Chair of Met Police Federation Says It Will be “Impossible” to Enforce Mandatory Face Masks in Shops

"It's absolutely absurd."

WHO Will Not Investigate Wuhan Lab Where Coronavirus Was Kept

Globalist Health Organisation has already discounted lab leak theory before it even sets foot in China.

Soros Foundation Announces It Is ‘Doubling Down’ On Funding “Black-led Justice Organizations”

$220 million in grants from Open Society as it declares this is “the moment we’ve been investing in for the last 25 years”.

Video: Marxist BLM Protest Leader Calls For Black Militia, Revolution

“The police is no different from the KKK".

BLM Supporters Celebrate Death of Mother Shot Dead For Saying “All Lives Matter”

"Black lives matter - the rest of you are next."

NBA Store Refuses to Sell ‘Free Hong Kong’ Jersey, But Does Sell ‘Kill Cops’ Shirt

Woke hypocrisy of basketball franchise exposed once again.

Ghislaine Maxwell Could Be Bailed Because of Coronavirus

Leaving open risk that she could try to flee the country.

Video Antifa Activists Protest Against Anti-Pedophilia March in Dublin

Scuffles break out after banner gets swiped.

UK Police Brag About Arresting 12-Year-Old Boy For Offensive Social Media Posts

Child's life ruined after mass denunciation.

Maxine Waters: Trump And Supporters Ensuring Blacks “Do Not Rise To Any Level Of Influence And Power”

They "believe that it is their right and their responsibility".