Big Tech Continues Its Surge Ahead of the Rest of the Economy

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet reported the latest in a string of enormous quarterly profits on Thursday.

Dan Bongino Has No Idea Why Facebook Loves Him

The right-wing commentator, whose page performs better than those of major news organizations, is perplexed by his social media success.

Misinformation Overwhelms Local Election Officials

From Philadelphia to Sonoma County, Calif., election officials said they were working marathon hours to fight a flood of falsehoods.

You (YOU!) Can Stop Election Rumors

As Americans vote amid a pandemic, misleading election information seems to be everywhere.

‘South Park’ Creators Break Down 'Sassy Justice,' Their Deepfake Video

In an interview, Trey Parker, Matt Stone and their collaborator Peter Serafinowicz discuss the back story of “Sassy Justice,” their deepfake video that used images of President Trump and others.

Officials Warn of Cyberattacks on Hospitals as Virus Cases Spike

Government officials warned that hackers were seeking to hold American hospitals’ data hostage in exchange for ransom payments.

‘Perception Hacks’ and Other Potential Threats to the Election

In the final days of voting, election officials and cybersecurity experts are keeping a close eye on a range of possible ways foreign governments and other hackers could interfere.

Republicans Blast Social Media C.E.O.s While Democrats Deride Hearing

Republican senators accused the leaders of Twitter, Facebook and Google of censorship. Democrats denounced that as posturing.

Disinformation Moves From Social Networks to Texts

We Need Policy, Not WrestleMania

Lawmakers could debate an important law that affects speech on the internet. Or they could yell.

Tech chiefs plan a vigorous defense of speech on their sites.

In their prepared remarks, the leaders of Facebook, Twitter and Google detailed why they supported Section 230.

Big Tech’s chief executives are becoming regulars on Capitol Hill.

Evidence of anti-conservative bias by platforms remains anecdotal.

Republicans and Democrats have similar goals. They will make different arguments.

Facebook, Google and Twitter C.E.O.s return to Washington to defend their content moderation.

To Do Politics or Not Do Politics? Tech Start-Ups Are Divided

Coinbase, Expensify, Soylent, Clubhouse and others are embroiled in a culture war over politics and the workplace.

Facebook Removes Trump and Biden Ads, Saying They Could Mislead Voters

Trump Campaign Website Is Defaced by Hackers

The defacement lasted less than 30 minutes, and the hackers appeared to be looking to generate cryptocurrency.

The Year in Misinformation, So Far

Dubious stories about George Soros, Ukraine and vote-by-mail have spread widely on social media this year, and we may just be warming up.

Trump Allies Amp Up Fight Over Tech’s Legal Shield Before Election

Their animosity is likely to be on full display at a hearing on Wednesday with the leaders of Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Jon Stewart Returns With a Series for Apple TV+

On his new program, the former “Daily Show” host will “explore topics that are currently part of the national conversation and his advocacy work,” Apple said.

Don’t Even Try Paying Cash in China

How two apps created new kinds of commerce in China, and what a cashless future might look like.

AMD Agrees to Buy Xilinx for $35 Billion in Stock

The deal would broaden AMD’s business into chips for markets like 5G communications and automotive electronics.

5 Lessons on Voter Misinformation From Kentucky’s Election in 2019

The incumbent governor and some of his allies argued, without showing any evidence, that there were voting irregularities and fraud.

Twitter to Highlight Accurate Voting Information

The effort is meant to preemptively debunk some false and misleading information about the election.

Driverless Cars Go Humble to Get Real

Recent developments point to promise for driverless car technology, if we stay realistic.

Ant Challenged Beijing and Prospered. Now It Toes the Line.

The tech giant, which is preparing for a mega I.P.O., has transformed personal finance in China. Regulators have taken notice.

All About Ant Group, the Next Big Tech I.P.O.

The tech giant’s coming share sale will be among the largest ever. But the company has made most of its impact in just one country: China.

Ant Group Set to Raise $34 Billion in World’s Biggest I.P.O.

The Alibaba online finance spinoff, which offers people in China a one-stop shop for loans, investments and more, will list shares in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Schools Clamored for Seesaw. That Was the Good News, and the Bad News.

It wasn’t simple to become a do-it-all education tool almost overnight.

With Vacation Rentals Empty, European Cities See a Chance to Reclaim Housing

Platforms like Airbnb have been criticized for raising living costs in popular cities. Now, officials are trying to move properties aimed at tourists to long-term leases.

Apple, Google and a Deal That Controls the Internet

In a landmark antitrust complaint, the Justice Department is targeting a secretive partnership that is worth billions of dollars to both companies.

How The Epoch Times Created a Giant Influence Machine

Since 2016, the Falun Gong-backed newspaper has used aggressive Facebook tactics and right-wing misinformation to create an anti-China, pro-Trump media empire.

Everyone Is Gay on TikTok

Straight young men on the app are posting suggestive videos with their buddies. It’s not just about the views.

Trump’s Claims About Hunter Biden Send Online Activity Soaring

Google searches and Facebook posts about Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son rose after President Trump’s misleading comments at Thursday’s debate.

U.S. Issues Sanctions on Russian Center Involved in Potentially Deadly Cyberattacks

The penalties were aimed at a Russian research center that developed tools used in a cyberattack on a Saudi petrochemical plant, which took out the safety controls used to prevent an explosion.

What Went Viral This Week

Stories about Pope Francis, separated children and 50 Cent’s Trump endorsement dominated engagement on social media this week.

Russians Who Pose Election Threat Have Hacked Nuclear Plants and Power Grid

The hacking group, Energetic Bear, is among Russia’s stealthiest. It appears to be casting a wide net to find useful targets ahead of the election, experts said.

Fox News Is Covering Hunter Biden Claims More Than 2016 WikiLeaks Emails

In contrast, CNN and MSNBC gave more airtime to the Podesta cache four years ago, according to the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab.

Why Washington Hates Big Tech

American politicians are divided on almost everything. They agree on this: Big Tech must change.

It’s a Ballot Fight for Survival for Gig Companies Like Uber

A group that also includes Lyft and DoorDash has spent nearly $200 million to support a California proposition that could save them from a new labor law.

Appeals Court Says Uber and Lyft Must Treat California Drivers as Employees

The ruling adds new urgency to a ballot measure in the state that would exempt the companies from a new labor law intended to give gig workers more employment rights.