Leftists Claim ‘Unplanned’ Movie is Going to Lead to Terrorism

"Someone could get killed".

New Clothing Line Allows Men to Proclaim They’re “Cucks” Who Share Their Wives

T-shirts include "my husband likes to watch," "sissy husband" and "married with benefits".

Video: Muslims Try to Attack Activist Who Threw Koran in the Air

Anti-Islam demonstration leads to huge riot.

Left-Wing Journalist Ridiculed For Suggesting Trump is Guilty Because He Posted a Meme

Now they're really getting desperate.

Historic Mural Removed From School Because it Only Features White Children

Painting taken down because it doesn't reflect modern day "diversity" of Chicago.

Mueller Report: Assange Preferred Trump Because Hillary Was a “Sociopath” Who Would Start More Wars

"She's bright, well connected, sadistic".

“I’m Fucked”: Trump’s Initial Reaction to Learning of Special Counsel Investigation

"This is the end of my presidency".

France: Statue of Virgin Mary Decapitated

Nearly 900 churches in France targeted in 2018 alone.

CNN Discusses Mueller Report With 8 People Who All Completely Agree With Each Other

Anti-Trump network goes into meltdown after Barr confirms no collusion.

Venezuela: Garbage Trucks Being Used to Transport People to Hospital

"This is saddening".