McConnell, Weighing Impeachment, Says Capitol Mob Was ‘Provoked’ by Trump

Several of President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet nominees will have hearings today, including his picks to lead the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense. President Trump is expected to issue dozens of pardons.

Biden plans to propose a sweeping immigration overhaul on his first day in office.

If passed by Congress, the legislation would profoundly reshape the American immigration system.

U.S. Says China’s Repression of Uighurs Is ‘Genocide’

The finding by the Trump administration is the strongest denunciation by any government of China’s actions and follows a Biden campaign statement with the same declaration.

Court Voids a ‘Tortured’ Trump Climate Rollback

The ruling strikes down weak rules for coal-burning power plants and gives the Biden administration a freer hand to impose tighter restrictions.

Trump Bequeaths Biden an Upended World

The sheen is off America. But betting against the country’s capacity for reinvention was never a good idea.

Pandemic Teacher Shortages Imperil In-Person Schooling

The nation’s schools need thousands of more teachers, full-time and substitute, to keep classrooms open during coronavirus outbreaks.

Cuomo Offers Doomsday Proposal to Attack a Possible $15 Billion Deficit

Without a full federal aid package, the state would have to cut $2.6 billion in school and Medicaid spending, the governor said.

PPP Loans Q&A: Who Qualifies for a Second Round?

The hardest-hit owners will be eligible for another loan from the Paycheck Protection Program.

They Prepare the White House for a New President. They Have 5 Hours.

Inauguration Day brings with it an awkward transition when one family moves in and another moves out, made all the more so this year by the coronavirus and President Trump’s stormy departure.

Blackstone's Schwarzman Stays Loyal to Trump

The Blackstone chief executive stuck with President Trump despite the occasional slight, and stopped short of criticizing him even after the Capitol attack.

Families of Indonesia Plane Crash Victims Begin Their Anguished Goodbyes

The authorities continue to piece together what happened aboard Sriwijaya Air Flight 182. For many victims' families, the uncertainty has added to immeasurable grief.

How Nothingness Became Everything We Wanted

Even before the pandemic, American culture was embracing numbness as an antidote for the overload of digital capitalism. But is it a real escape — or another trap?

‘What Kind of Message Is That?’: How Republicans See the Attack on the Capitol

We spoke to fans of President Trump about the Capitol riot and their feelings before Joe Biden’s inauguration.

James Comey and Truth in Government

Joe Klein talks about Comey’s “Saving Justice,” and Elisabeth Egan discusses Peter Ho Davies’s “A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself.”

Bryan Cranston Won’t Play Donald Trump

The actor who portrayed Lyndon Johnson and Walter White says he’s drawn to broken characters. But he’s got his limits.

How Joe Biden Beat Donald Trump

Biden’s campaign strategy put Democrats in agony. Here’s why it worked.

Trump’s New Civil Religion

The storming of the Capitol is a creation myth for a political movement.

Good Riddance, Leader McConnell

The judgment of history will be damning.

The Homicide Spike Is Real

The uptick will be New York City’s most difficult challenge this year.

‘The Ezra Klein Show’: A New Podcast by New York Times Opinion

Real conversations about ideas that matter. And so many book recommendations.

Join Charles Blow to discuss politics and Black power in the South

The Next Trump

There is no one quite like him in the Republican Party. So where should we look for the president’s inheritors?

Lincoln Knew in 1838 What 2021 Would Bring

Before Jefferson Davis there was John C. Calhoun. What rougher beasts do Trump, Hawley and Cruz prefigure?

Who’s Radical Now? The Case of Minimum Wages

Evidence has a well-known liberal bias.

The Fire Last Time

Timothy McVeigh’s 1995 attack in Oklahoma City spurred legislation that gutted death row inmates’ rights. In the wake of the siege of the Capitol, will we make a similar mistake?

A New Orleans Mardi Gras With a Different Sort of Mask

The bar scene so central to the city’s economy and allure is about to become the stage for an unusually muted and bittersweet celebration.

A Bitter Archaeological Feud Over an Ancient Vision of the Cosmos

The Nebra sky disk, which has been called the oldest known depiction of astronomical phenomena, is a “very emotional object.”

From ‘Alma’ to ‘Zuri,’ Parents Are Looking for Positive Baby Names

They’re searching the heavens, and through family history, for strong monikers in a pandemic.

Mets GM Jared Porter Fired Over Harassment of Female Reporter

Jared Porter reportedly sent dozens of unsolicited text messages — including one with a nude photo — to a reporter in 2016.

Georgia Certifies Senate Victories of Warnock and Ossoff

The certification by the secretary of state paves the way for Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock to be sworn in as senators.

N.Y.C. Transit Postpones 4% Fare Hike, Hoping for Federal Rescue

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is delaying the increase amid pressure from advocates and elected officials who say the change would hurt essential and low-wage workers.

Vegan Restaurant ONA Gets Michelin Star in France, a First

“We want to show you can eat differently,” said Claire Vallée, whose restaurant won the star. A growing number of chefs are eschewing France’s traditional, meat-focused cuisine.

Supreme Court Case Could Limit Future Lawsuits Against Fossil Fuel Industry

The court heard arguments on a technical legal question in a case that demands fossil fuel companies help pay for the costs of dealing with climate change.

For Diversity Leaders in the Arts, Getting Hired Is Just the First Step

Cultural institutions are recruiting people of color to direct their transformation efforts. But bringing in one manager doesn’t mean the work is done.

Struggling Local Governments May Get Help From the Private Sector

As their fiscal woes become worse, some government officials are looking more closely at public-private partnerships as a way to jump-start their economies.

Is Rivian the Next Tesla? Investors Bet Big on Electric Truck Maker

Rivian, which has raised another $2.65 billion, plans to sell a pickup truck and S.U.V. it has worked on for more than a decade.

A Child of China’s Gilded Elite Strikes a Nerve Over Wealth and Privilege

The youngest daughter of the founder of the telecommunications giant Huawei debuted a documentary, a magazine cover and a music video — and the response was savage.

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Pantry

So much of 2020 was about starting from staples, but Yotam Ottolenghi hopes we can keep those cooking lessons in the new year.

What Does a More Contagious Virus Mean for Schools?

The coronavirus variant discovered in Britain is more easily spread among children, as it is among adults. Current safeguards should protect schools, experts said, but only if strictly enforced.

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

While American balances are down over all, interest can still add up. If your stimulus check isn’t going to cover basics, consider reducing your debt.

How to Soundproof a Room

Stack rugs on the floor. Hang drapery or acoustic-foam tiles. Adjust your expectations.

How Theater Stepped Up to Meet the Trump Era

As artists saw liberties threatened and inequities exacerbated, the stage became more thrillingly urgent than it had been in decades.

India Celebrates as Cricket Team Humbles Australia on Its Own Turf

The sport is an unmatched national passion, and the turnaround victory was a welcome release at a time of Covid-19 and economic hardship.

Why Isn’t Kelp Catching On?

It’s a superfood and good for the environment. So, what’s the problem?

Is It OK That My Sister Secretly Records Our Dad for Laughs?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on whether to tell your father your sister is recording him without his knowledge — and more.

For Times Journalists, the Page One Press Plate Is Precious Metal

Carrying out this four-decade tradition at The Times has become more complicated because of the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s no less special.

Missing: One Black Hole With 10 Billion Solar Masses

One of the biggest galaxies in the universe seems to lack its dark centerpiece.

How a Dwarf Giraffe Discovery Surprised Scientists

Like someone put a giraffe’s head and neck on a horse’s body.

Baby Megalodons Were 6-Foot-Long Womb Cannibals, Study Suggests

The research appears to confirm that, even as newborns, the extinct sharks were very, very big.

Covid Deaths Lowered in Trial of Tocilizumab and Sarilumab

The big dip in mortality shown in the trial of about 800 patients has caught some experts by surprise because previous studies of the drugs showed little benefit.

Harry Brant Is Dead at 24

The socialite and style setter began making a name for himself as a teenager.

Women Will Support Kamala Harris by Wearing Pearls on Inauguration Day

Women across the country are pledging to wear pearls on Inauguration Day to support the country’s first female Vice President-elect.

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