Update: Operation Scripta Scelera

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Italy: Operation Scripta Scelera – immediate trial sought for Gaia, Gino, Luigi and Paolo. The trial will begin on Jan. 9

In recent weeks, the four comrades under restrictive house arrest since Aug. 8 for Operation Scripta Scelera were notified of the decree setting the immediate trial and consequently the start of the trial at the Massa court, before the monocratic judge, next Jan. 9, 2024. A total of ten anarchists are involved in the investigation: in addition to the four under house arrest, there are five comrades under the obligation to stay overnight (one among them currently also under the obligation to sign) and one comrade under investigation at large. For all of them, Federico Manotti, prosecutor of the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office, had requested arrest in prison for subversive association for the purpose of terrorism, incitement to commit a crime with the aggravating factor of the purpose of terrorism, clandestine printing, as well as only for some also offending the honor and prestige of the president of the republic — offenses allegedly consumed with the editing and distribution of the internationalist anarchist fortnightly “Bezmotivny.” The request for immediate trial concerns only the charges of aggravated incitement to commit a crime and insulting the honor and prestige of the president of the republic.

Recall that the immediate trial is a special procedure characterized by the absence of the preliminary hearing: in fact, it goes from the preliminary investigation to the trial hearing. This procedure is actionable only in the event that the prosecutor and the investigating judge, who must validate the request, believe they have overwhelming evidence of the suspect’s guilt and that he or she is in a state of detention (in prison or under house arrest).

In the recent past, the Rome prosecutor’s office had the tracotence to proceed with this formula in the context of Operation Bialystok, but this did not bring great luck to the inquisitors. Lately, the trial of comrade Marco Marino, known as Zac, has also been taking place under immediate trial.

However, this is the first time, as far as we can remember, that in the context of an anti-anarchist investigation the immediate trial is being triggered for only part of the suspects, breaking the investigation into several strands. This is an obvious attempt to sap solidarity and, above all, to quickly dismiss a part of the proceedings with a precedent that can be used in the future to plug the anarchist press.

Overall, the operation seems rather bungled. The hearing for the immediate trial has been set while the cassation hearing on precautionary measures (which will also concern the associative charge) has not yet taken place, with an unusual destination (the monocratic judge of a peripheral court) that could be declared incompatible during the course of the trial. On the other hand, some of those indicted for editing the anarchist fortnightly will presumably be tried only later, as they will not be able to intervene at the time when issues that undoubtedly concern them (above all, the theoretical profile of the newspaper) will be discussed, ending up on trial with a previous sentence already handed down on the subject. Therefore, on this occasion too, the Genoa Investigative Judge chose to align himself with the prosecutor’s demands.

The story of “Bezmotivny” is a story of solidarity, of internationalism, of class struggle. The story of a newspaper that has never shied away from supporting imprisoned anarchists around the world and publishing claims. It spent itself in the solidarity movement with Alfredo Cospito, who, moreover, ended up in 41 bis regime also following a proceeding for incitement to commit crimes with the aggravating factor of the purpose of terrorism, the Sibilla operation (mainly inherent to “Vetriolo“). Three comrades investigated in Scripta Scelera were also involved in Sibilla, and the Genoese prosecutor’s operation partially unfolded along the lines of the previous proceeding, so Scripta Scelera is aimed at consolidating as a repressive practice the precautionary measures with reference to the charges of aggravated incitement to commit crimes concerning revolutionary publications.

“Bezmotivny” has taken an uncompromising internationalist position against the war in Ukraine: against every state, starting with our own, for revolutionary defeatism, for the defeat of NATO. This repressive operation is an expression of the war policies of the Italian state.

That history is also our history. The technical acrobatics of an author-seeking magistrate will not be enough to make a course like this be judged and dismissed out of hand.


Solidarity presence: Tuesday, January 9, 2024, at 8:00 a.m., in front of the Massa courthouse, De Gasperi Square.

PDF: Operazione Scripta Scelera: chiesto il giudizio immediato per Gaia, Gino, Luigi e Paolo. Il processo inizierà il 9 gennaio

Source: La Nemesi


Claim for failed incendiary/explosive attack on RED bus

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Santiago, $hile: Claiming responsibility for failed incendiary/explosive attack on RED bus – Black November.

“We have inherited many great ideas about how to confront domination, we know that nothing is set in stone. From the bones and broken tools of our predecessors we make our weapons. Nothing is guaranteed to work, but we attack regardless” (Müller).

Throughout history we have witnessed how techno-industrial progress has reinforced social control, securing every gear for its perverse reproduction. Capital and the state speak no other language than that of property, commodity, production and profit, and is willing to devastate everything in its path if it implies the perpetuation of its power through citizen-civilized servitude. The interconnection of the metropolis is possible, in part, thanks to the means of transportation throughout the cities. These means, more than a “service”, are the main tools for the transportation of goods within the cities. Yes, when we speak of merchandise we are also referring to humans, since in the empire of the market, all existence is reduced to the quantification of capital.

Without magic recipes or manuals written in stone, we experienced anarchy to the rhythm of the frontal and direct attack against the domain. On this occasion, we deposited an incendiary/explosive device inside a RED bus, which failed to detonate and was found inside a bus terminal. We were not discouraged by the outcome. We analyzed the technical errors, studied the causes and continued on the path of attack, seeking to be more and more dangerous and imperceptible. We know that anarchic warfare is not reduced to relations of material force against the enemy, much less to technical operation capabilities. For this reason, we decided to proudly claim this action, since we think that reducing anti-systemic actions to the result (successful or not) of these, is typical of an exitist paradigm that would only lead us, inevitably, to a militaristic understanding of anti-systemic praxis. Our methods and practices are deployed from informality and individual freedom, this as an antibody against any authoritarian attempt to direct our destructive power; be it “leader”, ” manager”, “collective” or any name that assumes dominance in our relationships.

This action is framed within what is another Black November in memory of comrade Kevin Garrido, murdered on November 2, 2018 in the prison-company Santiago 1. The indomitable and chaotic spirit of the comrade is present in this insurgent attempt against the civilizing domestication that imprisons all of us who cannot stand this horrible and caged world.

A fraternal and complicit embrace to our affinities and comrades. To those who for their audacity and insolence expect to be locked up with exemplary sentences and who have not been victimized or bowed down after their conscious and consistent actions. Francisco Solar, Mónica Caballero, Juan Flores and all the prisoners at war throughout the world to the streets!





Conspiración por la Iconoclastía Salvaje – Célula Kevin Garrido. [Conspiracy for the Savage Iconoclast – Kevin Garrido Cell]

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Source: Informativo Anarquista


TOTW: Delusional thoughts

flying human

I’ll admit I have a flair for the dramatic. If permitted to see the inner workings of my mind, you’d catch me, one day, strolling on my private astral plane of individuality, unimpeded by the herd, empowered and enthused by notions of my own autonomy, negation, and other five dollar words. On certain other days, you couldn’t convince me I’m more than a mere product of my environment, a manufactured post-human created to serve myths and markets that run just fine without me. I believe both of these sentiments to be entirely true and entirely false facts of my life that, once tilted heavily enough toward an extreme, border on what I’d call delusional thinking. I don’t mind delusions, to be clear. In fact they’re like sweets to me. I indulge in them but grow nauseous from ingesting too many. Also like sweets, I’m often not in the mood for them and the thought of that delicious treat I enjoyed so recently makes me shudder and swear them off entirely (only to return again). I don’t wish to seek out a proper “balance” or advocate for a healthy “diet” of delusions, only to share that certain seductions wax and wane in rhythms that escape my understanding.

Now, in case you haven’t noticed, anarchists also have a flair for the dramatic. Just check the articles and comments on this site to see for yourself. Birds of a feather flock together, I suppose. They also squawk at one another and eat their young.

Even the anarchists I prefer, like my favorite gay nurse of the Civil War, contain multitudes. They bomb banks and burn down 5G towers. Their writing exudes a wonderful solipsism and enthusiasm that’s contagious. Some have no qualms with lengthy prison stints in ways I’ll never understand. Others think stealing meat from supermarkets will shut down slaughter houses.

If I’m feeling generous, I can feed on this buzzing excitement. If I’m not, I can feel quite alone, skeptical, and defeated. Excessiveness demands a lot. Sometimes I beg for a break from delusions and wish to return to some kind of relative normalcy. “Give me the blue pill,” I think if only for a passing moment. Perhaps this makes me a part-time anarchist.

Anarchy, as a concept and lived way of being, is alluring to some because of its delusion. The reminder that impossibility is possible, that moments of self-destruction and creation can displace limits imposed on us by the State, one another, and ultimately ourselves can appear as a freedom as well as a crushing burden. What's the difference, anyway? “It’s what you make of it,” as the saying goes.

How do you indulge in your delusions for anarchy? Do you fly close to the sun without regard for your melting wings? Or look up only at the moon from the ground? Perhaps your feet have never left the dirt. When do delusions serve to empower you and when do they only serve to twist your stomach in knots? Do you regularly flip-flop like I do, or ride a more neutral wave of rebellion?

Leave your dramatic take below!


In Berlin will start a first presentation about Ilya Shakursky

In Berlin will start a first presentation about Ilya Shakursky

From avtonom dot org

Tomorrow, December 2 at 17.00 in Berlin (Kadterschmiede, RIGAER STRASSE 94) a first presentation about Ilya Shakursky. Ilya is a Russian political prisoner, participant of the , anarchist, anti-fascist and eco-activist. On February 10, 2020, he was sentenced to 16 years in a maximum security facility and also to a fine of 50,000 rubles. The investigation believes that he was the organizer of the “Network terrorist cell”. Ilya pleaded not guilty in court.

At event will be Kufa and donation box. All money for food and donations we will send to Ilya's family.

More info: , ,


Anarchy Radio 11 28 2023

From John Zerzan Anarchy Radio

Kathan co-hosts. Ways news media keep us in the dark. Over 600 mass shootings so far this year. Ozone hole, eco-anxiety grow. Women in prehistory better hunters than the men. No "off" switch for AI. "Digital dementia.""Life Really Is Better Without the Internet."Anti- transphobia action in Portland."Slow Burn: Civility and the White Community."


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