Report: Amazon Collects Voice Data from Smart Speakers and “shares it with as many as 41 advertising partners”

amazonAmazon smart speaker users are thoroughly being surveilled.

‘We Will Come for Your Family’: Child Victim Threatened by Cops for Reporting the Mayor Raped Him

victimWhen a child rape victim told police a politician had raped him, police not only refused to help but threatened him and his family if he pressed the issue.

Here’s What You WON’T Hear from Corporate Media About the Monkeypox Outbreak

monkeypoxHow convenient is it that the same people who destroyed the world economy, decimated our freedom, and made half the world go insane, suddenly have monkeypox.

WHO Pandemic Treaty: A New Push for Vaccine Passports, Global Surveillance and More Police State

healthThe unelected international health agency is on the verge of being granted sweeping new powers.

DOT Increasing Supply Chain Shortage by Pulling Over 10,000 Truckers for LEGAL Cannabis Use

cannabisThe federal government is driving a massive increase in the trucker shortage problem and they're using legal cannabis to do it.

WATCH: Deputies Set Themselves on Fire, Cook Motorcyclist Alive After Tasering Him While Pumping Gas

fireA cop recklessly deployed his taser at a man pumping gas, causing a massive explosion that cooked the man alive and set two deputies on fire.

Cops Forced to Return Over $1 Million for Organizing Armored Car Heists, Robbing Innocent People

robberyThe U.S. Department of Justice agreed to return over $1 million to an armored car company after police robbed them using civil asset forfeiture.

Scientists Expose “Laughable” CDC Misinformation Video Currently Up On Their Website

cdcWith experts like these in the CDC, it's no wonder the last two years have resembled something between a cross of Idiocracy and 1984.

7 Innocent Bystanders, Including Children, Killed in One City in Only 2 Weeks as Cops Chase Suspects

chase"I think the police should be charged also"

College Student Expelled for Refusing Covid Booster, Despite Being Severely Injured by First Dose

vaccineDespite Pfizer confirming that her injuries were likely caused by their vaccine, the college refused to grant an exemption for the booster.

D.O.D Issued a Contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 Months Before COVID-19 Officially Existed

covidWhy was the DoD paying an infrastructure company in Kansas millions of dollars to carry out Biological Threat Reduction Program in Ukraine for Covid-19, before Covid-19 even existed?

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act Will Do Nothing to Stop Terrorism and Everything to Grow the Police State

domestic terrorIn the name of fighting white supremacy domestic terrorism, the US government is about to gain even more rights-violating power.

‘They Shot Him for No Reason’: Chicago Cops Shoot Unarmed 13yo Boy With His Hands Up

chicagoA 13-year-old boy had his hands up and was unarmed when a Chicago police officer put a bullet in his chest.

Dozens of Governments Commit to Signing WHO Pandemic Treaty for Global Health Governance

healthMultiple governments have committed to signing the WHO global pandemic treaty, which will cede health sovereignty to the World Health Organization.

WATCH: Woman-Beating Cop Punches His Handcuffed Victim, Smashes Her into a Wall

womanA woman beating cop admitted guilt to an assault charge this week after video showed him smashing a handcuffed woman's face in.

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