Before I Can Let Him In…….. I have to Let Another Go. Successful Repair for Affair

Before I Can Let Him In…. I Have To Let Something Go…..To The Road Forward As Jennifer’s thoughts strayed more and more into finding an apartment, she thought “what if it would be better with the other”. Even talking to a lawyer, she was sick to her stomach, and generally heartsick. Hoping that Brad and […]

How the “I Do’s” can turn to “I Don’t Have To Anymore”

So often we drift apart and become unvulnerable for the unthinkable. How did Jennifer become vulnerable for an affair, how could she have known, what woud she have done differently if she could.

Why Should You Stay – Pains of An Affair Afflicted Heart

Here’s The Deal How Would They Ever Heal the Intimate Wounds? Brad was so angry at Jennifer when he found out about her cheating.  He was sick to his stomach and every time he looked at her he felt the pain of her betrayal. He thought they would always be there for each other and […]

3 Reasons (Solving) Your Problems May Not Be Enough For Good Relationship Communication.

We Just Need To “SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS” AND THEN WE WILL BE FINE!! Alright, sit down, take a breath, YOU ARE NOT GONNA LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. You just need to solve your problems, well, research says there are a significant percent of problems in a relationship that are not ……….solvable.   WHAT?? So […]

How To Put The Spark 🔥 Back In MY Relationship – 3 (Key) Tricks

Do You Ever Wish you could just flip a switch and feel all the excitement and love from when you first met? In this post I am going to show you what the   key tricks are for sparking the love part of you and your partners’ brain.  No really, we like to think it is […]

– 3 Key Things That Are Getting In The Way of You Rekindling Your Romance.

We just need to try harder to rekindle our relationship is the wrong approach. Read this for 3 key tactics you must tackle first so you can get your spark back.

Building Blocks To Healing Broken Trust [heart]!

How many people tell you what they would do or how they would leave. Truth be told their is a way to heal from betrayal and this indepth look shows you how. Ready for a deep dive into affair recovery.

~7 Reasons Affairs Happen. That Have Nothing To Do With.. {You..}

Why did they do it....How could they...? Find out 7 reasons that have nothing to do with you.

“Spring Cleaning Your Marriage Just In Time For Summer Vacation”

Spring is upon us and the urge for fresh alive and growing experiences is all around us. Time to spring clean your marriage and give it a boost right before that summer vacation.

What’s The Fuss, It’s Just “Sex”!

Sex, can be many things, and can include or not include many actions, often people don't think they have had "sex' if cetain acts are left out of the sexual encounter.