U.S. Hits the 9-Million Mark as Infections Keep Surging

Death rates dropped as understanding of Covid-19 improved, researchers said. Here’s the latest.

Biden’s Call for ‘National Mask Mandate’ Gains Traction in Public Health Circles

A presidential order would almost certainly face a legal challenge. But if elected, Joseph R. Biden Jr. would have other levers at his disposal to make mask wearing a cultural norm.

40 Dead, Now 40 Laid Off: Inside a Nursing Home in Crisis

They came to work when death counts were horrific and the risks enormous. Now they fear for their jobs. At one home, they agreed to speak out.

Trump Tires of Economic Message and Returns to Attacks in Florida

Speaking within hours of each other, President Trump predicted a “red wave” and Joe Biden said, “If Florida goes blue, it’s over.” Here’s the latest.

Lingering Mail Problems Worry Voters in Final Week of Election

The Postal Service’s performance has not been as bad as initially feared, but handling of mail ballots has been inconsistent enough that some people are choosing to vote in person.

In Voting Cases, Chief Justice Roberts Is Alone but in Control

While the chief justice’s views have not been fully endorsed by any of his colleagues, they have so far prevailed in five recent disputes, delivering victories to both Democrats and Republicans.

How Virus Politics Divided a Conservative Town in Wisconsin’s North

A lightly populated area in the critical swing state of Wisconsin serves as a microcosm for the way coronavirus politics is worsening partisan schisms across America.

North Carolina Poll Shows Biden and Cunningham Hold Slim Leads

Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham both led their Republican rivals by three points, a Times/Siena College survey found. Perhaps most notably, 64 percent of respondents said they had already voted.

Twitter Bots Poised to Spread Disinformation Before Election

Researchers found that bots have helped spread falsehoods related to the coronavirus and far-right conspiracy theories such QAnon and “pizzagate.”

Turkish Bank Case Showed Erdogan’s Influence With Trump

New details of the Justice Department’s handling of the accusations against Halkbank reveal how Turkey’s leader pressured the president, prompting concern from top White House aides.

Justice Dept. Is Said to Quietly Quash Inquiry Into Tamir Rice Killing

Supervisors denied civil-rights prosecutors’ request to use a grand jury for their investigation into the 2014 shooting of a Black boy by a Cleveland police officer, but did not tell his family.

Celebrity Vetting and ‘Helping the President’ to Defeat Coronavirus Despair

In a letter to Alex M. Azar II, the health secretary, House Democrats detailed how a $265 million public relations campaign tried to bolster President Trump.

Economy’s Big Rebound Leaves a Shortfall as Progress Slows

Third-quarter growth set a record, fueled by federal assistance. But recent signs point to a loss of momentum in job gains and production.

Big Tech Leads Stock Market Rebound

Stocks on Wall Street rallied, and U.S. economic growth hit a quarterly record. But a shortfall remains. Here’s the latest.

The Court of Master Sommeliers Has a Sexual Harassment Problem

The Court of Master Sommeliers confers high honors, but many women candidates say they’ve paid a steep price.

Music That Moves

Check out Sun Ra Arkestra’s first album of new recordings in 20 years. And see how a music executive is investing in small clubs to help them grow.

Virtual Volunteering Still Offers Benefits

Older adults, particularly vulnerable in a pandemic, still work for their causes, but primarily from home now.

They Scream! We Scream!

What’s more fundamental to scary movies than the bone-chilling shriek? But delivering a terrifying wail isn’t easy. It’s an entire art with a history and a world of its own.

Still Processing Podcast: 'Waiter, There’s a Fly in Our Bubble'

Do we have enough bread crumbs to get to the truth?

Listen to the Modern Love Podcast

When it comes to forbidden love, a “romantic plan isn’t enough.”

Kara Swisher Talks Big Tech Monopolies and the Google Antitrust Case with Lina Khan

How antitrust lawyer Lina Khan is taking on the most powerful men in Silicon Valley.

How Trump Destroyed American Culture

How this president invaded our brains and destroyed American culture.

Trump’s Thoroughly Modern Masculinity

The president isn’t a throwback to old-school masculinity. He’s a he-man specifically engineered for our image-based, sensation-saturated times.

The Venezuelan-American Vote, From a First-Timer

Our vote could play a key role in November. We need to see beyond the bluster, and look at the way Trump has treated our community in the U.S.

Er, Can I Ask a Few Questions About Abortion?

You know who really reduced abortion numbers in the U.S.? President Obama, with the Affordable Care Act.

After Trump, Will International Relations and Trade Ever Be the Same?

And it won’t come back even if and when he’s gone.

So, Russia, You Want to Mess With Our Voting Machines?

The United States should threaten to retaliate — and I’m not talking about economic sanctions or legal indictments.

How Trump Destroyed America's Naïveté

America let some of the worst fears of the founders come true.

After Trump, How Will I Ever Look at America the Same Way?

What I lost in the Trump years was a kind of innocence.

Trump’s Presidency Smashed the ‘Decency Floor’

There was once a bare minimum standard of public behavior.

Cookbooks Help Me Escape These Days

Samin Nosrat on the histories, perspectives and dishes she has learned, including shiro, a silky, spicy stew from Eritrea.

Remarkable Records of Joni Mitchell’s Changes

A five-disc archival collection traces the beginnings of one of the most daring trajectories in popular music.

‘South Park’ Creators Break Down 'Sassy Justice,' Their Deepfake Video

In an interview, Trey Parker, Matt Stone and their collaborator Peter Serafinowicz discuss the back story of “Sassy Justice,” their deepfake video that used images of President Trump and others.

Kavanaugh Fixes Error in Election Opinion After Vermont Complaint

Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh made a correction to a concurring opinion after Vermont officials pointed out that he mistakenly said the state had not changed its election rules.

Glenn Greenwald Leaving The Intercept

Mr. Greenwald will join other high-profile journalists who have left major media outlets to work largely on their own at Substack.

What We Know About the Death of Walter Wallace Jr. in Philadelphia

The fatal shooting of Mr. Wallace, a 27-year-old Black man, set off protests, looting and violent clashes with the police in Pennsylvania, a swing state, days before the presidential election.

F.B.I. Arrests Michigan Men Tied to White Supremacist Group

Two members of the Base, a white supremacist and neo-Nazi group, were accused of trying to threaten a host of a podcast that describes itself as “confronting white nationalism.”

Leon Black Calls Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein a ‘Terrible Mistake’

Mr. Black, the billionaire chief executive of Apollo Global Management, said others’ continued association with Mr. Epstein had given him “misplaced comfort” in doing business with him.

Deadly Knife Attack in France Is Terrorism, Officials in Nice Say

The assault at a church in the south of France left three people dead. Local officials said it bore similarities to the killing of a schoolteacher that has shaken the country.

Hurricane Zeta: Widespread Damage Leaves 1 Million Without Power

Zeta was the fifth named storm to hit Louisiana during a busy and brutal hurricane season. Its strong winds caused widespread power outages in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Stefanik’s Loyalty to Trump Is Flashpoint in $16 Million N.Y. Race

Representative Elise Stefanik’s strenuous defense of the president has enabled her Democratic opponent to raise $5 million. Ms. Stefanik has raised even more.

As the West Stumbles, ‘Helmsman’ Xi Pushes an Ambitious Plan for China

China’s leader emerged from a key Communist Party meeting newly emboldened, outlining a road map for the country for years to come. Some have warned of overreach.

How to Prepare Babies and Kids for the End of Daylight Saving Time

For parents of small children, ‘falling back’ doesn’t mean an extra hour in bed. But the right plan can help ease the change.

How I Worked From Home Abroad in Mexico for 35 Days During the Pandemic

My partner and I both felt we could get away, safely. So we packed the large bottles of sanitizer, double-checked the Wi-Fi and off we went.

How to Be an Active Bystander When You See Casual Racism

A few small actions can go a long way.

Yes, You Can Learn to Speak the Language of Plants

Latin might seem like an obscure, inscrutable language for naming plants. But it can open up the botanical world in ways you can’t imagine.

For Owners Looking to Sell, an Option That Keeps Their Company Intact

A sale to employees keeps the company local, and that may be more important to some owners than getting the highest price.

‘City So Real’ Is an Election Story Pulsing With Life

In Steve James’s documentary of the 2019 Chicago election and its aftermath, politics is local, and it’s fascinating.

Michelangelo Pistoletto Endures. Even Covid Couldn’t Stop Him.

His career covers more than 60 years, ranging from Pop to Arte Povera. A New York gallery has mounted a rare show of his work.

Kyler Murray Is Leading the Arizona Cardinals on a Joy Ride

The second-year quarterback is thriving in Coach Kliff Kingsbury’s hot rod offense, leading his team to a shocking overtime win against Seattle and racking up yards on the ground and in the air.

Ashley Graham Talks Breastfeeding, Postpartum Hair Loss and Her Best Beauty Hack

How the supermodel is adjusting to a new normal beauty routine.

These Sisters Have Transformed the Piano Duo

Katia and Marielle Labèque have been playing, and enlarging, the two-piano repertory for over 50 years.

The Stressful Conclusion of a Clinical Trial

Does a pharmaceutical company have a moral obligation to acknowledge my participation with an ongoing supply of the product that I helped test?

The Healing Power of Singing

I was facing some shadows in my life. Could singing with others help me reclaim my voice and calm my fast-beating heart?

People Are Still Having Sex. So Why Are S.T.D. Rates Dropping?

Public health officials believe many cases are going undetected as clinics close during the pandemic and testing supplies are diverted to coronavirus screening.

How to Do School When Motivation Has Gone Missing

Here’s what teenagers can do to equip themselves to move forward during this difficult and frustrating time.

From Bolivia, Lessons for a Successful Election

In the last year, Bolivia’s democracy suffered as partisan clashes filled its streets and mistrust in government grew. And yet it pulled off a calm, uncontested election. What can it teach other democracies under siege?

Schools Stay Open in Europe’s New Lockdowns, a Reversal From Spring

Europe’s latest wave of restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus have largely avoided closing schools. We take a look at why and how they are being kept open.

Billy Joe Shaver, Outlaw Singer and Songwriter, Dies at 81

Waylon Jennings put him on the musical map. Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash recorded his material. Bob Dylan sang admiringly of listening to his music.

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