Facebook Caught Using Mueller Report as Distraction to Conceal Massive Security Breach

facebookOn March 21 Facebook claimed "tens of thousands" of users' passwords were breached, but when the Mueller report was released, they changed that number to "millions."

WATCH: Insane Cop Jumps On Hood of a Man’s Car and Murders Him—NO Charges

carA cop was ruled justified despite video showing him jump on the hood of a man's car for no reason and dump 15 rounds into him, killing him instantly.

WATCH: Cop Tasers Innocent Man in the Back Then Asks Fellow Cops to Help ‘Make Up Charges’

innocentA dirty cop attacked an innocent man, tasered him in the back, threatened to kill his dog, and falsely arrested him, and he was NOT fired.

Disturbing Video Shows Cop Repeatedly Smash Kid’s Face into Pavement, Leaving a Pool of Blood

kidA town is outraged after disturbing video showed Broward deputies throw a teen to the ground, punch him in the head, and smash his face into the pavement.

WATCH: Officers Laugh as They Chain 4 Black Men To Table, Allow Supremacist to Stab Them

stabFour black men were chained to a table by officers who then unchained a white supremacist, allowed him to get a knife, and then laughed as he stabbed them.

As More States Confiscate Guns, Dad Shoots Pedophile Who Broke Into Daughter’s Room

gunsAs states across the country move to take away our second amendment rights, a man protecting a 12-year-old from a possible rapist proves why we need it.

NXIVM Sex-Cult Prosecutors Have Alleged Evidence Of Illegal Clinton Campaign Contributions For “Political Influence”

traffickingA cult which tried to buy favor with Hillary Clinton, allegedly

Cop Convicted After Video Showed Him Taser Boy Riding ATV—from His Patrol Car—Killing Him

atvAfter horrifying video showed a cop kill a boy on an ATV by firing his taser from his patrol car window, the cop has been convicted.

After Cops Refuse to Help, Roommates Solve Burglary On Their Own, Then They Were Arrested

burglaryAfter being ignored and dismissed by police a trio of roommates solved their own burglary, but instead of getting praised, they got arrested.

Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney Accused of Sex Trafficking Kids for Jeffery Epstein

epsteinThe attorney who helped to get Jeffery Epstein a slap on the wrist for sexually abusing dozens of children, now stands accused of partaking in the sex trafficking.

WATCH: Off-Duty Cop Randomly Starts Beating Women in Bikinis as They Try to Stop Him

bikinisA man in plainclothes began attacking two college students in bikinis as their friends tried to stop him, but the girls were arrested, because the attacker was a cop.

WATCH: Cops Think Epileptic Man’s Walking Aid is a Weapon, So They Attack and Arrest Him

walkingAn innocent epileptic man was assaulted, injured, and arrested because police feared for their safety over his walking aid.

WATCH: Cop Shoots Unarmed Man Inside a Jail Cell and Is NOT Charged

shootingDespite clear video showing a cop pull out his gun and shoot an unarmed man in the stomach, inside a jail cell, there will be no charges.

Decorated Cop Arrested for Sex With His Own K9, Now Charged With 31 Counts of Child Porn

childOfficer Terry Yetman had only been out on bail for two days for having sex with his K9 when he arrested again on dozens of child porn charges.

Cop Issues $115 Ticket to Mom While Breastfeeding Her Baby in Her Parked Car

breastfeedingWhile a mom sat in the backseat of her own parked car breastfeeding her newborn, a cop walked up to her and wrote her a $115 ticket.