Thought for Today


Mystics have plumbed the depths of both suffering and love, and emerged with depths of compassion for the world, and a learned capacity to recognize God within themselves, in others, and in all things. ~Richard Rohr (1943 to pres., Spiritual writer, and Franciscan priest)

Love is a Fire

Love is a fire of transformation that constantly needs wood to keep the fire alive. Throw yourself into the spiritual fire of divine love and everything you grasp for yourself will be destroyed until there is nothing left but the pure truth of yourself. ~Ilia Delio (Franciscan sister, theologian, author, and university professor)


Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. ~Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918, French poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist and art critic)

Mind’s True Nature

Your mind’s true nature is unobstructed, free of all karma, primordially pure, and beyond space or time. Yet performing actions and seeking objects for happiness or seeking externally in order to escape the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound, sentient beings sink further into bondage. ~Bodhidharma (circa … Continue reading Mind’s True Nature


When I surrender to beauty, I’m letting go of the ways in which I’m protecting and guarding myself. I’m allowing myself to expand, and I’m letting go of the sense of who I think I am, and then beginning to experience and touch into the actual expression of spaciousness.  ~Lama Rod Owens (Buddhist teacher, activist, … Continue reading Beauty

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