French Official Says Quarantine Should Not be Enforced in Migrant Areas to Avoid Riots

"It is not a priority to enforce closings in certain neighborhoods."

Leftist Journo Takes Pleasure In US Becoming Worst Hit Coronavirus Nation: ‘Who’s The S***hole Country Now?’

"If you needed anymore evidence these people hate America."

Singapore to Jail People For 6 Months For Standing Too Close to Strangers

Social distancing police state is here.

Study: 80,000 Coronavirus Deaths Expected In US By Summer

Comparable to a 9/11 death toll every day for months

UK Police Force Creates Tool That Lets People Snitch on Others For Not “Social Distancing”

Coronavirus denunciations continue.

Coronavirus Bill Includes $350 Million For “Migration and Refugee Assistance”

Republicans even added $50 million to the total.

UK Police Force Slammed For Spying on Dog Walkers With Drone

Despite them adhering to coronavirus lockdown rules.

Italian Mayor Threatens to Send “Police With Flamethrowers” to Break Up Graduation Parties

Some continue to ignore social distancing rules.

Video: Trump Argues With Reporter, Says Media Want Economy To Suffer

"It's lucky that you have this group here for this problem or you wouldn't even have a country left.”

Video: Muslim Women Gather in Groups, Claim Coronavirus Can’t Infect Them

Not the brightest idea.