Guidance: Changes to how you deliver SIA licence-linked training

Guidance for training providers: what you need to know if you will be delivering SIA licence-linked training after 1 April 2021.

Transparency data: Active SIA prosecution cases

A list of the people and companies the SIA is currently prosecuting.

Corporate report: SIA prosecutions

A list of the people and companies prosecuted by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) over the last 12 months.

Statistical data set: SIA approved contractors

Data on SIA approved contractors. Includes the total number of approved contractors and a breakdown by licensing sector and UK region.

Statistical data set: SIA licence holders

Data on SIA licence holders. Includes a breakdown by age, gender, nationality, licensing sector and UK region.

Statistical data set: SIA licence applications

Data on SIA licence applications. This page is updated on a monthly basis.

FOI release: SIA telephone maintenance

SIA response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for information on our telephone maintenance.

Transparency data: SIA enforcement report

A monthly report on the SIA's enforcement activity.

Policy paper: SIA social media policy

This page details our social media policy.

News story: Changes to the training you need for an SIA licence

What the changes are, when they will happen, and how they affect SIA licence applicants and licence holders.

Detailed guide: Teaching SIA licence-linked training courses

The qualifications, experience and approval you must have to offer SIA licence-linked training courses.

Press release: Security boss fined for ignoring industry regulator

A security company director has been fined for failing to provide information to the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Press release: Fines handed to Eastbourne security officers for infringement of the Private Security Industry Act

Two door supervisors were recently sentenced at Lewes Crown Court.

Guidance: Changes to SIA licence-linked training: your questions answered

Answers to the questions most commonly asked by licence applicants and licence holders about the changes that we are making.

Press release: Gloucestershire security business and the SIA work together to address use of fake security licence

A man has been caught trying to work illegally as a security operative after a Cheltenham security firm spotted that his documents were fake.

Press release: A Bradford man was convicted of working illegally without a licence

A Bradford man pleaded guilty at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates’ Court to working without a licence as a door supervisor at a Bradford nightclub.

FOI release: SIA Approved Contractor Scheme - TUPE transfer

SIA response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for information relating to our Approved Contractor Scheme and TUPE transfers.

Guidance: Covid-19 and the private security industry - FAQs

Information about how we are responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Corporate report: SIA Board meeting, 12 November 2020

Read the minutes of the SIA Board meeting held on 12 November 2020.

Detailed guide: Apply for an SIA licence

What to do before you apply, and how to apply for a licence yourself or through your employer.