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Number of Characters allowed in a field

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Hello, In Maximo v 7.6, I was wondering if there is a max number of characters allowed in a field and is it customizable? #Administration #Customizations ------------------------------ Gursev Bajwa OCWA ------------------------------

Hyperlink to Submit a Service Request Work Center

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We are on Maximo We are implementing the "Submit a Service Request" Work Center. In the past we have sent out hyperlinks in communication templates to the technician working the ticket https:// :443/maximo/ui/maximo.jsp?event=loadapp&value=sr&uniqueid=:ticketuid but this obviously takes you to the Service Desk --> Service Request application Is it possible to link directly to self-service "Submit a Service Request" Work Center and open a specific Service Request? #MaximoUserGroups #WorkCenters [More]

Monitor Temperature & Humidity with ESP8266 and Maximo Monitor

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Maximo Monitor is an application in Maximo Application Suite (MAS) which provides a monitoring solution for real-time visibility, root-cause troubleshooting, anomaly detection, and AI-driven alerts at scale. With Maximo Monitor, users can visualize current and historical trend data for their assets and associated devices in customizable dashboards. In this use case we’ll see how we can monitor Temperature and Humidity data in a room using ESP8266 and Maximo Monitor. ESP8266 is a low-cost Wi-Fi [More]

RE: Automation Script

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You can write an attribute launch point script on the ASSET.TYPE field so that when the type = 'Facilities', it will check the linear checkbox automatically. if mbo.getString("TYPE")== "FACILITIES": mbo.setValue("LINEAR", True,2) ------------------------------ Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo Tata Consultancy Services ------------------------------

Automation Script

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Requirement:- in Asset > Type: FACILITIES i use this type So (Linear?) checkbox will be automatically checked. how can I do that using Automation Script? please suggest a good script. #Assets #Customizations #EverythingMaximo #Linear #MaximoApplicationSuite #MaximoUserGroups ------------------------------ Rio Tripathi BGV ------------------------------

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