There’s Even More To Tell…I Wish Someone Had Told Me.. Quick Desire and Intimacy Facts Part II

Who knew and no one tells you. Things you need to find out yourself....topics include how to talk about the sex you are having, missing your partner after the kids are born and pressure about orgasms.....

I Wish Someone Had Told Me Quick Desire and Intimacy Facts

It's not because you have been married a long time or that you are aging. Just like computers we have to upgrade our intimacy knowledge right along with our phones. Fading Desire, Kids, and Big Turn offs are the things you need to know how to handle in this Quick Intimacy Tips Blog

Want to hear more couple journeys?

Do you want to hear more couple stories? Like Brad and Jennifer?

How To Fall In Love Again – While Being Brokenhearted

Recovering from an affair takes more than promising to do better and go on from here. Popular advice and couples articles just don't lead you through the tough spaces. Like my other clients who have found the true way and resurrected their love, on this call, I will walk you through your number one thing that is killing your relationship…

When Should We??….After…Affair Recovery ~ Rekindling Desires

Here’s The Deal. I am sure you would agree with me…..Couples recovering from affair and its aftermath have experienced a huge effect on their sexual intimacy together. But surprising enough it’s really common that the sex a couple has after the affair can actually be the most intense sex they have had in a very […]

Before I Can Let Him In…….. I have to Let Another Go. Successful Repair for Affair

Before I Can Let Him In…. I Have To Let Something Go…..To The Road Forward As Jennifer’s thoughts strayed more and more into finding an apartment, she thought “what if it would be better with the other”. Even talking to a lawyer, she was sick to her stomach, and generally heartsick. Hoping that Brad and […]

How the “I Do’s” can turn to “I Don’t Have To Anymore”

So often we drift apart and become unvulnerable for the unthinkable. How did Jennifer become vulnerable for an affair, how could she have known, what woud she have done differently if she could.

Why Should You Stay – Pains of An Affair Afflicted Heart

Here’s The Deal How Would They Ever Heal the Intimate Wounds? Brad was so angry at Jennifer when he found out about her cheating.  He was sick to his stomach and every time he looked at her he felt the pain of her betrayal. He thought they would always be there for each other and […]

3 Reasons (Solving) Your Problems May Not Be Enough For Good Relationship Communication.

We Just Need To “SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS” AND THEN WE WILL BE FINE!! Alright, sit down, take a breath, YOU ARE NOT GONNA LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. You just need to solve your problems, well, research says there are a significant percent of problems in a relationship that are not ……….solvable.   WHAT?? So […]

How To Put The Spark 🔥 Back In MY Relationship – 3 (Key) Tricks

Do You Ever Wish you could just flip a switch and feel all the excitement and love from when you first met? In this post I am going to show you what the   key tricks are for sparking the love part of you and your partners’ brain.  No really, we like to think it is […]