Analyst Says Cases of Coronavirus Probably 10 Times Higher Than Official Number

Says it's "a much bigger issue than people realize."

Police Investigating Murder of Pro-Migration Finnish Woman by Her Migrant Boyfriend

Woman allegedly wrote social media posts "about how shitty white men are".

Philippines to Deport 500 Chinese People to Prevent to Spread of Coronavirus

They have to go back.

Hillary Claims Facebook Conspiring To Re-Elect Trump

‘Authoritarian’ Zuckerberg is ‘Trumpian’ Conspiracy theorist Presidential failure Hillary Clinton declared this past weekend that she believes Facebook is conspiring to re-elect President Trump. In an interview with Atlantic, Hillary proclaimed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is an “authoritarian” who “intend[s] to reelect Trump.” As evidence, Hillary pointed to Facebook leaving up a slowed-down video […]

Ari Shaffir on Kobe Bryant’s Death: “Hollywood Liberals Enjoy Rooting For the Lakers More Than They Dislike Rape”

Comedian's comments spark outrage.

Chinese Government Forces TV Host Who Popularized Eating Bats to Apologize

Bat soup is off the menu.

Bat Soup

Eat the bat, bigot.

PANIC: Searches For ‘Virus Mask’ Explode Online

Washington residents worried after confirmed case in Seattle; Man treated by ROBOT Search engine requests for ‘virus mask’ have exploded as panic begins to set in regarding the deadly coronavirus, which experts have warned could lead to a global pandemic. The spike is comparable to those registered during other major virus outbreaks: The searches for […]

Video: Man With Suspected Killer Virus Wheeled Away in Huge Box

WTF Is This? Bizarre footage has emerged of a man in China, suspected of having the killer coronavirus, being wheeled away to a fate unknown in some kind of huge quarantine box. The footage shows a man dressed in a hazmat suit, mask and gloves being transported to an ambulance outside the airport in the […]

Killer Coronavirus Reaches UK?

Government calls emergency COBRA meeting The British government has called an emergency meeting after medical experts warned that it is ‘highly likely’ that the deadly super-bug has already reached UK shores. The Cobra contingencies committee convened at the Cabinet Office in London, where Health Secretary Matt Hancock told press that “the clinical advice is that the […]