

Inside Deep State’s “Insurance Policy” for 2020 Election

False narratives creating cover for election fraud

The Man No One Trusts Will Control Your Money & You

Facebook soon a black hole of money, power

Shaking Financial Foundations: From Petrodollar to Crypto-Dollar

Bankers pivoting to a new control system

State Department Admits Over 30 Security Breaches Related To Clinton Emails

Trump asks if Democrats will investigate.

Watch: Smart Cities, Crypto Laundering, GMO Weed, Election Fraud

Callers join David to discuss breaking developments threatening American security

Watch Live: Trump Vows to Deport Millions of Illegal Immigrants and Cut Aid to Central American Countries

'They will be removed as fast as they come in,' Trump declares.

Ultimate Fake News Psy-op: MSM Falsely Claims Alex Jones Loses Sandy Hook Defamation Case

Jones DID NOT author 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,' and DID NOT lose a defamation case.

‘Children Can Handle The Kink’ of Pride Parades, Say SJW Parents

'First of all, nobody likes nakedness more than children,' says leftist writer.

Two Earth-Like Planets Discovered Near One of Our Closest Stars

Planets slightly heavier than Earth, liquid water present

China Pushing For Alternatives to ‘Weaponized’ US Dollar

Cites Trump's economic sanctions

AMA Says “Mature” 12-Year-Olds Can Consent to Vaccination

Manuever takes away last barrier protecting children from Big Pharma

Sandy Hook Smear Of Alex Jones Failing, MSM Takes Nuclear Option In Face Of Defeat

Globalists going for broke in disgusting gambit

Robert Barnes Makes MAJOR Announcements In Sandy Hook Media Hoax

Several MSM publications will be held accountable for libelous, defamatory, fake news headlines.

Libra: Facebook’s Crypto Trojan Rabbit

Libra is another attempt by the current banking establishment to slow the flow into the world of hard money.

Asylum Seeker Convicted of Attempted Murder After Stabbing German Host Family’s Child

Eritrean sentenced over seven years

New York Approves Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Immigrants

Recent poll found 61 percent surveyed in New York opposed giving driver’s licenses to non-citizens.

Facebook “Internet of Money” to Control Bill Pay, Access to Public Transportation

Centralized cashless system to destroy freedom

Merkel Caught on Camera Physically Shaking, Blames Dehydration

German leader sways and trembles during playing of national anthem.

Trump: “I Think I Know” Who Was Behind 9/11

Prez drops bombshell claim in interview

Professor: Rory Stewart is an Establishment “Spy” Tasked With Destroying Brexit

Potential next UK Prime Minister recruited by MI6 at Oxford University.

Alex Jones: Democrats Working With Fake News to Frame Me, But I’m Fighting Back

The fake news has reached new heights by falsely claiming Jones committed crimes when he's actually the victim, according to law enforcement

Medical IDs: Enemy of Privacy, Liberty, and Health

In a free society, the government should never endanger privacy or liberty for efficiency.

Mass Media Hoax Claims Alex Jones Sent Child Porn When He Was the Victim of 3rd Party Sending Child Porn to Him

The truth about a monumental fake news scandal.

Alex Jones’ Lawyer: Claim Jones Sent Child Porn To Sandy Hook Lawyers Wildly Misleading

"I’ve spoken to federal prosecutors, they regard you as a victim."

David Knight Show: Big Tech Cryptocurrency Designed to Control Population

Smart cities, smart devices, new tech designed to control a dumb population

Alex Jones Destroys Islamic Caliphate From France

Jones throws out two French reporters who were trying to produce a hit piece against him

Joe Biden Advocates “Real Physical Revolution” to Push Through His Political Agenda

Imagine if a Republican had said this.

Trump: ICE Will Remove Millions Of Illegal Immigrants From U.S.

“They will be removed as fast as they come in.”

Bataclan Survivor Recognized As 131st Victim After Suicide

Valette was left with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

More info out over deaths in Dominican Republic, like man foaming at mouth

“It was something that came way out of left field.”

AOC Claims US Is ‘Running Concentration Camps on Southern Border’

Congresswoman spreads propaganda to followers

Swedish Gay Pride Boss, Foreign Ministry Official Allegedly Groom ‘Teenage Boy’

Top LGBT activist ensnared in pedophilia sting

Facebook Announces Creation of Digital Currency

Visa, Stripe, PayPal on-board to process Libra currency

School Officials Complain as Trump’s Migration Reforms Redirect Funds to American Children

Many adults migrants are refusing to enroll in federal anti-poverty welfare programs.

Jerusalem Post: U.S. Bombing Of Iran “Will Be Massive But Will Be Limited To A Specific Target”

The clock is ticking, and one wrong move could spark World War 3.

U.N. Officials Say U.S. Planning ‘Tactical Assault’ on Iran As Trump Sends More Troops to Middle East

Despite public sentiment being overwhelming negative, I guess we need to go to war to defeat "Haman."