My interview with Seth Keshel on the fraudulent election

Former Army Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel lays out his evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.

"Experts" are shocked as economy flops

Experts are shocked as the economy grew at half the rate they forecasted. DOJ declares vaccine mandate legal. States fight back against the federal government and AstraZenca wants out of the vaccine business.

Interview with Brad Thor on new book Black Ice

Brad Thor stops by and talks about his latest thriller Black Ice. It's a must listen.

The numbers don't add up

Matt welcomes Former Army Captain of Military Intelligence Seth Keshel to the program. Seth goes over the fraudulent 2020 elections totals in the states of Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona. Plus Democrats need to change election laws.

The CDC never followed the "Science"

The FDA recalls the RT-PCR Rapid Test because they don't work. #FireFauci wants masks mandates to return and Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated, the new America.

The Big Lie

Natural Immunity if far superior to the vaccine. President Puddin Pop calls Kelly O'Donnell a pain in the neck and Brad Thor stops by to discuss his latest book Black Ice

R.E.D. Friday and the Olympics

Matt welcomes Chris X from KSEV 700 AM out of Houston to the show. They will discuss all things politics. The White House defends Hunter and the NFL goes woke.

You have to fight for your right!

Joe Biden travels to Cincinnati for a townhall disaster. Kevin McCarthy pulls all Republicans off of January 6 committee. Covid cases surge at the border.

Who will join Rand Paul?

Rand Paul excoriates Dr. Anthony Fauci on Gain of Function funding and the Wuhan lab. Paul will now seek criminal referral of Dr. Fauci. What is going on with the Texas Democrats and The left makes an about face on Social Media censorship.

Democrats hate the truth

Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene, Again. Rural Democrats run from their party and a dust up at Black Rifle Coffee.

A Conservative Economy

What are we waiting on? We know Conservative businesses. Why are we not giving our money to them and boycotting all liberal owned businesses that hate us?

What has happened to the Republican Party?

What does the Republican Party do with your money? Porn star at TPUSA event, Texas Democrats come down with the Covid and why did California leave Larry Elder off the list?

President Trump was right, AGAIN

Fraud in Arizona exposed, the Biden Administration are now colluding with Facebook, Dominion takes their website down and masks forever in LA.

Trans Sexual is fine, Biological Sex not so much

Why is the left so outraged at Biological sex? Educators face termination for recognizing Biological Sex. 850,000 jobs were added and the Biden White House wants to take credit and JD Vance throws his hat into the ring for Senate in Ohio.

The World wants Freedom, Does America?

Cuba explodes over the weekend. Two Republican Parties. CPAC Dallas is a wrap and Democrats get rich from their positions.

The Surveillance State

Former President Donald Trump sues Twitter, Facebook and Google. Democrats freak out over cameras in the classroom and who unmasked Tucker Carlson?

The American Flag is next

The Left calls the Founding Fathers racists, @CoriBush and @NPR bash America on Independence Day. @JoeBiden knew what Hunter was up to and Critical Race Theory coming to a school near you.

Democrats play 'Bait and Switch'

Democrats blame Republicans for Defunding the Police. Gas Prices spike right before Independence Day and Lockdown 2.0

Democrats spying on the media, Again

Tucker Carlson announced that the government was spying on him. This isn't the first time Democrats have weaponized the Intelligence Community. Leftists are pissed at Transracial man and $4 Trillion more in spending.

Evidence mounts of a Stolen Election

Bombshell findings in Fulton County, Terrified House Democrats launch investigation into Arizona Audit and why are Democrats turning illegal aliens away in Florida?

Democrats want to destroy America

Puddin' Pop Joe traveled to Pennsylvania yesterday to fight against the rights attempts at auditing an election. The Democrats want to spend 3.5 Trillion dollars and vaccine mandates.

Do As I Say and Not As I Do

Texas lawmakers flee the state to protest election integrity laws. Jobless claims rise, Inflation spikes and Larry Elder throws his hat into the political ring in California.

Depopulation of America

Doctors warn of Covid-19 mRNA shots. Another round of vaccinations and parents threatened with a lawsuit for exposing Critical Race Theory indoctrination in Tennessee schools. Plus it's RED Friday!

A Parents Bill of Rights

The Florida Legislature recently passed bill HB241, which reaffirms parents' roles as the sole decision makers on behalf of their children. Trump goes to the border and Cameltoe treats her staff like shit.

What happened to privacy?

Joe Biden to send Government officials door to door to pressure people to get the vaccine. He also supports re-imposing Coronavirus restrictions. Andrew Cuomo is coming for your guns as violence erupts in Chicago.

RED Friday and Woke Cereal

It's RED Friday and Kellogg's goes woke on cereal. Plus the Government doesn't even know what it's doing.

Trump is Back!!

President Trump holds huge rally in Ohio. He joins Rumble the same day. #SleepyJoe reverses his ultimatum on the Infrastructure bill. First Lady Jill replaces him as host of Olympic meetings and the U.S. Government is covering for China.

Military wants taxpayers to pay for reassignment surgery

Veterans Affairs said the federal government is now in the business of helping Veterans undergo surgery to alter their biological sex.

Majority of voters want audits

The Communist party of America is lying to you again. Majority of voters welcome forensic audits.

Democrats are lying about minorities and ID's

More Non-White voters approve of Photo ID for voting than White voters poll finds.

Rental Nation: The Government wants to be your landlord

Depriving Americans of home ownership could be a good thing according to Adjunct Scholar and Bloomberg columnist Karl W. Smith.

Putin prepares to eat Joe's lunch

Vladimir Putin dismisses Sleepy Joe. Pudding Pop walks back his tough guy talk right before the summit. Hunter Biden is now an artist and Georgia is missing ballot forms.

The incompetent Presidency

Joe Biden makes excuses for tariffs at the G7. Establishment worried Cameltoe's Presidential chances are slipping away. Netanyahu goes scorched earth on Biden and 9 out of 10 House Republicans draw primary challenges

A two-tiered Justice System

If you're of the right political affiliation your misdeeds will be forgiven or severely punished.

Is America as we know it over?

James Clyburn says America is going the way of the Roman Empire. Is he right or just projection? Manchin sides with America on filibuster and the left is mad. A massive internet outage and the Supreme Court rules on illegal aliens.

The Summit that never was

The day after the Biden-Putin Summit the mainstream media rushes to coverup for our inept President. Russia gets the big stage and America walks away with nothing. Cue cards, blunders and trust abound.

The Clinton's strike again and AZ audit

Reporter who broke Clinton-Lynch tarmac story found dead. AZ state senator tells AG Merrick Garland he will go to jail if he interferes. Trump was right about everything and the debacle that was the G7 Summit.

RED Friday and Texas to close the border

Greg Abbott says Texas is going to close the border. Infighting among the Democrats and the far left "squad". The White House complains about Cameltoe Harris trip and Global taxes.

Inflation spikes and Global Warming will kill us all

Inflation spikes to it's highest point in more than 20 years. Joey Pudding Pop throws Aluminum and Steel manufactures under the bus and Trump was right, AGAIN.

Labor shortages, Coronavirus and the border

Small business optimism drops, record job openings and unemployment benefits are keeping people from working. Red states are flourishing while Blue states are struggling and will Kamala ever go to the border?

Our current state of economy

Matt talks with Money Manager Phil discussing Crypto Currency, Inflation, Central Banking Digital Currency and where 6 trillion of spending gets America.

Fauci lied and many people died

A Chinese defector is spilling the beans on the Coronavirus and all of the lies lead to Dr. Fauci. A Virologist nukes 5,000 tweets and a bunch of doctors were in on the coverup of Hydroxychloroquine. President Trump laid the blame at China's doorstep.

Should Lawmakers be fired if they walk out on their jobs?

Why does it seem when Democrats don't get their way they walk out on their jobs? It happened in Texas last week and around the country numerous times and we're going to talk about it. Plus the difference in Memorial Day messages from the current President and the past.

I need your help!!!

For the next 30 days we are donating 22% of the profit of these shirts to the Veterans Charity 22 Kill. Please share and give this as many Rumbles as you can. Thank You!!

Breaking The News - Alex Marlow Editor in Chief of Breitbart News

I sit down with Alex Marlow and talk about his new book Breaking The News: Exposing the Establishment Media's Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

I trust Dr. Seuss more than Dr. Fauci

Dr. Fauci has a new book out and reporters refuse to ask any hard questions about his emails. The White House is now looking to get rid of him. Joe Biden appoints Kamala Harris lead on the Coronavirus Vaccine Promotion Tour.

Trump endorses Abbott and emails show Dr. Fauci lied

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is endorsed by former President Donald Trump and emails have surfaced that show Dr. Fauci lied about masks and the CoronaVirus.

Maxine Waters churns up civil unrest in Minnesota

Matt joins National Report on Newsmax TV to talk about Maxine Waters and civil unrest.

Obama 3.0 minus the charisma

Joe Biden readies Executive Orders to undo Trump policies. Get ready for $5 gallon gas, immigration influx and new taxes on climate.