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Disinformation Researchers Raise Alarms About A.I. Chatbots

Researchers used ChatGPT to produce clean, convincing text that repeated conspiracy theories and misleading narratives.

Microsoft’s ChatGPT-Powered Bing Makes Search Interesting Again

Google has stiff competition now, after Microsoft integrated powerful A.I. technology into its search engine.

Microsoft Launches New Bing Likely Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 A.I

Amid the tech industry’s worst slump in decades, industry leaders are predicting an era built on new chatbots and other types of artificial intelligence.

Meta, Long an AI Leader, Tries Not to Be Left Out of the Boom

It has long had technology to rival chatbots like ChatGPT, but can’t afford to back artificial intelligence that can spread misinformation and toxic content.

Twitter Is Blocked in Turkey After Earthquake, Internet-Monitoring Group Says

The service was blocked in what appeared to be a coordinated way.

Musk prometió quitar de Twitter las imágenes de abuso, ¿cumplió?

Las imágenes se difunden en la plataforma incluso después de notificar a la empresa: un video tuvo 120.000 vistas y hay demoras al atender reportes.

How to Prepare for a Lost, Stolen or Broken Smartphone

You may never have to deal with a missing device, but planning ahead with a few simple steps can make it easier if disaster strikes.

Does Your Home Have Backup Power? We Want to Hear From You.

Sales of generators and home batteries are up as people look to protect themselves from power outages, which are becoming more common.

Zoom to Lay Off 1,300 Workers, Joining Other Tech Giants

The company is cutting 15 percent of its work force, or about 1,300 jobs, citing “the uncertainty of the global economy.”

Ex-Coinbase Employee Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading

The case was part of a crackdown on an old-school financial crime in the crypto world.

How Deepfake Videos Are Used to Spread Disinformation

For the first time, A.I.-generated personas, often used for corporate trainings, were detected in a state-aligned information campaign — opening a new chapter in online manipulation.

Few Americans Understand Online Privacy and Tracking, Report Says

Many consumers want control over their personal details. But few understand how online tracking works, says a new report from the University of Pennsylvania.

Google to Release Bard, Its AI Chatbot Rival to ChatGPT

The internet giant said it would begin testing its new chatbot, Bard, with a small, private group before releasing it to the public in the coming weeks.

Elon Musk Is His Own Spokesman

Under its new owner, Twitter has done away with its press department. One reporter who writes about the company compares it to a “giant black box.”

Tesla’s Cybertruck Is Coming Soon. Maybe.

Already two years behind schedule, the Cybertruck has experts wondering how the company will manufacture its unusual stainless steel “exoskeleton.”

Musk Pledged to Cleanse Twitter of Child Abuse Content. Is It Working?

Child sexual abuse imagery spreads on Twitter even after the company is notified: One video drew 120,000 views. “Sewer rats,” as one regulator described bad actors, remain.

Do You Work in the Auto Industry? We Want to Hear From You.

Sales of electric vehicles are growing fast, and automakers are investing billions of dollars in new technology and factories. We want to know how jobs are changing.

At This School, Computer Science Class Now Includes Critiquing Chatbots

Move over, coding. Some schools are asking student programmers to think critically about rapid advances in artificial intelligence.

Are You Switching to a Heat Pump? We Want to Hear From You.

Some people in extremely cold areas of the U.S. are switching to heat pumps from oil or gas furnaces. But others are not convinced that these devices are right for them.

Advisory Firm Sues Elon Musk’s Twitter, Saying It Hasn’t Been Paid

Innisfree M&A says Twitter, which Elon Musk bought last year, has not paid it $1.9 million for services it rendered for the deal.

Jury Rules for Elon Musk and Tesla in Investor Lawsuit Over Tweets

The case centered on whether investors lost money because they believed Mr. Musk’s social media posts about taking Tesla private in 2018.

Why Apple Watches Keep Calling 911

Dispatchers for 911 are being inundated with false, automated distress calls from Apple devices owned by skiers who are very much alive.

How ChatGPT Kicked Off an A.I. Arms Race

Even inside the company, the chatbot’s popularity has come as something of a shock.

TikTok’s “Transparency and Accountability Center” + ChatGPT’s Origin Story + Kevin Systrom’s Artifact App

Casey becomes a content moderator, Kevin breaks some news on OpenAI and Instagram’s co-founder reveals his new project.

Tech’s Biggest Companies Discover Austerity, to the Relief of Investors

After years of expansion and billions in profits, Big Tech is pulling back from its famously lavish spending as a long boom finally ends.

Apple Revenue and Profit Down as iPhone Sales Slow

The iPhone maker said sales of its flagship product were down 8 percent as it dealt with a factory shutdown and worries about rising inflation.

Alphabet’s Profit Falls 34% Amid Ads Slowdown

Google’s parent company reported its fourth consecutive drop in quarterly profit, weeks after culling 6 percent of its work force to cut costs.

Meta Soars by Most in Decade, Adding $100 Billion in Value

Mark Zuckerberg’s company recorded its biggest daily market gain in nearly a decade, as the mood brightens among tech investors.

Ford Lost $2 Billion in 2022 as Some Investments Soured

The company’s financial performance was hurt by its stake in Rivian, an electric truck company, and an autonomous car business.

Senator Calls on Apple and Google to Ban TikTok in App Stores

Michael F. Bennet, a Colorado Democrat, cited national security, adding to bipartisan pressure on the Chinese-owned video app.

Meta Stock Surges After Announcing $4.2 Billion Restructuring Charge

The company, which is in the midst of shifting to become a metaverse business, also forecast revenue would beat Wall Street predictions.

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