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Quandela secures €50M Series B funding and delivers first quantum ... - Tech.eu

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Kennesaw State playing role in making super-fast quantum ... - Kennesaw State University

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Quantum computing next (very) cold war? US House reps want to blow billions to outrun China - The Register

Peering Inside a Quantum Computer Creates New Phases of ... - College of Natural Sciences

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Migrating to post-quantum cryptography - NCSC.GOV.UK - National Cyber Security Centre

IBM to provide Quantum Computing Access to UK academics ... - DatacenterDynamics

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GENCI/CEA, FZJ, and PASQAL Announce Significant Milestone in ... - HPCwire

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Chicago Quantum Exchange to convene global leaders for sixth ... - UChicago News

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Prime Minister's Prizes for Science celebrate quantum computing ... - Minister for Industry, Science

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