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Parenting: The World's Greatest Children's Ministry

 Mark 10:13-15  Matt. 18:5-6  Children matter to Jesus.  God has a heart for children.  Children's Ministry matters.    The disciples probably thought they were doing a good thing by keeping the…

Developing Godly Marital Character

Prov. 31:10-31
What a woman!  What man would not want a wife like that?

in Summary, she is:
(1)  trustworthy
(2)  a manager of the household
(3)  industrious; hard working…

Fortify Your Marriage

 Marriage = designed by God as a gift

Now days, seen as outdated, unnecessary, restrictive.  But, NOT by God's standard.  

Was the first human institution.

Look at Paul's letter to…

What Makes a Godly Mom?

 Prov. 31:30 - a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. 
(side note:  if your mom is failing at some of these points, don't tease her.  Remember:  Matt…

Paul's Final Words to Ephesus Leaders

Intro:  Paul spent 3 yrs. @ Ephesus, leaves after a riot, travels  throughout the area (3rd missionary journey)
Decides NOT to return to Ephesus!  Goes instead to Miletus - 30…

Paul in Troas: The Comfort of the Resurrection

 Acts 20:1-6
Paul headed back to Jerusalem, is collecting offering for believers there. 
    (Ref:  1 Cor. 16:1-4, 2 Cor. 8:1-9:15, Rom. 15:25-28)
Representatives from churches accompanying Paul - 2 Cor…

What was God up to in Ephesus?

Great works happening in Ephesus:

1)  Apollos preached there - got his start
2)  Paul taught there in the synagogues
3)  Paul went back to Jerusalem, then to his home…

Paul at Ephesus

 Ephesus = port city, major commercial trade center, AND has temple of Artemis (4 time the size of the Parthenon in Athens) - one of the 7 wonders of the…

Ephesus, Apollos, and Knowing Jesus More

 Recap:  Paul has been in Corinth - city of great vice.  Had 1 1/2 years of encouragement, success, no beatings devoted himself to the ministry, and made new friends -…

Easter Sunday: The Resurrection - Why It Matters

 I.  Why is the resurrection so important? 

     A.  The Resurrection Confirms Jesus' message - If Jesus hadn't raised from the dead, He would have been a liar.  Matt. 17:22-23, Mark…

The Lord's Supper and You

 Origin of hte Lord's Suupper -- disciples gathered in Jerusalem to celebrae (commemorate) the Passover (Ex. 12)

They celebrate (commemorate)
(1)  their deliverance - from slavery in Egypt
(2)  their

How to Refresh a Weary Spirit

 Last time = Paul in Athens.  Very intellectual city - philosophers, elites.  Had Areopagus (council that set the morals for the society). 
Preached at the Synagogue, also in market place…

Paul's 2nd. Missionary Journey

Acts 13-14 = 1st. Missionary Journey - 1200 to 1500 miles, 1 - 2 years

 Now 2nd. Missionary Journey - Acts 12:36 - going back to check on churches established…

Apostle's Guide to Evangelism and Short Term Mission Trips

Acts 17:16-34 - How the lonely seedpicker educated the intellectuals

Paul was run off from Berea by the Thessalonians.  Silas and Timothy meeting him in Athens.

Athens = cultural center…

How to Hear From God: A Lesson From the Bereans

 Acts 17:10 - Background:  2nd. Missionary Journey, visiting churches established on first journey, new territory, Macedonian province, Greece, Europe.  Paul run out of Thessalonica.

Acts 17:11-15 - Jews were more

Know/Teach the Real Jesus

Recap:  Paul gets an apology from the authorities for the beating and imprisonment; encourages the believers there at Philippi, departs for Thessalonica.  Passed through other areas.  Why?  Thessalonica was the…

How Jesus Sets the Captives Free

Recap:  Paul and Silas = 2nd. Missionary journey to check in with churches previously established, to strengthen their faith, as well as expand the territory.    Were seeking to go other…

Prioritize Praise

 Psm. 148:1-13

Many things we listen to leave us empty, stressed, afraid.  Give no benefit at all. 
However, when force self to worship (ie:  singing praises to God) - am…

Acts 15 continued

Last week "Jerusalem Council" (addressed matter of Gentiles and the Law) - whether new Gentile believers needed to follow Jewish Law - mainly re. circumcision

Now ... Paul and Barnabas…

Dealing with Church Conflict

 After their return from 1st. missionary journey, Paul and Barnabas gave a report.  Conflicts arose.

Acts 15:1  Jews have the history, were God's chosen people.  Established the sacrifices, upheld the…

The Mixed Reviews of the Gospel

Example:  Question - "How was the morning sermon?"  Answer = "mixed reviews!"
No matter how well the gospel is presented ... will always get "Mixed Reviews!"

Paul and Barnabas…

The Realities of Ministry

Recap where we were before Christmas.

Church in Antioch is booming.  God set apart Barnabas and Paul for mission. 
Church fasts, prays, lays hands on them and sends them out…

New Beginnings in CHRIST

New Year's Eve Resolutions:  Stats

2023 - poll taken in 2022 - found 37% of Americans said they had a goal or resolution for 2023.

87% said they were VERY…

The King Is Born

 Luke 2:1-20 = the most popular christmaw passage n the Bible.  

This passage changed everything.   We count the years like we do because of this event.
AD - Anno Domini…

The Other Christmas Narrative

Are familiar with the Christmas story - Bible narratives in Matthew and Luke

So.... here's one less recognized!  Rev. 12:1-7

This is Apocalyptic Literature - very common in this time…

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