A GIMMICK for all members of IDEA AUSTRIA

IDEA Austria likes their members. We have seen so many of you participating in the 23rd Online Conference in March 2021. We want to get in contact to you – starting with the new season in September 2021. Keep it up! What we have created – especcially for you! … a calendar for all IDEA ....  Read More


TOGETHER WE GO ON IDEA International – Online Theatre Festival Theatre educators from all over the world are creating work and are looking for new ways to make performances. During this 36 houres online festival IDEA creates and open en inclusive space where members can share their work/practises/research with the world. This is a festival ....  Read More

CAll for proposals ONLINE – Online-Festival postponed!

Call for Proposals Online World IDEA Festival The Co-directors of Projects and Concepts are organising an Online World Festival. The date which was decided has to be postponed! To be as inclusive as possible we are going to program 36 hours non-stop. No time zones, no-one excluded. It will be an 36 hours online Festival. ....  Read More