Sarah Huckabee Sanders wins the G.O.P. nomination for Arkansas governor.

The former White House press secretary and daughter of former Gov. Mike Huckabee is seeking public office for the first time.

In Texas, Ken Paxton defeats George P. Bush in a G.O.P. runoff for attorney general.

Mr. Paxton had leaned heavily on his endorsement from former President Donald J. Trump.

Russian Forces Pummel Key Eastern Ukraine Town

With enemy forces massed on three sides, the residents of Sievierodonetsk are at the heart of the battle.

U.S. Will Start Blocking Russia’s Bond Payments to American Investors

The Biden administration’s escalation of sanctions could lead to Russia’s first default on foreign debt in a century.

Ukraine Charges 8 Russian Fighters in Killings of Village Mayor and Family

The bodies of the mayor, her husband and her son were found after Russian forces retreated in early April.

U.S. Speeds Up Reshaping of Taiwan’s Defenses to Deter China

The Biden administration is taking lessons from the war in Ukraine to turn Taiwan into a “porcupine” bristling with weapons that would inflict severe pain if attacked.

1 in 5 Adult Covid Survivors in the U.S. May Develop Long Covid, Says CDC

Researchers identified lasting health problems in many different organ systems, including the heart, lungs and kidneys.

The Suspect in a Fatal Subway Shooting Is in Police Custody

Andrew Abdullah was the subject of a manhunt that began minutes after a gunman shot a passenger on a northbound Q train on Sunday.

Southern Baptists to Release List of Ministers Accused of Sexual Abuse

The existence of the secretly maintained list was revealed in a bombshell report on the denomination’s handling of sexual abuse over the past two decades.

How Ukraine’s Greatest Novelist Is Fighting for His Country

Andrey Kurkov has spent his life writing about realities so absurd they defy satire. It was perfect preparation for this moment.

Fried Shallots Should Always Be in Your Pantry

This staple of Southeast Asian cuisine enhances all kinds of dishes, J. Kenji López-Alt writes.

Abortion Questions for Justice Alito and His Supreme Court Allies

Isn’t having to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term the same as forced labor?

The Heat Is Already On

And the scope of catastrophe is getting clearer.

On Taiwan, Biden Should Find His Inner Truman

Biden’s astute pledge to defend the island democracy was no gaffe. 

In India’s Heat Wave, Air-Conditioning Is the Divider

In a rapidly warming world, the ability to cool and stay indoors is the real divider.

Putin Showed His True Hand. The West Kept Shaking It.

It was a naïve gamble: If we were nice to Putin, maybe he would be nice to us.

What Vaccine Apartheid Portends for the Climate Future

Gestures of good will and concern from developed countries can hide nationalism so pointed that it amounts to something like sadism.

Invade Haiti, Wall Street Urged. The U.S. Obliged.

The long occupation of Haiti began with a drumbeat from the bank that became Citigroup, decades of diplomatic correspondence and other records show.

Your Tuesday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

Bill Simmons on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Athletes Turned Actors

“It’s the same thing that goes wrong if you’re going to ask actors to play in the N.B.A. or the N.F.L.,” Bill Simmons says. “It’s a little unrealistic.”

Is the U.S. Changing Its Stance on Taiwan?

Lessons learned from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine seem to be responsible, in part, for an apparent shift in American policy toward the island.

An American Comeback on Amazon

Chinese merchants have been huge on Amazon. But now we’re seeing the trend reverse.

On George Floyd Anniversary, Biden Set to Issue Policing Order

The order would direct all federal agencies to revise their use-of-force policies and create a national registry of officers fired for misconduct.

U.S. Birthrate Ticks Up 1 Percent, Halting a Steady Decline

Data from the federal government showed last year’s increase was the first since 2014 and followed a sharp drop in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Indiana Lawmakers Override Transgender Sports Veto

Gov. Eric Holcomb said the measure barring transgender girls from playing girls’ sports at school was unnecessary, but fellow Republicans in the Legislature disagreed.

France’s New Prime Minister Overcame Tragedy in Her Youth

Élisabeth Borne’s father, a World War II resistance member and a Holocaust survivor, killed himself when she was 11, an experience she has rarely discussed in detail.

Can Protein Powders Help Aging Muscles?

Older adults typically need more protein than younger people. Here’s how to ensure you’re getting enough.

Foods That May Lead to a Healthier Gut and Better Health

A diet full of highly processed foods with added sugars and salt promoted gut microbes linked to obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

What’s the Best Nondairy Milk Alternative?

Soy milk, nut milks and other products may offer unique benefits.

Can a Low-Carb Diet Help Your Heart Health?

Overweight people who ate fewer carbohydrates and increased their fat intake had significant improvements in their cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Hugh Jackman Is Having Fun Playing as ‘Arrogant as You Possibly Can’

“There’s something about this show that buoys me up with an energy that I didn’t think I had,” the Tony nominee said of “The Music Man.”

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