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George Santos’ Expulsion Is Further Proof The GOP Is A Potemkin Political Party

Capitol HillInstead of tackling important issues, House Republicans spent Friday colluding with Democrats to remove one of their GOP allies from Congress.

Dem Witness In Weaponization Hearing Contradicted Her Own Opening Statement

Olivia TroyeThe Democrats' witness in Thursday's House Weaponization hearing on government censorship contradicted her own opening statement.

King Charles Suddenly Obsesses Over ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Amid Racism Accusations

King CharlesElon Musk said that what he sees 'all over the place is people who care about looking good while doing evil.' That is King Charles in a nutshell.

GOP-Led House Expels George Santos But Not Terrorist Sympathizer Rashida Tlaib

George SantosSantos was expelled from Congress while Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib received a mere censure over her antisemitic activism.

Comer, Jordan Respond To Hunter Biden’s Demand For Special Treatment In New Letter

Jordan Comer FoxTop Republican lawmakers blasted Hunter Biden's attorney's request for special treatment in a new letter on Friday.

Why GOP Voters Saw This Week’s Debate Differently Than DeSantis Superfans

Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom in debateIf you're all in on DeSantis, you probably think he crushed the debate. If you're an undecided GOP voter, you might have seen it differently.

California’s Record Of Felonies, Feces, And Failure Should Kill Newsom’s Political Career But It Won’t

DeSantis and Newsom debatingIn a sane world, DeSantis' beatdown of Newsom and Democrats' extremist agenda would end the California governor's prospects for higher office.

Senate Republicans Prepare To Hand Democrats Abortion Victory Over Tuberville’s Protest

Tommy Tuberville talkingOn Tuesday, Politico revealed at least eight Republicans are considering whether to side with Democrats to sidestep Tuberville's protest.

The Fight Against Sexualizing Kids Doesn’t Just Win Debates, It Wins Elections

Ron DeSantisDeSantis was best on hot cultural topics, from parental rights in education to California's transgender experiments on children.

Gavin Newsom’s Rebuke Of Democrat Antisemitism Is All Politics, No Principles

Gavin NewsomNewsom knows the pro-Hamas element inside the Democratic Party is a liability ahead of the election. So he’s pretending to denounce them.

Those Who Want Nonwhite Students To Succeed Support School Choice, Not Segregation

black teacher and studentsThe movement to voluntarily re-segregate public schools, by claiming that minority students cannot succeed in a racially integrated environment, means the debate has come full circle.

Beware Of Media Sanitizing Antisemitism With Phony ‘Jewish’ Sources

March for IsraelFor those who doggedly cling to the notion that antisemitism in America is a 'right-wing' problem: Wake up! It’s no longer 1955.

6 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life Who Wants Nothing

Whiskey in a glassWith this list of snazzy ideas, you'll be fully equipped to find the perfect gift for your man this Christmas season.

SCOTUS Considers Taking Up Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor’s Free-Speech Case

woman sidewalk counselor outside planned parenthoodUnder a New York county law, approaching a woman to speak about alternatives to abortion could be criminally punished. 

Like Trump, Elizabeth Warren Believes ‘Obamacare Sucks’

Obama speaking on health careThe right and left agree that Obamacare created the health care oligopolies that are raising prices for consumers.

Schumer Tastes The Poisoned Fruit Of Democrats’ Deeply Rooted Antisemitism

Sen. SchumerSenate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently spoke with the painful passion of a man who is beginning to understand his world is being upended.

DOJ’s Disinterest In Democrats’ Classified Docs Is The Only Defense Trump Needs

DOJ Special Counsel Jack SmithIf some politicians possess immunity, while their own prosecutors slash and burn their political enemies, the justice system is irreparable.

Media’s 2024 Pitch To America: Be Poor Because Democracy Depends On It

Joe BidenAmericans may be getting poorer under Joe Biden, but the corporate media insist that's the price to pay if we all want to 'save democracy.'

Court: Wisconsin Electors Cannot Change Their Ballots After Already Voting

Drop box for absentee ballotsWisconsin voters cannot cancel their already-submitted absentee ballot and vote again, a state judge ruled on Wednesday.

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Two Infamous Biden White House Censorship Czars

Jim JordanHouse Judiciary Chair Rep. Jim Jordan subpoenaed two of the White House’s most infamous censorship czars, Andrew Slavitt and Robert Flaherty.

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