Why Isn’t New Technology Making Us More Productive?

Innovations like cloud computing and artificial intelligence are hailed as engines of a coming productivity revival. But a broad payoff across the economy has been elusive.

Interested in Solar Panels? Here Is Some Advice.

Buying a solar energy system can be expensive and confusing. Here are some things to think about if you are in the market for solar panels.

SpaceX Executive Defends Elon Musk Against Misconduct Accusations

Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s president and chief operating officer, addressed sexual harassment allegations against Mr. Musk in a company email last week.

An American Comeback on Amazon

Chinese merchants have been huge on Amazon. But now we’re seeing the trend reverse.

These Investors Are Putting $1 Billion Into Trump Media

A draft document contains the names of dozens of hedge funds and others behind the $1 billion private investment announced in December.

Jen Psaki Joins MSNBC as a Host and Commentator

Ms. Psaki, President Biden’s first press secretary, left her job at the White House this month.

6 Podcasts About the Dark Side of the Internet

These shows tap into the dangers of our wired life, exploring cybercrime, cryptocurrency and the many flavors of horror that lurk on the dark web.

Why Has the CPI Inflation Calculation Changed Over Time?

As prices soar, some critics are raising doubts about the official inflation figures. But many economists say the figures are an accurate snapshot of rising prices.

Snap Says It Will Miss Earnings Goals Because of Economic Challenges

Snap’s announcement comes amid a slowdown for tech start-ups, as venture capital funding has fallen and young companies have been cutting costs and laying off employees.

Google Maps Workers Say They Can’t Afford the Trip Back to the Office

The contract workers are resisting a plan to resume in-person work, citing health concerns and commuting costs.

Airbnb Shuts Down Its Business in China, Removing 150,000 Listings

The home rental service is the last remaining large U.S. internet business in China.

Workers at an Activision studio vote to unionize, a first for the gaming industry.

The new union affects only a small group of workers — 28 quality-assurance workers at Activision’s Raven studio.

Meta Will Give Researchers More Information on Political Ad Targeting

Academics and journalists will be able to see more data about the way political ads are used to target users across Facebook and Instagram.

The Era of Borderless Data Is Ending

Nations are accelerating efforts to control data produced within their perimeters, disrupting the flow of what has become a kind of digital currency.

Tridge Is Providing a Middleman Service for Global Food Trade

The Korean start-up Tridge is working to create a network for buyers and sellers, collecting valuable data in the process.

Russian-Speakers in Tech Rebuild Their Lives in San Francisco

They moved from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries for jobs in the technology industry. Now they are joined by friends fleeing war and repression.

Activision Employees to Cast Union Vote

Employees at a company subsidiary complain about long hours and low pay. On Monday, they could vote to form the first union at a big U.S. gaming company.

Tesla’s Aura Dims as Its Plunging Stock Highlights the Risks It Faces

Production problems in China and Elon Musk’s pursuit of Twitter are leading investors to wonder whether the electric car company is worth as much as they thought.

Big Tech Is Getting Clobbered on Wall Street. It’s a Good Time for Them.

Flush with cash, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google are positioned to emerge from a downturn stronger and more powerful. As usual.

Even Among Corporate Raiders, Elon Musk Is a Pirate

The world of deal making has always been rough and tumble. But Mr. Musk blows any predecessors away.

Facebook Has Been Monetizing Searches for the Buffalo Shooting Video

The company relies on automated systems to spot violent content, but people are still uploading and sharing the Buffalo video.

WhatsApp Adds Commercial Services as Meta Seeks More Revenue

For a fee, the app will allow businesses to build a custom dashboard so they can chat with customers and offer customer services more easily.

Has the Crypto Crash Hurt Your Investments? We Want to Hear About It.

Tell us about your experiences in the volatile crypto market.

Livestreams of Mass Shootings: From Buffalo to New Zealand

Dozens of recordings of a 2019 massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, remain online, in a sobering reminder of the internet’s permanence.

Fentanyl Tainted Pills Cause Drug Fatalities Among Youth to Soar

Teenagers and young adults are turning to Snapchat, TikTok and other social media apps to find Percocet, Xanax and other pills. The vast majority are laced with deadly doses of fentanyl, police say.

DHS Suspends Its New Disinformation Board, Following Criticism

The Department of Homeland Security suspended the work of a panel focused on the subject of disinformation. The group had provoked accusations of government overreach.

Sustainability Index Drops Tesla, Prompting Insult from Musk

S&P cited racial discrimination claims in deciding to exclude the electric carmaker from a listing of socially responsible companies.

How a Trash-Talking Crypto Founder Caused a $40 Billion Crash

Do Kwon, a South Korean entrepreneur, hyped the Luna and TerraUSD cryptocurrencies. Their failures have devastated some traders, though not the investment firms that cashed out early.

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