Primordial web feed

In two days, it will have been ten months since I created this site! Wauw. To celebrate, here's the first real entry in my shiny new RSS feed. All written by hand and—

"Wait, how is this different than the changelog?"
I update the changelog every time I make an update to the site, no matter how minor, and those entries are typically as brief as possible. I don't think it's neccessary to broadcast all of those changes, so I won't. This feed will be less frequent, focus on major site updates, and feature more detailed commentary from me.

"Erm, why not just put this stuff in your blog?"
While I'd like my blog to cover a wide range of topics, what I really don't want to do is clog it up with site meta. I'm not particularly interested in building a website about building a website, y'know? Site news, plans, and the motivations behind them (sometimes! no guarantees) will stay confined to this feed, so the blog can be full of whatever else.

Unil now, only neocities users could opt in to recieving site updates from me, and while I love the community here and I'm really grateful for all of the feedback I've received so far, I'm also interested in connecting with people and sites outside of the neocities ecosystem. With an RSS feed, anyone with an RSS reader can get updates if they want to. If you're one such person, hello!

I'm proud of what I've put together these past ten months, and I'm planning to write up a restrospective of my first year of webmastery for the site's first birthday. Thanks for looking and reading and scrolling and clicking. Bye!

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