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BMF belt.pic.twitter.com/VKZKu638aP

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"I gotta see what it feels like....to get my ass whopped....again." - Tyron Woodley 😂😂😂😂 Tyron needs to stay focused on the top 5 welterweights and stop worrying about Khabib

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UFC attempting to trademark terms ‘BMF’ and ‘Baddest Motherf—ker’bloodyelbow.com/2019/9/16/2086…

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I don't know. There's something about calling out someone who's smaller & lighter that's off-putting (unless he attempts an incredibly unhealthy weight cut). I don't get T-Wood. He's good behind the desk, but why is he so bad at all this other stuff outside the cage?

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He is also calling Conor out for years. He will probably call Nate or Jorge out later lol. He wants moneyfights.

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Fan in me wants a standup. Purist in me says it's on Uriah. So I'm 50/50.

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That’s your takeaway?

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There is nothing remotely attractive in this matchup. Brock Lesnar and PVZ the fake fighter makes better sense