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Do you want outdoor dining to stay in Sacramento?

It was a necessity to stay in business during the pandemic, now Sacramento leaders consider if outdoor dining should be allowed to stay! 

Bad Things That Can Be Good For Kids

WATCH! Walking through a difficult season of your life?  This Will Inspire! | Amanda & Matt

Walking through a difficult season of your life?  Get ready to be profoundly inspired to keep going!  Meet Gary Miracle. Gary lost a portion of all of his limbs in a terrible accident.  However, he refused to quit.   

Are you angry? Or are you just in the habit of being angry? How to develop a new habit of grace | Amanda Carroll

You have every reason to be angry, but do you really want to be? This trick will help you BANISH it from your life

WATCH! A 102-Year-Old Woman Joins Her Great-Grandson's Virtual P.E. Class

A 102-year-old woman in Arizona has gone viral for joining her great-grandson's virtual P.E. class.  After a year being apart because of COVID-19 she finally got to visit her family . . . and when his class started up, she did too.

Top Things Your Boss Wants To Hear You Say

Karens in the Hood

Yuck! Would You Buy The New Reese's candy?

"You can be HER Hero! | Amanda & Matt

You can be the reason SHE believes God is good. 

Sacramento Schools Reopening in April! | Amanda & Matt

Sacramento City Unified and Natomas districts have announced plans to reopen schools! 

Pushing Through Fear, Deafness, and Doubt | Be Inspired by New Artist Stephen Stanley

Your so-called limitations are only limiting if you allow them!  I can't wait to introduce you to Stephen Stanley! 

You Wonder What is the Secret to Tom Brady's Success?! | Get Your Brave On

You Wonder What is the Secret to Tom Brady's Success?! Tom's Mindset Hack that Can Help You Win at Life

What People Think of You When You Post About Your Love On Facebook!

We know it's the season of love or whatever, but just know before you post your 37th couple selfie of the month that you ARE being judged.

Venting: Don't Dump Your Stress On Others! How to Share How You Feel Without Ruining Your Relationship | Amanda & Matt

Impress your family and friends by making this Joanna Gaines recipe for The Super Bowl

We tested out one of the recipes from Joanna Gaines new cooking show The Magnolia Table and it was a hit.  Amanda's kids gave her "Fatayer" it an 11 out of 10.  It's perfect for The Super Bowl!

After This | #GetYourBraveOn After a Crash in Life | Amanda Carroll

There is going to be an "after this" in your life! You just have to find a way to hang on! This is how. Instead of caving to fear in that unexpected moment in life, this is how you can instead clean to faith and as I like to say #GetYourBraveOn.

#1 Thing Mom Wants for Valentines Day is Time Alone?! | Amanda & Matt

A new Valentine's Day poll found the #1 thing moms want this year is for everyone to just LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Cleaning Lady Surprised with FREE Penthouse Apartment | Amanda & Matt

A cleaning lady in New York lost her job during COVID, and had to move in with her sister after working at the same upscale apartment building for 20 years.  



Tip 100% or Go Home?! Controversial New Signs Popping up In Sacramento | Amanda & Matt

Graffiti signs with messages that read “Tip 100% or go home” are popping up in Midtown, Sacramento.  Do you agree?