Jake Paul Promised Them Fame. Was It Worth the Price?

A look behind the scenes at life in the Team 10 house.

Jack Ma Shows Why China’s Tycoons Keep Quiet

High-profile business leaders have been detained, sidelined or silenced as the Communist Party moves forcefully to keep companies in line. Today, the best strategy is to lie low.

Welcome to the YOLO Economy

Burned out and flush with savings, some workers are quitting stable jobs in search of postpandemic adventure.

Why Europe Is Hard on Big Tech

It may be a choice to make rules for technology too early rather than too late.

HBO Max Gains Traction in a Crowded Field

AT&T, HBO’s parent company, reported that HBO and the new streamer added 2.7 million subscribers in the first quarter.

NASA's Mars Ingenuity Helicopter Completes Second Flight

The experimental vehicle named Ingenuity flew higher and longer in its second flight on Mars.

Why Is Big Tech Under Assault? Power.

Tech executives wanted to change the world, and they did. Of course we’re now questioning them.

Seven House Republicans pledge to take no donations from major tech companies.

The lawmakers said that the companies limited the reach of conservative voices.

Meet Virtual Reality, Your New Physical Therapist

While use of the gaming technology for improving physical ailments is still in the early stages, it shows promise — and it’s fun.

Chuck Geschke, Father of Desktop Publishing, Dies at 81

If you sent a PDF on your computer today, thank him. In 1980, he and a colleague created a way of sending digital documents to a printer, starting a company, Adobe.

Netflix’s Dominance Starts to Slow as Rivals Gain

The streaming service reported the addition of four million new customers for the first quarter, below the six million it had forecast.

Why Less Tech is Best for Covid-19 Vaccine Passports

We need dumb technology that does as little as possible and knows as little about us as possible.

A Global Tipping Point for Reining In Tech Has Arrived

Never before have so many countries, including China, moved with such vigor at the same time to limit the power of a single industry.

Newer Planes Are Providing Airlines a Trove of Useful Data

During the pandemic, older aircraft have been retired, resulting in a fleet that can collect more information about emissions and safety.

Can Tech Make the Roads Safer?

We know the dangers of surveillance, but people are dying. Maybe we need more cameras on the roads.

Facebook, Preparing for Chauvin Verdict, Will Limit Posts That Might Incite Violence

The company said it planned to limit posts that contain misinformation and hate speech related to the trial to keep them from spilling over into real-world harm.

With ‘Knives Out’ Deal, Netflix Signals It’s in the Franchise Business

The streaming gold rush of 2017-18, when Netflix scooped up big-name television creators, now seems to have migrated to the film world.

Watch Video of NASA Mars Helicopter Ingenuity's First Flight

The brief test of the experimental vehicle called Ingenuity shows how explorers can study the red planet from the sky as well as the ground.

2 Killed in Driverless Tesla Car Crash, Officials Say

“No one was driving the vehicle” when the car crashed and burst into flames, killing two men, a constable said.

The Oscars Are a Week Away, but How Many Will Watch?

TV ratings for awards shows have been in free fall, especially during the pandemic, and Hollywood doesn’t want the viewing public to toss its premier showcase into the entertainment dustbin.

100 Days Without Trump on Twitter: A Nation Scrolls More Calmly

Democrats are breathing easier. Republicans are crying censorship. For all of the country’s news consumers, a strange quiet has descended after a four-year bombardment of presidential verbiage.

SpaceX Wins NASA $2.9 Billion Contract to Build Moon Lander

Elon Musk’s company bested Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and others in the contest to carry American astronauts to the lunar surface.

The Race for Attention on YouTube

What factors are driving us to get into heated fights online and watch hateful videos?

Why Amazon Workers Sided With the Company Over a Union

Pay, benefits and an aggressive anti-union campaign by the company helped generate votes at a warehouse in Alabama.