What To Do If My Partner Won’t Respond Right?

IT’S JUST A SLIP OF THE TONGUE:  When to share and when to Hang on! Trying to get your partner to see how you are right or your best intentions with just one more comment……….is probably a wasted SLIP OF THE TONGUE. It’s probably not as useful as knowing when to share and when to […]

Talking About SEX? Disconnected or NOT! It’s Personal.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bridge the divide to learn what’s real and useful together. Wouldn’t it be great to get back on the same team and work together on making you intimate lives important again Regular couples actually seldom talk about the sex that they do. Some researchers say that typically only 9% of couples discuss the…

What Does Sex Mean To Your Partner?

Here’s the Deal What Does Sex Mean To Your Partner? It is important not to assume what sex means for your partner and don’t let them tell you what it means for you. If you are the high desire partner, it is not bad to care about sex.  If you are the lower desire partner, […]

Why Do You Have To Be So Picky About Sex?

Brakes and Gas, you and me. As much as we want to believe that “sex is natural” and it’s “supposed to just happen”, that isn’t actually the experience of most sexually healthy adults. We do in fact have to prioritize our sexual lives together, develop a language to discuss it and - well - be pretty courageous to take risks…

Secret No More! Have You Hit SEXUAL GRIDLOCK?

The problem is not that we have desire discrepancy or even sexual gridlock.  The problem arises when we don't know how to handle this in our relationship in a serious, calm and powerful way. Many of us get caught in a trap of arguing about sex rather than talking about our desire differences and making choices that address them.

Why Can’t “IT” Just Be Like “It” Used To Be?

It was fun to find out our similarities, seek to be close, enjoy the attraction, and falling in love...but wanting and longing to go back to how it used to be can be a trap. You might agree that saying we can never be new to our partner makes some people sad and others protest. No one wants to feel…

There’s Even More To Tell…I Wish Someone Had Told Me.. Quick Desire and Intimacy Facts Part II

Who knew and no one tells you. Things you need to find out yourself....topics include how to talk about the sex you are having, missing your partner after the kids are born and pressure about orgasms.....

I Wish Someone Had Told Me Quick Desire and Intimacy Facts

It's not because you have been married a long time or that you are aging. Just like computers we have to upgrade our intimacy knowledge right along with our phones. Fading Desire, Kids, and Big Turn offs are the things you need to know how to handle in this Quick Intimacy Tips Blog

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How To Fall In Love Again – While Being Brokenhearted

Recovering from an affair takes more than promising to do better and go on from here. Popular advice and couples articles just don't lead you through the tough spaces. Like my other clients who have found the true way and resurrected their love, on this call, I will walk you through your number one thing that is killing your relationship…