Hurricane Zeta: Widespread Damage Leaves 1 Million Without Power

Zeta was the fifth named storm to hit Louisiana during a busy and brutal hurricane season. Its strong winds caused widespread power outages in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Student Voting Surges Despite Efforts to Suppress It

The coronavirus pandemic and new requirements in Republican-led states created voting obstacles for college students this year. Yet youth participation appears to be on the rise.

Covid Blamed for Rise in Murders Across U.S.

Awash in new firearms, cities are drawing connections between the stresses of the coronavirus and a surge in homicides.

Days From Election, Police Killing of Walter Wallace Jr., Roils Philadelphia

The shooting and its aftermath were guaranteed to ratchet up tensions in a country already on edge. Debates about how to improve police accountability have been complicated by looting.

At Least 140 Drown in Worst Shipwreck of 2020, U.N. Agency Says

About 200 migrants were aboard a boat that caught fire and capsized on Saturday, hours after it had left Senegal for the Canary Islands, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Propositions and Races to Watch in California

Here are some of the key local and statewide races and measures to watch in California.

Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today

Survival rates among Covid-19 patients are improving.

In a Lawsuit, Jerry Falwell Jr. Accuses Liberty University of Defamation

Mr. Falwell, who left the university in August, accused his former employer of spreading “outrageous lies” about him.

Times reporters discuss election, polling and more.

In Voting Cases, Chief Justice Roberts Is Alone but in Control

While the chief justice’s views have not been fully endorsed by any of his colleagues, they have so far prevailed in five recent disputes, delivering victories to both Democrats and Republicans.

F.B.I. Arrests Michigan Men Tied to White Supremacist Group

Two members of the Base, a white supremacist and neo-Nazi group, were accused of trying to threaten a host of a podcast that describes itself as “confronting white nationalism.”

Slump in Air Travel Hindered Weather Forecasting, Study Shows

A decline in air traffic during the coronavirus pandemic sharply reduced the amount of data routinely collected by commercial airliners.

U.S. to Remove Wolves From Protected Species List

Populations have rebounded in recent decades, but some scientists on the panel that evaluated the proposal said it was deeply flawed.

Lingering Mail Problems Worry Voters in Final Week of Election

The Postal Service’s performance has not been as bad as initially feared, but handling of mail ballots has been inconsistent enough that some people are choosing to vote in person.

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass 9 Million With No End in Sight

Covid-19 cases are rapidly increasing in more than 20 states in a dangerous surge one governor described as an “urgent crisis.”

No Selfies or Hugs, but Biden Is Sneaking In Meet and Greets

From a distance, with an elbow tap instead of a hug, the former vice president is getting a version of the in-person campaigning he loves.

Justice Dept. Is Said to Quietly Quash Inquiry Into Tamir Rice Killing

Supervisors denied civil-rights prosecutors’ request to use a grand jury for their investigation into the 2014 shooting of a Black boy by a Cleveland police officer, but did not tell his family.

Get Your Hand Sanitizer Costume. Halloween Is Still Happening.

Sales of Halloween outfits and decorations have been surprisingly strong this year, with some seeing the holiday as a last hurrah before winter and the pandemic send people back inside.

Hurricane Zeta disrupts early in-person voting in Georgia.

Chris Pendergast, Who Fought A.L.S. Mile After Mile, Dies at 71

Living for 27 years with Lou Gehrig’s disease (and beating the odds), he started Ride for Life, an annual trek that has raised millions for A.L.S. research.

Ancient Dog DNA Shows Early Spread Around the Globe

Research on fossil canine genomes is expanding and producing some surprises about the lives of dogs and humans in prehistoric times.

Women Could Decide the Election. Here’s How They’re Voting.

Covid, climate, paychecks: A cross-section of women share what’s top of mind as they cast their votes. Hear them in their own words.

Justice Kavanaugh corrects an error in opinion that alarmed Democrats.

Biden’s ‘national mask mandate’ would face challenges, but he has other ways to encourage their use.

Biden’s Call for ‘National Mask Mandate’ Gains Traction in Public Health Circles

A presidential order would almost certainly face a legal challenge. But if elected, Joseph R. Biden Jr. would have other levers at his disposal to make mask wearing a cultural norm.

How Virus Politics Divided a Conservative Town in Wisconsin’s North

A lightly populated area in the critical swing state of Wisconsin serves as a microcosm for the way coronavirus politics is worsening partisan schisms across America.

North Carolina Poll Shows Biden and Cunningham Hold Slim Leads

Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham both led their Republican rivals by three points, a Times/Siena College survey found. Perhaps most notably, 64 percent of respondents said they had already voted.

What We Know About the Death of Walter Wallace Jr. in Philadelphia

The fatal shooting of Mr. Wallace, a 27-year-old Black man, set off protests, looting and violent clashes with the police in Pennsylvania, a swing state, days before the presidential election.

A campaign-closing R.N.C. ad acknowledges what Trump played down: the pandemic and unemployment.

Kavanaugh Fixes Error in Election Opinion After Vermont Complaint

Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh made a correction to a concurring opinion after Vermont officials pointed out that he mistakenly said the state had not changed its election rules.

Pelosi, predicting a Biden win, says she’d push sweeping virus relief in the lame duck session.

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, blurs the line between government and politics.

David Guillod, Hollywood Executive, Arrested Again After Assault Report

Mr. Guillod was out on bail after he was charged earlier this year with sexually assaulting four women.

Joe Biden's Advisers Come from the Obama White House

Mr. Biden has sought advice across the Democratic Party’s ideological spectrum, but his core advisers on the coronavirus, economics, foreign policy and climate change are familiar figures.

In This Strange Election Year, Foreign Embassies Find Little Access to Democrats

The Biden campaign, according to advisers, is concerned over possible perception of foreign meddling in the election — or any comparison to Russian interference on President Trump’s behalf in 2016.

After bitter debate in Georgia, Senator David Perdue cancels third face off with Jon Ossoff.

Poll roundup: Biden’s numbers stay strong, as an NBC/Marist survey finds him ahead in Florida.

Gilead’s Covid-19 Drug is Mediocre. It Will Be a Blockbuster Anyway.

Gilead Sciences said Wednesday that remdesivir, which has been authorized for emergency use since the spring, brought in $873 million in revenues so far this year.

‘There Are Tons of Brown Faces Missing’: Publishers Step Up Diversity Efforts

The push in book publishing for more authors and workers of color hasn’t abated, and companies are increasingly making lasting changes to the way they do business.

What Trump’s disrespectful treatment of Martha McSally says about his own struggles.

Today’s economic report shows a record-setting rebound. But the numbers are misleading.

Today’s economic report shows a record-setting rebound. But the numbers are misleading.

A $265 million feel-good P.R. effort to boost Trump on the coronavirus draws Democrats’ ire.

A $265 million Trump administration to “defeat despair” about the coronavirus was planned partly around the politically tinged theme that “helping the president will help the country,” according to documents released by House investigators.

Proposition 15 in California: What to Know

Thursday: Ah! It’s property tax reform. Also: Fire updates; and more on Justin Turner.

What Turn Are We Really Rounding on the Virus?

The president leans into denial for his closing argument: This is your morning tip sheet.

Where the Virus Is Less Bad

And what else you need to know today.

Trailing in Pennsylvania, the Trump camp tries to make it harder to cast a vote.

Has Texas finally become a true presidential battleground state?

Celebrity Vetting and ‘Helping the President’ to Defeat Coronavirus Despair

In a letter to Alex M. Azar II, the health secretary, House Democrats detailed how a $265 million public relations campaign tried to bolster President Trump.

‘It’s Going Away’: A Small Movie Theater Struggles to Survive

The pandemic has staggered the industry and left independent operations like the Park Plaza Cinema in Hilton Head Island, S.C., fighting to stay afloat.