The 15 Best A/B Testing Tools That Are Guaranteed to Boost Your Conversion Rates

What is your website’s conversion rate? What about your paid ads, forms, and landing pages? No matter your conversion rate, there’s a good chance it could be better. That’s because user preferences change over time. People get burned out by seeing the same ads and images, and styles change. Even the platforms where users hang […]

How You Can Use Ubersuggest to Find Out What Your Competitors Are Doing and Beat Them

Did you know that 90 percent of Fortune 500 Companies use competitive intelligence to gain an advantage over their competition? Competitive intelligence is the ethical collection and analysis of your competitors’ information, best practices, and overall organization. The phrase “spying” tends to have a negative association but it’s really one of the best ways to […]

Customer Experience Analytics: Measure What Works and Make Improvements That Last

Do you want a simple way to refine your customer experience? Then look at your CX analytics. The data doesn’t lie. It tells you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Once you’re armed with your customer experience analytics, you gain the necessary information to offer prospects and buyers the best possible care. […]

Wix Review

Wix is an exceptional website builder, allowing you to create a highly functional and professional website with zero coding experience. Even web developers have access to numerous tools to enhance their site’s customization and functionality. In my opinion, Wix is the best website builder for general use, whether you are a photographer, musician, restaurateur, blogger, […]

Best Free Website Builders

Looking to create a professional website without buying a new service?  There are a few good free website builders out there. Yes, I’m talking about zero-cost tools that don’t require any coding or design knowledge to get started. These options are perfect for individuals and small businesses that need to establish a solid online reputation. […]

Best Content Management Systems

Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top pick? The best CMS for most people is Wix. The best content management systems (CMS) allow everyday users to build websites without having to learn programming languages. Without a CMS, you’d have to write web pages using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It […]

Best Free Web Hosting

Here’s some good news–you can get a website up and running without spending a dime. Yes. Free web hosting exists, and I’ll show you how to get it. You’ll be able to launch a website with a few clicks, but don’t expect anything fancy. Some of the trade-offs with free web hosting include: ads on […]

Website Design: The Complete Guide

Website design used to be very hard, but that is no longer true. Years ago, when I first started designing my websites, there weren’t a ton of resources. There were basically two options—learn the basics of website programming languages or hire a designer. The first choice is difficult and time-consuming. The latter is expensive.  After […]

Squarespace Vs. Wix

Wix takes the prize for simplifying the process of making a website. Its drag-and-drop interface, hundreds of apps, and flexible pricing options mean anybody can whip up a website without breaking a sweat.  Squarespace has a better selection of design templates, though its customization options require more technical confidence. Squarespace outperforms Wix’s blogging and ecommerce […]

Shopify Vs. Wix

As an ecommerce seller, you’ll find yourself making a lot of choices. Is the clothing niche more profitable than accessories? Which theme would be better: Wokiee or Porto? Is Shopify better than Wix, or is it the other way around? Of all the questions, choosing the best ecommerce platform remains the most crucial. Although Shopify […]

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