Is PG&E Causing The California Wildfires?

Evidence suggests utility company may be liable for damages.

Sunday Show Live: Deep State War On America Reaches Crescendo As Soros Mole Exposed

This comes as IG FISA report set to be released this week -- share this link across all systems!

Central Bank Issues Stunning Warning: ‘If Entire System Collapses, Gold Will Be Needed To Start Over’

It's almost as if fiat currency isn't real money...

Shifty Schiff: ‘There Doesn’t Need to Be a Quid Pro Quo’ to Impeach Trump

Democrats moving impeachment goal posts once again.

Hunter Biden To Step Down From Board Of Chinese Firm Amid Ukraine Scrutiny

Joe Biden's son beginning to feel the heat.

Report: Bill Gates Met Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Multiple Times Despite Denying Relationship

Billionaires were closer than they let on, according to the NYT.

Project Veritas Statement on Upcoming CNN/Brian Stelter Bombshell

Plus, some of Alex Jones' most popular rants exposing demon spawn humpty dumpty Stelter.

AG Bill Barr Flames ‘Unremitting Assault’ On Religion, Traditional Values During Notre Dame Visit

'This is organized destruction,' he says.

Putin: Russia Will never be friends ‘With One Country Against Another’ in Middle East

Watch the full interview here.

“The CNN Tapes Are Coming”: Project Veritas Teases A Coming “CNN Whistleblower”

"Our next Project Veritas #BeBrave insider is from within CNN."

Trump Could Be Impeached Based On The Testimony Of A Parade Of “Whistleblowers” That Don’t Even Testify In Person

The Democrats, the mainstream media and “never Trump Republicans” are setting this nation up for a major political disaster.

Clinton-Appointed Judge Rules Trump’s Emergency Funding For Border Wall Unlawful

The ruling poses the latest obstacle for Trump and his bid to build hundreds of miles of new border wall ahead of the next presidential election.

Federal Prosecutors Said To Be Investigating Rudy Giuliani

The investigation into Giuliani is tied to the case against two of his associates who were arrested this week on campaign finance-related charges.

Why are these L.A. people sleeping in stacked pods? It’s not just the cost of housing

$1,000 for glorified bunk beds.

ISIS revival: Turkish military incursion in Syria is giving jihadists a chance to regroup, says Kurdish-led SDF group

"It has revived it and activated its cells in Qamishli and Hasaka and all the other areas."

Meet Fiona Hill – The Soros Mole Aiming To Take Down Trump

Infowars has reverse engineered the Deep State plan to remove Trump using a network of intelligence operatives posing as whistleblowers.

Bill Maher: My Confidence ‘Waning’ That Joe Biden Can Beat Trump in 2020

'He looks like a depreciating stock to me,' he says.

Western Corporations Set Up Communist China To Rule The World

NBA, Blizzard, Hollywood all answer to their ChiCom masters.

Watch: College Students Want to Tax Churches

SJWs agree with Beto's proposal to punish religious centers for not kowtowing to LGBT agenda.

Trump Announces ‘Greatest & Biggest’ Trade Deal Between U.S. and China

President suggests farmers may even have difficulty meeting the high demand for agricultural products.

Must Watch: Trump Vows To Bring Troops Home In Epic, Emotional Speech

It's critical you get this vital video out to everyone you know and remember: God bless our fallen veterans.

Bombshell Exclusive: Soros Mole Fiona Hill Is Second White House Whistleblower

The second White House whistleblower in the Democrats’ Ukraine witch hunt is none other than George Soros operative Fiona Hill, Infowars has learned.Infowars was contacted by sources close to the president confirming our suspicions that Fiona Hill is definitely one of the so-called White House whistleblowers involved in the current Ukraine witch hunt against President […]

Soros Mole Fiona Hill To Testify In Congressional Ukraine Witch Hunt

Roger Stone first exposed in July 2017 that this type of setup was coming.

Buttigieg Announces Plan For Nationwide ‘Mentorship’ Program to Connect LGBT Youth With Politicians

Indoctrination programs exposing children to LGBT issues already underway.

Putin Echoes Trump: All Foreign Forces Should Leave Syria

Russia will also leave if Damascus no longer needs its help, he added.

Reminder: Schiff Reportedly Hired Two Of Trump’s NSC Staffers

Political operatives with Trump administration working against president from within.

Trump Lashes Out at ‘Radical Democrats’ for ‘Unconstitutional Bullsh*t Impeachment’ During Louisiana Rally

“They have been trying to stop us for more than 3 years with a lot of crap.”

Trump Reacts To Shepard Smith Leaving Fox News

“If he’s leaving, I assume he’s leaving because he had bad ratings.”

AOC: My ‘Dreams of Motherhood Now Bittersweet’ Because of Global Warming

Global warming +1.

US Special Forces In Syria ‘Mistakenly’ Bombed By Turkey

No US casualties were mentioned in initial reports.

Libra Is Dead: eBay, Stripe, Visa And MasterCard All Abandon Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

A death blow to Facebook’s plans for libra.

Slow walkers have slower minds, scientists reveal

The slower a person’s tendency to walk, the less able their brain.

Watch The Most Powerful And Tear-Jerking Words Ever Spoken By Trump

It is imperative to get this vital video out to everyone you know and remember: God bless the peace makers

Trump Wants to Keep America Great, Dems Want to Make America Disappear

Share this broadcast to help stop the globalist agenda!

Trump Delivers Tearjerker Speech at MAGA Rally

“It’s time to bring ’em home."

World Famous DJ Zedd “Banned From China” For Liking a South Park Tweet

The censorship continues.

Tucker Feud, Barr/Murdoch Meetup Fuel Theories Over Why Shepard Smith Left Fox

Departure highlights turmoil within Fox News

President Trump Joins Streaming Platform Twitch

POTUS spreading content to alternative media platforms.

Mystery Surrounds Space Fireballs That Crashed Into Earth, Experts Rule Out Meteor Shower

Crash sites contain no traces of meteorite

Trump Tackles Intellectual Property in “Phase One” of Deal With China

Financial services, agricultural purchases also included

Shep Smith Quits Fox News

Trump speculates exit due to "low ratings."

Police Arrest Terror Suspect After Mass Stabbing

Five wounded in UK attack

Leftists Distribute Phony Fliers Calling Columbus Day ‘Offensive holiday’ In Attempt to Cancel Parade

'Columbus’ arrival to America caused the mass murder of Native American people,' flier reads.

Watch Live: President Trump Calls Joe Biden “Ass Kisser” in Epic Minnesota Rally Speech

President stands tall in face of unrelenting globalist attacks.

Business Cooperation Between US, Hungary a Major Success

US is Hungary's largest non-EU investor

Trans rights and state-sponsored sexual assault: How Democrats want to strip YOUR constitutional freedoms

"Woke" politics vs. free speech

Liberal Hosts of “The View” Push For War & Socialism In Debate With Rand Paul

Remember when the left was actually anti-war?

Video: Protester Spits in Face of Trump Supporter During VICE Interview

"Oh, nice."

Migrants Block Bridges Between US, Mexico

Protesters demand asylum hearings

Mexico: Furious Farmers Drag Mayor Through Streets For Not Delivering on Campaign Promises

Irate mob kidnaps politician.

AOC Says Her ‘Dreams of Motherhood’ Are ‘Bittersweet’ Because of Climate Change

Leftists continue to push anti-family agenda

Milky Way Stole Tiny Galaxies From its Neighbor

Over 50 satellite galaxies orbit our own

7-year-old in Critical Condition Following Random Attack by Homeless Man

Boy left with skull fractures, collapsed lung after picked up and slammed to ground.

Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov who conducted first ever spacewalk dies at the age of 85

Interestingly, Leonov was initially slated to become the first man to land on the Moon

US Sending ‘Thousands’ More Troops to Saudi Arabia

Forces coming in wake of last month's Aramco attacks

Biden Panics As The Walls Close In

Former VP could be first Deep Stater to fall.

Leftists Hold “Marx Was Right” Sign – While Hong Kong Protesters Beg for Liberation from Communism

Anti-Trump left praises communism, as Hong Kong fights for freedom from communism.

California Shutting Down Ham Radio Networks Despite Recent Wildfires, Blackouts

Claims emergency radio services are no longer a benefit

If Trump Impeachment is Inevitable, Learn What Comes Next

This is a must-see Alex Jones broadcast! Call in and give your take! Must watch and share this show!

QE 4 “Not A QE” Begins: Fed Start Buying $60BN In Bills Per Month Starting Next Week

Just remember: $60BN Bill POMO + $75BN O/N Repo + $70BN ($35BNx2) Term Repo is clearly "NOT A QE."

The Truth About Extinction Rebellion

You've never seen eco-extremism this bad.

University of Washington Professor Says SpongeBob Squarepants is “Racist” and “Violent”

Truly nothing is safe.

Netflix Pilot Depicts Conservative Talk Show Host Radicalizing People to Shoot Mixed Race Couples

Host behaves and talks exactly like Alex Jones.

Oak Park Trustee Susan Buchanan: “You Are a White Male! Shut Up!”

Bizarre rant caught on camera.

David Knight Show: CNN Hides LGBT Town Hall

What are they embarrassed about?

Trans Town Hall Attendee Says It’s “Violence” For CNN Host to Get Her Name Wrong

Clown world strikes again.

Reporter Silenced After Asking NBA Stars About China

Mic snatched after issue of free speech raised.

Trump: ‘Biden Understood How To Kiss Obama’s Ass’

"It’s 100% true.”

Portland Trail Blazers No Longer Partnering with Military Contractor Who Supplies Israel

Trail Blazers President and CEO Chris McGowan announced that the team’s sponsorship contract with Leupold & Stevens, a deal that expired after after the 2018-2019, would not be renewed.

“Extraordinary Black Trans Woman” Crashes CNN LGBTQ Town Hall

You can never be woke enough.

Iran Claims Missiles Struck Its Tanker Near Saudi Arabia

Oil prices spike

Chris Cuomo Apologizes For ‘Mine, Too’ Comment After Harris Said Her Pronouns

Cuomo’s comment took place during the event where Democratic presidential candidates answered questions about their policies regarding the LGBTQ community.

California Hit By Dual Shock: LA Gas Prices Spike Above $5 As Residents Learn Solar Panels Don’t Work In Blackouts

Some Los Angeles area gas stations are charging more than $5 a gallon.

Beto believes religious institutions should be stripped of their tax-exempt status if they oppose homosexuality

“There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break, for anyone or any institution, any organization in America that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us.”

Leftist Mobs Attack Trump Supporters Leaving Minneapolis Trump Rally, Burn Flags & Riot In The Streets

"It is not safe in Minneapolis any longer for Trump supporters."

National Geographic Admits Billions Of People Will “Face Shortages Of Food And Clean Water” Over The Next 30 Years

The truth is that our planet and everything that lives on it is rapidly deteriorating. 

WATCH: Trump Rallies Patriots in Minneapolis to Defend Rule of Law

Share this broadcast as you watch history unfold

Watch: CNN Reporter Abruptly Muzzled While Asking NBA Stars About China

Asked Houston Rockets stars what they thought about freedom of expression.

Child Charged With Felony For Pointing ‘Finger Gun’ in School

12-year-old girl could face year in juvenile detention

Pro-Abortion Students Chant “F**k You,” Spit & Throw Soda on Pro-Life Group

Once again, young liberals prove they are unable to engage in dialogue.

School Bans Halloween Costumes to Promote ‘Inclusivity’

Outraged parents say decision made by only two people

Maternal Obesity Speeds Up Aging in Offspring – Study

Offspring of obese mothers more susceptible to diabetes

Mental Illness Soon “Pandemic of 21st Century”

Big Pharma stands to benefit from crisis

Navy’s $7.8 Billion Destroyer Running Five Years Behind Schedule

Construction of Zumwalt-class ships began in 2009

For newborn planets, solar systems are naturally baby-proof

Our own solar system could also have harbored an earth-like planet closer to the sun than the current innermost planet, Mercury

Watch Voters Scoff at Hillary Running AGAIN in 2020

Will Americans support her this time around?

Reduced Sentences in Exchange for Lies: A Government Tradition

Governments routinely bribe suspects into accusing others in exchange for reduced sentences.

WarRoom: Massive Trump Rally in Minnesota Could Flip State for 2020 Election

Americans gather to show support for 45 amid Deep State coup.

Chinese Imports of US Pork Soar to Highest Ever

Beijing faces food crisis, increasingly at America's mercy

Insurance Company Ad Features Drag Queen Reading to Children

Ad says "too bad" to people who think Drag Queen Story Hour is "too much."

Wall Street Relying on Companies Not Making a Profit

Privately-held companies valued at over $1 billion crucial for maintaining bubble

Bombshell! Ukrainian MP Says Joe Biden Paid $900,000 By Firm Hunter Biden Works For

Shady transactions exposed by investigators.

Central Bank Gold-Buying Spree Continues

Four banks account for bulk of recent purchases

Apple Deletes Police-Tracking App Used by Hong Kong Protesters

Barely a day after Chinese state-run media criticized Apple over the app

Hillary Given The Mandate Of Hell

Will she run again?

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Give $1 Trillion in Climate Reparations to Black Families

Yes, really.

California Power Company Truck Struck by Bullet

PG&E preemptively cutting power to hundreds of thousands of customers

House Dems Violate Due Process with Impeachment as Trump Blasts Fox News, Embraces OAN

Strong leadership is essential during hard times. Want to know what you can do? Tune in & spread this link!

NBA Publicly Bows To China

Fentanyl the Dragon returns with a ChiCom-approved message

Climate Activist Climbs ON TOP of Passenger Jet at London Airport

Witness says handicapped man glued himself to jet