Episode 33 - Lucky 33 - What's going on with Boeing?

The Colliercast boys dive into the mysterious death of a whistle blower at Boeing the aircraft manufacturer, an another former employee speaking out on quality control, and as to what it really means with all of a sudden recent airplane anomalies?


Miami Mall Alien Encounter - Episode 32

Happy New Years!

What way to bang out the new year with some Alien encounters!

Colliercast boys discuss the recent Miami Mall Alien sighting and whether the narrative is just four teens getting into a brawl, a couple of kids messing around with fireworks or a alien encounter?



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Swatting - Episode 31

The Colliercast boys briefly discuss the rise in swatting nationwide. Specifically, looking into the swatting case of Rick Scott's home the former Governor of Florida and whether or not if there's a secret organization training and recruiting kids for certain purposes.

Come take a detour with us on this episode of Colliercast!


Episode 30

Come join us on this brand new segment of Colliercast; Smoke break.

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Episode 29

A famous rainbow headed character gets arrested in Florida, MrBeast Youtube influencer sues Virtual Dining Concepts, and recreational marijuana may be coming to Florida; This and more is all discussed on the latest episode 29 of the Colliercast Podcast.

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Episode 28

Colliercast boys rambling and discussing about things, different things, all kinds of things. Check it out!


Technology is getting sophisticated and more so is Artificial Intelligence. The colliercast boys dive into one of OpenAI's programs called ChatGPT and ask it many questions along with discussing about other interesting A.I. things.

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Colliercast: Cartalk episode 1

Trying out a new portion of the colliercast podcast. Enjoy the test run and future podcast episodes of colliercast: car talk!







John of God was once hyped by Oprah. Now he's accused of abusing hundreds of women.

Trump's Coat of Arms

Video: Donald Trump is a 33 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

Fred Drumpf

Radium Girls Article:

Radium Girls Movie Trailer:






Actor Politicians? - Episode 23, a discussion episode about the arising tensions with Russia and Ukraine and w/history being written only by the winners. Listen in!

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2022 the year of the Tiger. 

This episode briefly touches up the relations with gematria, tigers, the superbowl, and the slaying of Eko the Naples Malayisan Tiger.




Local articles:

-----Updated News-----(1/19/2022 7:00pm)--------

-Still unknown of the exact events leading up to the incident. 



3..2..1.. action!

Movies, are the theme of this podcast discussion episode. They seem to have a lot to tell us about where we're heading as we mentioned in previous episodes that the CIA has there hands in practically everything. 

Join us as we briefly touch up on each movie and give our own opinions and thoughts. 




With history being told and re-written to only mask and cover what really lies beneath. Thankful episode 19 unveils the CIA mass cover ups of a continent in the region of what is Russia today. Diving into the hollow earth theory, project blue beam, MK ultra, UFO's, along with recent news events. -lets listen!




Technology is evolving rapidly everyday and frankly faster than we can bust out another episode.

NFTs are an emerging segment on this podcast episode as our world progressively heads towards this new digital era.

From trading cards to trading digital tokens. Come join us on this episode of various topics!

Here are a few source links discussed in our podcast:



Oh, You know. One of those: random discussion episodes where we go onto discuss various topics and no set-topic. We wanted to get out another podcast episode while we still can! -We still hope to have a set release schedule but life's unpredictable. Find more content on

Episode 17; we discuss things on the new form 'segregation' in today's age, the controversy of lil nas x and his collaboration with the "satan shoes". Strange things are happening in collier county; disappearing people, mystery findings and rituals. A brief dive into the music genre of rap with artists such as DMX, Young Thug, and Rich Homie Quan, and the push for the new normal of "normalization of pedophilia" and the "normalization of satan". Oh, and the moon has some sort of dick shadow?




Checkout for more content.

Operation Dark Winter ::



On this journey through the podcast universe Bryan and Justin peel just the first layer to what could be a society ruled by Saturn til today and how the holiday; Saturnalia  relates to Christmas and if Santa Claus is really just Kronos; devouring of souls. Let us find out on this adventure through Space!




Remembering 9/11/01 and the events that took place that day; below are a few link sources for this episode.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth:

The Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile from the US Military:

Thermite debate:

9/11 Timeline:


The Great Thermate debate:







We return with a hot episode, we talk about ancient underground tunnels, deep underground military bases, and how it all ties into the hollow earth. Hope you enjoy and check out the pictures on

LINKS(no order):




Today we talk about the CIA involvement in films and music as well as a few other rabbit holes. 

Links and Sources:


CIA Film Documents:

CIA Myths:

Hollywood Leaks:

Joe Biden ties to CIA/Iran:

Doctors speak out about COVID 19:



This episode we talk about the racial tension in America and some events that caused this divide.

Michael Brown/ Ferguson links:

OJ links:

Rodney King:

Trayvon Martin Links:



Today we go deep on Walt Disney and his origins. From his army days to how he became a super successful and connected entrepreneur. Sources worth checking out:



Today we dive deep in MK Ultra. We talk about the beginning and if its still going on today. These are a few sites we used for info. Most info was found just using a private search engine like DuckDuck Go.



We go deep on ancient civilizations and history and talk about underwater structures and how timelines may not be what we were told. Enjoy and please support. 



This is the 6th installment of the colliercast podcast. Justin and Bryan go in on Ghislaine Maxwell arrest, wayfair allegedly involved in sex trafficking, and much more. Follow us on this journey and don't be afraid to subscribe.



Justin and Bryan ramble on about Greenland, nasa, the knights templar, and more in this wild ride of an episode.



You know one of those episodes we weren't prepared for so enjoy! Two bros at it again from Collier county jabbering on of things of things.



Local bros back at it with the podcast.





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