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Republicans Missed Big In House Hearing On American Energy

Natural Resources CommitteeHouse Republicans retreated to talking points and missed a key opportunity to highlight Biden's return of 'sue and settle.'

Former Twitter Execs Tell Congress: We Didn’t Meddle In 2020 Election And Also We Need To Do It More

James Baker testifiesFormer Twitter executives denied efforts at partisan censorship while also suggesting their censorship hadn't gone far enough.

21 Attorneys General Call On Biden To Treat Mexican Drug Cartels Like The Terrorist Organizations They Are

Fentanyl seized at the U.S. southern border by CBP officialsTwenty-one GOP AGs are formally requesting the administration designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations under federal law.

Joe Biden Tried Multiple Times To Cut Medicare And Social Security

Senator Joe BidenWhen the president attacked lawmakers who ‘want Medicare and Social Security to sunset,’ he should have included himself.

Everyone Is Talking About Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff’s Weird Kiss, Except Our National Press

Doug Emhoff and Jill Biden KissFirst Lady Jill Biden and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff shared a special moment Tuesday night with a hello kiss.

This Viral TikTok Shows Why We’re Unprepared To Face China

China Spy BalloonAmericans are no longer united under a shared value system.

Not Just New College: University Of Florida Gets Its Own Classical Education Makeover

University of Florida gateThe Hamilton Center looks to broaden and deepen civics education at the university level, an effort that many on both sides of the political divide recognize is necessary.

Democrat’s Extremist ‘White Supremacy’ Bill Would Silence Political Speech

Sheila Jackson LeeLeftist scholars and journalists argue the U.S. Constitution is a ‘white supremacy’ document. So this bill could conceivably criminalize publishing the Constitution.

5 Reasons Biden’s Electric Vehicles Are A Boondoggle

Electric Vehicles Charging Station TilePresident Joe Biden touted electric vehicles as the solution to climate change again Tuesday night during his State of the Union address.

With His SOTU Ukraine Tie, Mitch McConnell Advertised Which Country He’s Most Concerned About

Mitch McConnell attending the 2023 State of the Union addressWhile attending Biden's State of the Union address, McConnell wore a tie emblazoned with the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Deepfake Pornography Reveals Yet Another Risk Posed By Artificial Intelligence

Atrioc issuing apology for deepfake pornographyIf artificial intelligence is to be integrated into our society, we have to prevent things like deepfake pornography.

Democrats Keep Cranking Up The Heat On The Gas Stove Debate, But All Their Arguments Flame Out

Gas stoveIn much of the U.S., natural gas is so inexpensive that gas ranges cost less than half as much to operate as an electric range.

Don’t Fall For Joe Biden’s Economic Fairy Tale

Joe Biden delivers state of the union address with Kamala Harris and Kevin McCarthy behind himThe president's biggest whopper? 'I'm a capitalist.'

15 Whoppers Joe Biden Told During The State Of The Union Address

POTUS gives 2023 SOTUThe speech was remarkably similar to last year's address, riddled with falsehood after falsehood and lie after lie.

‘Liar!’ Republicans Epically Fact-Check Biden’s Social Security and Medicare Fear Mongering In Real-Time

Marjorie Taylor Greene yells liar at President BidenHad the GOP not fact-checked the president in real-time, the propaganda press would likely promote and validate Biden’s lie even further.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Summed Up The State Of The Union Better In One Line Than Biden Did In An Hour And A Half

Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers GOP rebuttal to Biden's SOTU'While you reap the consequences of their failures, the Biden administration seems more interested in woke fantasies than the hard reality Americans face every day.'

7 People Biden Didn’t Bother To Mention During His State Of The Union Address

President Joe Biden giving his 2023 State of the Union addressWhile Biden's speech contained shoutouts to notable State of the Union attendees, it predictably left out several individuals whose circumstances put the administration's governance to shame.

State Of Disaster: The State Of The Union’s Worst-Dressed

Kyrsten SinemaThe fashion fails at President Joe Biden's address ranged from ugly as sin to as tone-deaf as this week's Grammys.

Study: 60 Percent Of Women Who Aborted Babies Say They Were Pressured Into It

WomanDemocrats have only added fuel to the fire by targeting pro-life pregnancy centers firebombed by far-left extremists.

Trans Activists Stage Capitol Insurrection, Yet Corporate Media Are Completely Silent

Oklahoma capitolRemember when storming and occupying a government capitol was considered an insurrection?

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