Elon Musk vs. The Malthusians

Elon MuskIt’s refreshing to see Tesla's founder push back against the antinatalists and alarmists.

Hawley: $40 Billion To Ukraine Is More Failed Uniparty Nation-Building That Hoses American Interests

Josh HawleyIn an op-ed, Sen. Josh Hawley condemned his fellow Republicans who supported the recently passed $40 billion Ukraine package.

Americans Don’t Trust Biden To Handle The Russia-Ukraine War

Joe Biden boards Marine OneA new poll found that just 21 percent of Americans have 'a great deal of confidence' in Biden to properly address the war in Eastern Europe.

As Counting Deadline Nears, Dr. Oz Holds Nearly 1,000 Vote Lead In Pennsylvania Senate Primary

Dr. Oz endorsed by TrumpRegardless of the Pennsylvania primary outcome, you can’t expect voters to trust elections when it takes a week to count votes in a civilized country.

David Harsanyi Rejoins The Federalist As Senior Editor

David HarsanyiRenowned conservative columnist and pundit David Harsanyi has rejoined The Federalist as senior editor, the company announced Tuesday.

Biden Promises To ‘Transition’ America Back To The 1870s

Joe BidenThe president of the United States is celebrating the 'transition' away from affordable energy in the middle of an economic shock.

Biden Celebrates Record-High Gas Prices As ‘Incredible Transition’

Joe Biden in JapanAs gas prices continue climbing, analysts at JPMorgan Chase expect they could average $6 nationwide by August.

‘Better Call Saul’ Loses Its Light In Shocking Mid-Season Finale

Blonde woman looking over shoulder concernedThe episode’s final minutes attached consequences to the moral arc of the one character whose corruption for so long seemed least assured.

If Biden Won’t Counter China, There’s No Point Committing To The Defense Of Taiwan

F-16 fighter jetDefending Taiwan from China means reversing three decades of strategic incoherence and waging a cold war on Beijing.

Bill Maher Is Not Your New Conservative BFF

Bill MaherLeftists like Bill Maher complain about the ridiculous ends of their own beliefs while refusing to reconsider them.

Thomas Friedman Went To Lunch With Joe Biden And Left Full Of Crap

Friedman's ultimate takeaway: Biden has been exceptionally good at managing our march to the brink of World War III.

Report: Deadly Summer Blackouts Inevitable As Renewables Struggle To Replace Reliable Energy

Solar Panels'This is all a man-made energy crisis on the part of leaders who worship at the altar of the green agenda while plunging our country into the dark ages.'

Stop The Gaslighting. Conservatives Did Not Inflame The Culture War Over Trans Ideology

man in drag costume reads book to children at libraryLeftists push their gender ideology on children, yet conservative parents complaining about Drag Queen Story Hour are blamed for starting a culture war.

Embryo-Dumping Fertility Industry Is Panicked Over The Potential Overturn Of Roe V. Wade

IVF in vitro fertilizationThe likely overturning of Roe v. Wade has panicked many reproductive technology advocates, specifically the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. When abortion policy is decided by individual states, personhood laws such as Louisiana’s Human Life Protection Act and Texas’s Heartbeat Act could immediately criminalize many aspects of Big Fertility’s business model. That’s because destroying human […]

New ‘Declaration of Independence’ Movement Aims To Introduce American Values To Chinese Citizens

US Army CoS visits ChinaKnown as the 'Movement of Declaration of Independence in China,' the online campaign is an effort to cripple communist rule in China by exposing Chinese citizens to the founding principles of the United States.

Why A Healthy Society Requires Honoring Your Father And Mother

great grandparents sit with and smile at babyThe precept of honoring one’s parents is a force throughout one’s entire life. One is never free from this obligation.

‘Halo’ TV Series Is A Dull, Politically Correct Affair With Nothing To Say

Halo TV series, Paramount PlusIn the pantheon of video game mascots, few figures are as iconic as Master Chief from the “Halo” series. Donning his famous green armored spacesuit, he ventured into hostile worlds, taking down the Covenant, an alien race intent on conquering the universe and accessing the ring worlds, or “haloes,” left over by another more ancient […]

The Return Of ‘The Kids In The Hall’ Reminds Us That Comedy Is Supposed To Hit In All Directions

Kids in the HallThere is no such thing as punching down in 'The Kids in the Hall,' now moved from HBO to Amazon Prime -- with less full-frontal nudity.

California’s Blatantly Unconstitutional Woke Quotas For Corporate Boards Struck Down Again

judge's gavelAs surging crime rates, record-high gas prices, and rampant homelessness plague the daily lives of California’s most vulnerable residents, Democrats in that state are leaning into identity politics and divisive progressive policies in order to distract from their failures. Support for affirmative action is nothing new on the left. But moves by Gov. Gavin Newsom […]

Biden Administration’s Creep Towards War In Ukraine Escalates With More Troop Talk

President Joe Biden pointsU.S. officials say they are considering sending special operations forces into Ukraine to guard the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv.

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