Disgraced Vice President of Walt Disney Convicted of Child Rape, Gets 6 Years

disneyThe disgraced top executive at Disney has been convicted and sentenced to nearly seven years in prison on multiple counts of sexually abusing children.

WATCH: Cops Fail at Window Tint Stop After Man Calls Them Out for Being ‘Above the Law’

tintA rights-flexing individual escaped a ticket during a traffic stop for window tint after he called out the cops for having even darker tint.

Police State-Conditioned Jury Acquits Cop Who Shot a Therapist for Helping Lost Autistic Man

shootDespite the horrific video showing the officer shoot a man for helping an autistic patient who was holding a toy truck, a jury acquitted him.

Court Forces Child Rape Survivor to Allow Her Rapist to Visit Children She Had Out of Rape

childrenA child rape survivor who was repeatedly impregnated by her rapist is being forced to allow her rapist to visit the children.

WATCH: Innocent Kid Playing Outside, Attacked and Kidnapped by Cops for ‘Fitting the Description’

kidAn innocent small 17-year-old kid was dribbling his basketball when a dozen cops, claiming he was a criminal, attacked and kidnapped him.

Police Claim Officers Acted ‘Okay’ in Video of Cops Beating Man Over Loud Music

musicAfter police investigated themselves they found officers acted appropriately when they dragged a man from his vehicle and beat him over loud music.

False Flag? Iran Has Absolutely Nothing to Gain from Oman Tanker Attacks

iranThe US appears to be pulling out all stops in their heated charge and war drum-beating intent on starting war with Iran.

WATCH: Cops Open Fire with Pepper Spray Guns on Children at End of School Skate Party

euclidChildren were peacefully celebrating their last day of school at a skating ring until "militarized" Euclid "SWAT Team" showed up and began shooting them with pepper spray.

Cop Kills Unarmed, Non-verbal Disabled Man in Costco, Shoots His Parents Too

costcoTwo parents are in critical condition after they were shot and their son killed by an LAPD officer as they shopped for groceries in Costco.

Cops Refused to Fulfill City’s Illegal Ticket Quota, So City Council Fired Entire Department

TICKETA police department told city officials they were tired of extorting citizens by being forced to write tickets, so city officials fired all of them.

Study Shows Growing Hemp is a Powerful Tool to Fight Bee Population Decline

beeResearchers at Colorado State University have found that cultivating hemp will be a crucial tool in fighting the dangerous decline in the bee population.

Cops Arrest Tow Truck Driver For Legally Trying to Repossess Fellow Cop’s Private Vehicle

truckNYPD cops arrested an tow truck driver in an alleged act of retaliation for attempting to tow one of their fellow police officer's private vehicle.

City Rules Cops Who Executed Sleeping Man, Shooting Him 55 Times in 3 Seconds, ‘Acted Reasonably’

sleepingDespite horrifying video of police officers surrounding a sleeping man and shooting him 55 times in 3.5 seconds, the city ruled their actions were "reasonable."

New Bill Will Strip Doctors of Ability to Grant Vulnerable Kids Medical Exemptions for Vaccines

vaccineSB 276 will take away the power of doctors to grant any child, including those who are at high risk for vaccine injury, from granting exemptions to those kids.

College Student Went Undercover to Catch Pedophiles and Nabbed a Decorated Cop

undercoverA college student-turned pedophile hunter, went undercover to catch child predators online and low and behold—he caught a cop.