Monday, March 5th

On Monday, March 5th, 2018, we visited la Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. Here, we received a presentation on the school system of the Dominican Republic. I really enjoyed this presentation because it allowed me to realize the importance of our contribution to the community. The school system is broken down into three levels: initial, … Continue reading Monday, March 5th


Throughout the week, all of us had the opportunity to take some time away from the center and teach English at a local public school.  I was assigned to teach to a 4th grade class.  While the students were out at recess, we filled the white board with a bunch of basic words and phrases … Continue reading Teaching

Day 1

The first day (Sunday) in the Dominican Republic we traveled about an hour to a center in La Piedra called Central Guanin. This center is a school for children ages 0-5. When we arrived they immediately started clapping for us because they were very thankful we came to help them. Because it was a Sunday … Continue reading Day 1

Dominican Republic

I am traveling to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip with a club at Wilkes University called Alternate Spring Break/LEAP. I am excited for this opportunity to learn, help the community and meet many new people! Thank you for following! Sidney