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Trump rally gunman identified as Pennsylvania man

Former President Trump was injured in a shooting at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. The FBI has identified the gunman as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks.

Trump rally attendees react to shooting: "I thought it was firecrackers"

Eyewitnesses at a rally of former President Donald Trump's described a chaotic scene on Saturday after he was rushed off stage with blood visible on his face after shots were fired.

Trump injured but safe after rally shooting; attendee, shooter dead

Secret Service rushed the stage and took former President Donald Trump away in a motorcade after shots were fired during a Pennsylvania rally.

A look at past attacks against U.S. presidents and candidates

Direct assaults against presidents, presidents-elect, and candidates have occurred on 15 separate occasions in the U.S., with five resulting in death, according to a 2008 report​ compiled by the Congressional Research Service.

7/13: Saturday Morning

President Biden returns to campaign trail in battleground states as pressure mounts to withdraw; World Series of Poker has drawn a record number of entrants.

Zombie Hunter's unique murder defense: His mother created a monster

Bryan Patrick Miller says he didn't viciously murder two young women in Phoenix over 30 years ago. At trial, his attorneys blamed being abused as a child for his violent behavior.

Trump rally attendee says he saw alleged shooter "move from roof to roof"

An attendee at the Trump rally told CBS Pittsburgh he saw the alleged shooter on a rooftop about "200 to 250 yards" away

RNC in Milwaukee has law enforcement on heightened awareness

Changes to the security plan were planned after former President Donald Trump was injured in a shooting at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday evening.

After three decades, Florida "killer clown" case ends with unexpected twist

The 1990 murder of Marlene Warren, shot by someone dressed as a clown, haunted the public and investigators as the case went unsolved for more than 30 years.

Richard Simmons, fitness guru, dies at age 76

Richard Simmons devoted his life to making people sweat with his "Sweatin' to the Oldies" workout videos.

Trump says bullet "pierced the upper part of my right ear" at rally

"I knew immediately that something was wrong in that I heard a whizzing sound, shots, and immediately felt the bullet ripping through the skin," former President Trump wrote.

Biden makes statement after Trump rally shooting: "It's sick"

The White House confirmed late Saturday night that Mr. Biden and Trump spoke by phone following the shooting.

Trump rally shooter killed by Secret Service sniper, officials say

Sources said the gunman was armed with a rifle and was standing on an elevated structure outside of the cordoned-off rally area, about 200 yards from Trump's stage.

Trump allies and opponents react after shots fired at rally

The Secret Service says former president and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is safe following the incident.

Fears grow about election deniers' influence after bizarre decision in Nevada race

A county in Nevada is the third in recent months to have a local official refuse to certify election results.

Attorney: "Rust" cinematographer's family to pursue justice

Gloria Allred, an attorney for Halyna Hutchins' parents and sister, said she "respectfully disagrees" with the court's decision.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, America's pioneering sex therapist, dies at 96

In November, Westheimer was named New York's honorary ambassador to loneliness.

Car runs off the road and into thermal geyser at Yellowstone

Five people were driving Thursday morning near a semi-centennial geyser thermal pool when it went off the road.

Inside "Scattergood," the oldest structure on the CIA's campus

The Scattergood-Thorne Conferencing Center, now an event site for the American spy agency, was once home to two pioneering women.

3 Colorado poultry workers test presumptively positive for bird flu

The three were culling poultry at a farm when they showed mild symptoms, including pink eye and common respiratory infections, state health officials said.

Navy pilots, sailors return home after months countering Houthi attacks

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier strike group, which includes three other warships, was protecting merchant vessels and allied warships under fire in a vital Red Sea corridor.

Judge dismisses "Rust" case against Alec Baldwin

A judge Friday tossed out the manslaughter case against Alec Baldwin in the "Rust" movie set shooting. The case fell apart when the defense successfully argued that the prosecution withheld evidence. Elise Preston was inside the court when it happened.

Biden trying to rally support in Detroit amid more calls for him to drop out

President Biden campaigned in the key battleground state of Michigan to rally support Friday night as lawmaker confidence in his candidacy continues to unravel on Capitol Hill. CBS News senior White House and political correspondent Ed O'Keefe has the latest.

How a Holocaust survivor and an Illinois teen struck up an unlikely friendship

Janine Oberrotman, 98, and Dhilan Stanley, 14, met a little over a year ago at the Illinois Holocaust Museum, and it was friendship at first listen.

Georgia dog becomes a hero after finding missing elderly woman

A police dog named Pandora is getting a pat on the head and maybe some extra treats after her impressive work in the line of duty. Dave Malkoff has the tale.

Holocaust survivor and teen boy become fast friends volunteering at Holocaust museum

Steve Hartman goes "On the Road" to Stokie, Illinois, for a story about finding friends and sharing history across generations.

Navy pilots welcomed home after deployment defending against Houthi attacks

Several squadrons of U.S. fighter jets made a hero's homecoming Friday, arriving in Virginia after a tense nine-month deployment in the Middle East. They were part of a strike group with the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier confronting Iranian-backed Houthi militants. Charlie D'Agata has details.

Nearly 1 million homes still without power in Texas

There's no relief in southeast Texas for nearly a million homes and businesses still without power in sweltering heat. Now, the federal government has declared a state of emergency as people have been coping without air conditioning, electric fans or freezers full of ice. Janet Shamlian has details.

AT&T says customer data exposed in massive data breach

AT&T on Friday disclosed that hackers had accessed records of calls and texts of "nearly all" its cellular customers for a six-month period between May 1, 2022, and Oct. 31, 2022. Jo Ling Kent reports.

Breaking down the conservative presidential plan Project 2025

Voters in recent weeks have begun to hear the name "Project 2025" invoked more and more by President Biden and Democrats, as they seek to sound the alarm about what could be in store if former President Donald Trump wins a second term in the White House. Robert Costa explains.

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