Impeachment 2.0? How Dems & Soros Using COVID-19 Crisis to Disrupt Trump’s 2020 Bid

Left and media using economic fallout from virus to pin blame on Trump ahead of 2020 election.

Tucker Blasts NYC Officials For Initially Dismissing Coronavirus As Cases Now Soar

NY leaders 'not only failed to shield their citizens from it, they took affirmative and aggressive steps to increase the risk to their population,' he says.

Watch: President Trump Delivers Remarks At Naval Station As Hospital Ship Embarks For NYC

USNS Comfort 'loaded to the gills' to assist coronavirus-stricken New York City.

Texas National Guard Going Door-to-Door To Question Who Has Made Contact With Coronavirus Victim

Comes after President Trump signed executive order activating National Guard and Reserves to assist in coronavirus operations.

Federal Reserve Chairman Donald Trump? POTUS Could Save America

Stimulus bill includes provision essentially merging the Fed and Treasury into one organization.

‘Unprecedented Decline’: The Collapse In World Trade Is A Once In A Generation Shock

Second quarter of US GDP forecast to tumble -14%.

Tin Foil Hat: Alex Jones Discusses Coronavirus, Censorship & Total Surveillance

Jones joins Sam Tripoli's podcast to break down the globalist scheme to use coronavirus to implement the New World Order.

US Faces DEFICIT of GOLD Amid Coronavirus Market Rout

'If somebody wants to buy gold, I wish them all the best in finding it,' says precious metals expert.

Russia Creates Anti-Covid-19 Drug

Comes after Russian scientists had reportedly succeeded in sequencing the full genome of COVID-19.

Rep Thomas Massie Stands Up For The Constitution, Trump Calls For Him to Be ‘Thrown Out’ Of GOP

'This stimulus should go straight to the people rather than being funneled through banks and corporations like this bill is doing,' he says.

Police urge Brits to spy and snitch on neighbours breaking corona lockdown

'Hotlines' and 'online portals' set up where people can submit tip-offs if lockdown infractions occur.

Hillary Clinton Makes Joke Out of Coronavirus: Trump Did Promise ‘America First’

With her tweet, Clinton is apparently accepting China’s statements about cases and fatalities.

COVID-19 May Attack Testicles, Reduce Testosterone: Study

The testicles could become a 'major target' in a coronavirus infection.

Riot Erupts In China As People Try To Leave Coronavirus-Stricken Hubei Province

Violent clashes erupted on a bridge between China’s virus-stricken Hubei province and neighbouring Jiangxi province.

Global Pandemic Response Handing Governments Sweeping Powers They May Never Relinquish

History shows that emergency powers can be hard to relinquish

Large-Scale “Internet Rationing” Possible, Experts Warn

The risk of large-scale "internet rationings" by European governments could be on the horizon.

Google Bans Infowars App After Alex Jones Covers COVID-19 Meds Popularized by Trump

The app was apparently removed due to comments Alex Jones made about promising drug touted by White House

Texas Judge: National Guard Troops to Conduct Door-to-door Coronavirus Checkups

Dallas County judge says troops will be on 'medical mission' inquiring about contact with coronavirus patients.

Watch: Trump, Coronavirus Task Force Hold Daily Press Briefing

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Google Bans Alex Jones App For Exposing Dems Blocking Coronavirus Treatments

Big Tech continues to censor the truth.

Exclusive! Texas Gun Shop Owner Stood His Ground When Armed Police & Code Enforcement Ordered Him To Close

Within 24-hours the Tx AG blocked Austin's tyrannical actions.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Admits Stockpile of Thousands of Unused Ventilators

Cuomo’s comments demonstrate there is not an immediate shortage in ventilators in the city.

Texas AG Rules Blue Cities Attempting to Close Gun Stores Illegal

Red state defends 2nd Amendment.

Veterans Call In Show: Trump Supporters Reject Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Desperate Deep Staters intend to hold United States hostage for as long as 18 months or until Trump is driven from office

Cuomo Admits Shutting Down New York Economy Was a Mistake

Dem governor signals regret for draconian coronavirus lockdown

German Refugee Org Wants Migrants In Hotels, Holiday Homes Due to Coronavirus

Also demands all migrants must have access to WiFi in their bedrooms

Alex Jones Responds: Google Bans Infowars App from Play Store

Last remaining Big Tech refuge scrubs popular 5-star rated news app amid coronavirus outbreak.

Biden Campaign Blames Trump, Not Coronavirus, for Unemployment Spike

Top Dem upping anti-Trump rhetoric amid collapsing campaign

House Passes $2 Trillion COVID-19 Bill For Trump’s Signature

“I swore an oath to uphold the constitution, and I take that oath seriously,” Rep. Massie tweeted

Breaking! Texas AG Protects 2nd Amendment, Local Governments Can’t Restrict Sales

Texas gun stores recognized as essential businesses.

Scientists find a way to extract color from black

A way to control the way light passes through these disordered surfaces to produce vivid colors

New mission would provide a road map in the search for alien atmospheres

The study of exoplanet atmospheres

Watch: Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano Erupts, Spews Massive Ash Cloud

Column of ash launched 16,000 feet in air

‘YOU WILL SEE DARKNESS!’ Democrat Congresswoman Melts Down On House Floor

'The Gentlelady is out of order!'

COVID-19 Linked to Cardiac Injury, Worse Outcomes for Patients With Heart Conditions

Viral illnesses known to cause respiratory infections that lead to lung damage, death

Dr. Fauci Concedes Coronavirus Death Rate Like ‘Very Bad Flu’

The case fatality rate is about 0.1%.

Germany plays Russian roulette with Covid-19, welcomes refugees from high-risk infection zones

Refugees from the Middle East and Africa arriving at Germany’s border in search of asylum are being awarded a green pass into the country

French Official Says Quarantine Should Not be Enforced in Migrant Areas to Avoid Riots

"It is not a priority to enforce closings in certain neighborhoods."

Disturbing Model Reveals Where Spring Break “Covidiots” Traveled After Partying

Cell phone location data shows how people travel in near real-time

COVID-19 and the Planners’ Need to Plan

Planning generally requires an entity with the monopoly of coercion in a set jurisdiction

AOC Mocked After Throwing Tantrum in Congress Over Bailout Package

'WHO moves their arms like this when they speak?'

Why Taiwan Hasn’t Shut Down Its Economy

Taiwan's response to COVID-19 mostly means self-imposed quarantines and more transparency. It's basically the opposite of what Europe is doing

The Noncrime Known as “Price Gouging”

Those who really end up getting the short end of the stick are those who have to spend more of their scarce time fighting crowds

390-Meter Asteroid ‘Closely’ Approached Earth Last Night

Space rock flew past us at over 20 kilometers per second

Saudi Oil Industry at Risk as American, European Refiners Refusing Riyadh’s Crude – Reports

Oil prices collapsed to their lowest levels in decades this month

Americans’ Battle For Liberty in Full Swing as Deep State Furthers Coronavirus Controls

Citizens suffering a form of de facto siege warfare enabled by Democrat governors

The Benefits of a Free Society During Pandemics

A free society is not a free-for-all

Cat Contracts Coronavirus FROM Sick Owner in New Case of Human-to-animal Transition

Risk of people becoming sick from their pet remains extremely low.

Texas Orders 14-Day Quarantine For NY-NJ-CT & New Orleans Travelers

The Big Apple is Coronavirus epicenter of the US, with cases flaring up in New Orleans as well

Leftist Journo Takes Pleasure In US Becoming Worst Hit Coronavirus Nation: ‘Who’s The S***hole Country Now?’

"If you needed anymore evidence these people hate America."

Singapore to Jail People For 6 Months For Standing Too Close to Strangers

Social distancing police state is here.

Study: 80,000 Coronavirus Deaths Expected In US By Summer

Comparable to a 9/11 death toll every day for months.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus, is experiencing ‘mild symptoms’

Johnson, 55, said in a video posted to Twitter that he has developed “a temperature and a persistent cough,” and that he would self-isolate at home.

Biggest Winners of Global Virus Crisis Are E-Commerce Giants

Online retailers experiencing boom during economic meltdown

UK Failed to Join Ventilator Procurement Program Due to ‘Email Mixup’

Stunning incompetence of governments exposed amid virus crisis

Prof Who Predicted 500K UK Deaths Now Says Under 20K Will Die, Peak In Two Weeks

His reasoning is that estimates of the virus's transmissibility are much higher than previously thought.

University Warns Students Against ‘Racist, Xenophobic’ Coronavirus Language

Leftists obsessed with policing commentary about Wuhan virus

Indian Police Beating Lockdown Violators

Over a billion Indians now in strict national lockdown

America Is Now The COVID-19 Epicenter: The U.S. Just Had 17,224 Newly Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In A Single Day!

Two weeks ago anyone that would have predicted that the U.S. would be the world leader in confirmed cases by the end of the month would have been relentlessly mocked.

Michigan Democrat Governor Threatens Licenses of Doctors and Pharmacists Who Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus

Heir Whitmer’s foreboding warnings are in the interest of the State comrades.

Actor Michael Rapaport calls for ‘little f***ing Barron Trump’ to be exposed to coronavirus

Rapaport can attack Trump as much as he wants —the president can handle it— but going after his children crosses the line.

Bill Ackman Made $2.6B by Betting Against Markets After Fearmongering ‘Hell is Coming’ CNBC Interview

"Ackman doesn't seem embarrassed by this in the least."

Chinese Company Sent Millions of Australia’s Coronavirus Supplies to China

Greenland Group shipped supplies of masks, hand sanitizer, and surgical gloves to China.

From The Infowars Vault: Alex Jones Confronts Bohemian Grove Member David Gergen

Watch the classic AJ clip here!

Dems/MSM Confess To Wanting Coronavirus to Destroy US Economy & Trump

Left supports ruining the country to "own" conservatives.

Everybody Was Kung Flu Fighting!

President Trump fights back against fake news media.

Austinites Defy Shelter-In-Place Orders

Many citizens venturing outside to keep their sanity amid lockdown.

UK Police Force Creates Tool That Lets People Snitch on Others For Not “Social Distancing”

Coronavirus denunciations continue.

Lawyers to Homebound Employees: Turn Off Smart Speakers During Work

'Employers don’t want employees discussing confidential matters in an environment where someone could be listening.'

Globalist Think Tank Laid Out Scenario Where Virus Outbreak Prompts Authoritarian Crackdown

Decade-old Rockefeller Foundation report described virus as catalyst for top-down government control.

David Icke Destroys The Coronavirus Hoax In Powerful Must-See Interview

The globalists have gone from hiding tyranny to selling tyranny.

Watch: Trump, Coronavirus Task Force Host Press Conference at White House

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Former Biden Staffer Drops Bombshell Allegation: Joe Pinned Me To The Wall Then Penetrated Me

Reade said Biden inappropriately touched her on more than one occasion.

Watch Live: America Fighting for Its Freedom in Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak

Meanwhile, in the USSR, Deep State Dems demand countrywide shutdown through the 2020 election

Chinese Companies Hoarded Other Nations’ Medical Supplies During Outbreak, Flew Them to China

Whistleblower claims operation was a 'worldwide project'

UK Screening Illegals For Coronavirus Amid Shortage of Test Kits For Medical Workers – Report

Migrants continue to pour across English Channel during pandemic

CDC Says 2018 Flu Killed More Than Coronavirus Will In U.S.

Seasonal flu deaths regularly exceed expected coronavirus deaths.

Study: Fast-Charging Stations Damage Tesla Car Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries reach end of their life in just 25 cycles

Coronavirus Bill Includes $350 Million For “Migration and Refugee Assistance”

Republicans even added $50 million to the total.

Texas’ Third Largest County Suspends Private Property Rights Amid COVID-19

Constitution being set on fire by governments across the country.

Troubled F-35 becomes latest coronavirus casualty

Pentagon puts the brakes on further tests

72% Of Americans Now Avoiding All Public Places: Gallup Poll

87% are avoiding all air and other travel involving crowded transit venues

Democrats Officially Put a Price on Life

How much is your life worth?

Feds Charge Maduro, Top Venezuelan Officials With Narco-Terrorism

State Department offers $15 million for Maduro's arrest

UK Police Force Slammed For Spying on Dog Walkers With Drone

Despite them adhering to coronavirus lockdown rules.

Austin Police Threaten To Arrest Reporter For Violating “Lockdown”

News media exempt from unconstitutional federal and state lockdown laws.

Poll: 72% Of Americans Now Avoiding All Public Places

Almost 90% avoiding all air & other travel involving crowded transit venues

Clampdown – Chicago Mayor Warns: People Who Go Outside Could Face Arrest

'You cannot go on long bike rides. Playgrounds are shut down. You must abide by the order.'

Italian Mayor Threatens to Send “Police With Flamethrowers” to Break Up Graduation Parties

Some continue to ignore social distancing rules.

Video: Trump Argues With Reporter, Says Media Want Economy To Suffer

"It's lucky that you have this group here for this problem or you wouldn't even have a country left.”

Video: Muslim Women Gather in Groups, Claim Coronavirus Can’t Infect Them

Not the brightest idea.

US facing TWO EPIDEMICS: Covid-19 & soaring joblessness

Joblessness is becoming a kind of second epidemic, growing and spreading even more rapidly than Covid-19

This scientist suggested a drug to treat Covid-19. ‘Fact checkers’ branded him fake news

But we’re supposed to blindly trust apocalyptic models produced by panic-mongering political hacks

Fear Makes It Easy for Governments to Expand Power

With every new wave of fear, governments become bolder

The Government’s Pandemic Strategy Is a Reckless One

It's time to stop pretending that the policies favored by some biologists—who know nothing about how economies work to lessen the health effects of poverty—come without grave costs to public health

More Than Half of All US COVID-19 Deaths Occur in Only Four States

The effects of COVID-19 are not evenly distributed in the United States. Only certain regions are facing sizable strains on their resources

No Need For Hard Quarantine in Russia, Which Closed Its Border Back in January

Some kind of connection here.

Politicians Have Used This Crisis to Remind Us They’re Mostly Wannabe Dictators

From small towns to Capitol Hill, politicians are using every opportunity to void the Bill of Rights and abolish all limits on their power

UK Teen Commits Suicide Over Coronavirus Self-Isolation

"Unable to cope with her world closing in."

Former UK Prime Minister Calls For Global Government to Fight Coronavirus

Gordon Brown wants new powers for international bodies to deal with outbreak.