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Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway Could Be Among Top Payers of New Minimum Tax

Researchers analyzed securities filings to determine what companies would have paid if the tax had been in place last year and found just six would have paid half of the estimated $32 billion the levy would have generated.

Toyota Softens Toward Critics of Its EV Push

The auto maker is seeking meetings with investors and environmental groups that have questioned its commitment to greener cars.

California's EV Plan Hinges on More Power---and Help From Drivers

Flexibility among electric-vehicle owners in how and when they charge their cars is seen as key in avoiding stress on the electrical grid.

Covid-19 Has Changed Funeral Business Forever

Revenue boomed and funeral homes expanded as many morticians also buried friends and colleagues.

The U.S. Is Running Short of Land for Housing

Land-use restrictions and lack of infrastructure have made it harder for developers to find sites to build homes; “almost across the board, you’re fighting for land.”

Central Banks May Stoke Risks by Raising Rates Together

The most widespread rate increases on record have some economists worrying a lack of coordination may result in unnecessary economic harm.

Economy Week Ahead: Housing Market and Consumer Spending in Focus

Figures will gauge home sales in the U.S. amid rising mortgage rates, along with household spending and income.

In Brexit's Wake, U.K. Still Lacks Trade Deal With U.S.

A trade agreement between London and Washington was supposed to be the jewel in a post-Brexit crown.

Gucci, Burberry Join Booming Secondhand Luxury Trade

A Gucci handbag for $250 instead of $2,000? The increasingly popular used-goods market is splitting the industry.

She Tried to Block Eating-Disorder Content on TikTok. It Still Pops Up Daily.

Despite TikTok’s efforts, the algorithm can’t filter it all. And some people find workarounds to access the videos, using Google searches, misspelled hashtags and more.

Short Sellers Upended a Small Farm Real-Estate Company. This Is What It Looked Like.

Farmland Partners’ shares plummeted after a report said the company was in trouble. Prosecutors and regulators have been examining what happened.

Climate Change Forces the French to Alter the Way They Make Wine

Growers are changing grape varieties and reshaping the landscape to protect some of the world’s most valuable vineyards from warmer temperatures.

Ford's Latest Supply-Chain Problem: a Shortage of Blue Oval Badges

The car company has run into supply constraints with the brand-name badges and the nameplates that specify the model, important identifiers for the auto maker’s products.

Netflix Reduces Payments for Some Comedy Specials

The streaming giant is paying around $200,000 to license some specials for two years, instead of writing a bigger check to buy them outright.

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