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@TheMGVoices Mike Garcia

3 weeks away... fucking hell, seems so far

@The_WolfofMMA The__Wolf

This is going down believe it or not. Don’t ever doubt @danawhite Not only is it going down but will be one of the most watched PPV of all time #UFC #249 @TeamKhabib @TonyFergusonXT @ufc

@GerFrancisBarbr Gerry Francis' Barber

Don't see why they should if he's not locked up for a long time

@coachnoble The Original Jabroni

Almost every MMA article I read has an error or two like this in it. @danawhite and I might have different reasons for thinking MMA media is terrible, but it doesn't make us wrong.pic.twitter.com/jeycN5w6CA

@AndrewJacobe Mr. Mischief

Who the fuck cares????

@OrielMelwani Oriel

Who cares about what Bryce has to say??

@BloodyElbow Bloody Elbow

Dana White: Boxing ‘is a mess’ and ‘I don’t know if it can be fixed’bloodyelbow.com/2020/3/28/2119

@kultavader615 Kultavader420

Democrat operatives in office push fake epidemic to crush Americans who support @realDonaldTrump and MAGA/KAG2020. All unnecessary. Fear mongering. 0.1% mortality rate is not a real threat. #DeepStateVirusHoax #WarOfTheWorlds2020

@BloodyElbow Bloody Elbow

Will UFC strip Jon Jones’ belt after arrest? Thiago Santos calls for title bout vs Dominick Reyesbloodyelbow.com/2020/3/28/2119

@BloodyElbow Bloody Elbow

‘I saw these homeless guys, I was being nice to them. Having a conversation with them, treating them like humans’ Watch Police body cam footage of Jon Jones’ sobriety test, DWI arrestbloodyelbow.com/2020/3/27/2119