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Get Your Brave On Podcast

Inspiring you to live a strong and courageous life no matter what life throws at you with the daily #GetYourBraveOn pep talk, and conversations from your favorite artists and guests on how they choose bravery during the plot twists of life.

Start Your Morning w/ Good News!

No more bad news! When Good News happens, we break in. Weekday mornings at 6:05a, 7:05a, and 8:05a with Amanda Carroll on 103.9 The Fish.

Tom Hanks Got Mad!

Was is okay or not okay that Tom Hanks yelled at a fan?

Well THAT was Embarassing!!! | Amanda & Matt share What Embarassed Them in Public

Amanda and Matt talk about having empathy for people in their most embarrassing moments.

Sacramento is now the #1 LEAST Affordable City for Housing in America?! How are you saving money?

Sacramento is not the #1 LEAST affordable place in America to buy a new home.  What?!  Amanda and Matt share why this is and ask for your tips to cut spending! 

Meta?! Amanda & Matt Come Up With GOOD Uses for "Metaverse"

Mark Zuckerberg announced he's creating a virtual world called "Metaverse". What things would you like to experience in a virtual world?  

Amanda Admits She Almost Gave Up on This Prayer Request. This is What Helped Her Persist | Amanda & Matt

Inspiration to not give up on your prayers!

Tacky or Totally Justified?! A Coupled CHARGED Their Guests for Not Showing Up at the Wedding!

Office Confessions! Amanda admits to not recognizing one of her own co-workers!

Unfulfilled Dreams: Amanda & Matt discuss what dreams they are Waiting On God to fulfill

Simone Biles Quits! Amanda & Matt discuss her decision and mental health.

What do you think of Simone Bile's decision to withdraw from Olympic competition?

Is Ben Affleck, J Lo's Soulmate? Amanda & Matt discuss if there is more than one soulmate for everyone?

Is Ben Affleck, J Lo's Soulmate? Amanda & Matt discuss if there is more than one soulmate for everyone?

Amanda Admits She is Scared of Disneyland!

Amanda admits she doesn't like Disneyland!  Help change her mind!

Jumping Without a Parachute | Amanda & Matt Share About Their Leaps of Faith and CRY!

Tell us about a time when you made a leap of faith in life and it turned out GREAT!

Modern Parents Want to Be Friends with Their Kids. Do you Agree?

Dad Catches Son's Game Winning Home Run

Mom Can't Find Childcare So Brings Toddler to Interview!

Ask the Teenager: Amanda's daughter, Emily, Offers Her Opinion On Relating To Teens

"You Can't Wait Until Your Troubles Go Away to be Happy"

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