Thought for Today


Narcissism is the most shame-based of all the personality disorders. Narcissism is not about self love at all. It’s about grandiosity driven by high performance and self-hatred. I define narcissism as the shame-based fear of being ordinary. ~Brene Brown (1965 to pres., Research Psychologist)


In some sense, the act of mindfulness meditation itself could be understood as a practice of dying— to each moment. If you get good at it, your last moment will be easier.  ~Wes Nisker (1942 to pres., author, radio commentator, comedian, Buddhist meditation teacher)


With its deep taproot The dandelion stays calm As its head explodes. ~Nancy Winkler

Still The Mind

The key is to still the mind. If we do not still the mind, we will not be able to recognize ourselves spiritually. So, all these virtues are here to help still the mind. Once our body and mind are stilled, we can connect with the divinity within. This is why the mind, which is … Continue reading Still The Mind

What’s True

There’s an evanescent quality to this life. It keeps on changing. I think if we really knew it, we wouldn’t spend a moment angry. The more I go on, the more I think that the development of poise is the heart of practice: whatever is happening, that’s okay; this thought came up, that’s okay; this … Continue reading What’s True

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