WATCH: Cops Raid Innocent Family, Rip Naked Mom From Shower, Assault Her in Front Yard

showerAn innocent woman was in the shower when multiple cops burst into her home, yanked her from the shower and humiliated her in the front yard.

As Wayfair Conspiracy Distracted, US Gov’t Gave $200 Million to Churches Paying for Child Raping Priests

churchDozens of Catholic church dioceses received hundreds of millions despite their history of covering up child sex abuse for decades.

WATCH: ‘Just Like George Floyd,’ Cop Kneels on Restrained Man’s Neck for Acting ‘Erratic’

neckAn innocent man was accused by police of being erratic, moments later he had three cops on top of him, and a knee on his neck, just like George Floyd.

It’s Been 5 Years Since Sandra Bland Died in a Cage Over a Turn Signal Violation — Still No Justice

blandIt has been five years since Sandra Bland was kidnapped, caged, and died in a jail cell and no one involved has been arrested.

Cop Who Threatened to ‘Shoot Protesters Through the Door’ Shot Fellow Cop Through the Door Instead

doorAfter threatening to shoot protesters through his front door, a cop allegedly mistook a fellow cop for a protester and killed him — through the front door.

For the First Time in US, City Proposes Ending Police Enforcement of Traffic Laws

trafficFor the first time that we can find in American history, a city in California is proposing to end police enforcement of traffic laws.

Cop Arrested for Getting 12yo Girl Drunk Before Exposing Himself to Her

exposingAccording to court documents a cop in Ohio ws caught getting a little girl drunk before taking her to his vehicle and exposing himself to her in an attempt to sexually assault her.

Parents Seek Reparations After Special Needs Students Punished by Gov’t Funded Electric Shock

electric shockAfter countless special needs children were tortured with electric shocks as punishment in school, parents are saying the FDA 2020 ban on it is not enough.

How the Real Deep State is Using Divide So that We Can Be Conquered

divideNo matter who wins the presidential election come November, it’s a sure bet that the losers will be the American people.

Cop Arrested After He Started Masturbating Next to People at the Gym

gymGym members were in awe when they noticed a man -- who turned out to be a cop -- exposing himself and masturbating.

Cop Arrested After Video Caught Him Torturing Naked Unarmed Man in ‘Diabetic Event’

A cop has been fired and arrested after bystander video caught him viciously beating a naked unarmed man whose attorney says was in a diabetic shock.

Disturbing Video Shows Cop Forcing K-9 to Maul Pinned-Down Man

k9Police say they followed proper procedure when they sicced a K-9 on a man who was pinned down by three men.

Cops Who Laughed as They Killed Handcuffed, Innocent Man Granted Qualified Immunity

immunityA court has granted four cops qualified immunity after they held down a handcuffed innocent man for over 15 minutes, laughing as they killed him.

New Audio Reveals ‘Conspiracy’ To Cover Up the Killing of Breonna Taylor — Lawyer

Newly released audio paints a disturbing picture of how the police department circled the wagons to protect the killer cops while pinning Taylor's death on an innocent man.

After Cops Execute Teen, Destroy Security Cameras, Autopsy Finds He Was Shot in the Back

autopsyAfter police blocked all the information about their son's death, a family conducted their own autopsy and found out he was shot in the back.