Building Blocks To Healing Broken Trust

How many people tell you what they would do or how they would leave. Truth be told their is a way to heal from betrayal and this indepth look shows you how. Ready for a deep dive into affair recovery.

~7 Reasons Affairs Happen. That Have Nothing To Do With You..

Why did they do it....How could they...? Find out 7 reasons that have nothing to do with you.

“Spring Cleaning Your Marriage Just In Time For Summer Vacation”

Spring is upon us and the urge for fresh alive and growing experiences is all around us. Time to spring clean your marriage and give it a boost right before that summer vacation.

What’s The Fuss, It’s Just “Sex”!

Sex, can be many things, and can include or not include many actions, often people don't think they have had "sex' if cetain acts are left out of the sexual encounter.

Wanting To Want- Desire Differences In Couples

Please Tell Me How To Increase Desire,  “I want to want to”  help me with the challenges to talking about desire and preference.  Want to know what the desire thing is about. I want to want it I wish I desired it the way you do I feel nothing inside It’s just what happens after […]

The Great “We’re Too Old For That Kind of Stuff” HOAX

P.S. the fastest growing group of sexless relationships are actually in the young couple. We talk about SEX like we all know what the other one is talking about.  I have learned for my years as a Sex Therapist that I have NO IDEA what you mean when you say WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH SEX” […]

Just Let Go …… Or Deciding To BE Married Again?

    Deciding to be Married “AGAIN” or………….Just Go? I don’t know how many times you have tried to be nicer to your spouse, complain less, do more, have big talks, go on special weekends or even have the marriage summit. Some of us have done it all……….and we are in this place again. What […]

Google help me I am stuck in a sexless marriage, now what?

We all know sexless marriages exist and lots of folks will tell you why but read here to begin learning the questions you must ask yourself before you talk to your partner even one more time about your sexless marriage.

Check Yourself Before Your Wreck Yourself. 9 Bad Relationship Habits you might be guilty of and you don’t even know it.

Just because you are the one who can communicate doesn't always mean you are doing your best in a relationship.  Take a cold hard look at these relationship "bad habits".  Even if your partner doesn't call you out on things because they are a non-talker, it doesn't mean you are not harming your relationship.  Be Brave.  Just because you are…

Valentine’s Day’s Dirty Little Secret… HAS YOUR CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR’s Resolution TURNED INTO….

Same old same old, blah blah blah, here we go again. The problem with Valentine’s Day is it comes at just the wrong time. What I mean is if it could come about two weeks after our New Year’s Resolution we might’ve been excited and celebrating how we had started to change. Maybe we’d even […]