Thought for Today

Love Letters

Every day, priests minutely examine the Lawand endlessly chant complicated sutras.Before doing that, though, they should learnhow to read the love letters sent by the wind and rain, the snow and moon. ~Ikkyu (1394-1481, Japanese Zen Buddhist monk)

Just Rest

Just sit there right now. Don’t do a thing. Just rest. For your separation from God is the hardest work in this world. ~Hafiz (1315-1390, Sufi Mystic and Poet)

Helping Others

When we help someone, our heart expands. It reaches out to embrace another as a member of the one human family. This act alone opens up our soul. As our love for others flows out, God’s love for us can pour in. As this exchange takes place, our soul currents begin to rise up to … Continue reading Helping Others

Ode To Coffee

As a seed does not reveal the shape of the tree the innocence of the infant face does not reveal the sage or the sorcerer to come. The white beauty of a blossom with the fragrance to rival the majestic jasmine does not reveal the enslaving incense concoction of your beans. Half the world has … Continue reading Ode To Coffee


No matter how despairing or cut off we can feel at any given time, we are not actually severed from the essential flow of life or from one another. If we get quiet for a while and pay careful attention, this is what we realize. ~Sharon Salzberg (1952 to pres., Mindfulness and Buddhist teacher, Co-founded … Continue reading Connection

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