WATCH: While Killing Student in High School Bathroom, Cop Also Shoots Fellow Officer

bathroomVideo footage was just released showing three officers surround a teen in a high school bathroom before killing him, shooting a fellow cop in the process.

Dept. Covered For and Protected Police Union President as He Raped Kids for Decades

unionNewly released documents show the Boston PD knew their top cop was raping children and they did everything they could to cover it up.

If We Can Prosecute Chauvin for 1 Murder, Let’s Go After Bush, Obama, Trump, & Biden for Thousands

murderIf we can convict Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd, we should be go after the past president and convict them for mass murdering tens of thousands.

US Postal Service Running “Covert Operations Program” To Spy On Americans’ Social Media Posts, Share With Agencies

mailThe US Postal Service (USPS) has been running a secret program to track and collect Americans’ social media posts

Thanks to a System that Enables Killer Cops, Chauvin was Only the 8th Cop Convicted of Murder Since 2005

accountableDerek Chauvin's guilty verdict was a battle won in a war Americans have been losing for decades while trying to hold killer cops accountable.

California Hasn’t Opened Schools Yet, But Tiny Kids Can Dance for Cash in Drag at Late Night Clubs

childrenLess than half of the schools in California are opened, but it is apparently acceptable for children to dress in drag in bars and dance for money while not in school.

If Derek Chauvin Can Be Found Guilty, These Cops Should Be Prosecuted as Well

chargedWhile it is certainly a welcome gesture to see that Derek Chauvin has received justice his charges and conviction were the exception to the rule.

WATCH: Cops Swarm Innocent Kids, Steal Bikes, Arrest Them Over Stop for ‘Bicycle License’

bicyclesA group of black teens was swarmed by cops, had their bicycles stolen, and were arrested over failing to have the proper license to ride a bike.

Cops Caught on Camera Destroying Memorial to Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright

memorialTone deaf cops in Bakersfield were captured on infuriating cellphone video destroying a sidewalk memorial to Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright.

State Bill Removes Qualified Immunity for Cops Who Enforce Federal Gun Laws, Will Hold Them Liable

gunThe state of Ohio has become one of many states in which legislators are moving to block cops from enforcing federal gun control measures.

TX Shooter Was a Sheriff’s Detective Who Was Out on Bail for Child Rape

shooterThe alleged mass shooter in Texas has been captured and he was a detective who was out on bail for raping a child last June.

Cop Arrested for Invading Woman’s Home, Holding Her Hostage in Basement, Beating Her for Hours

lmpdAn officer from the LMPD, the same department who killed Breonna Taylor, has been arrested for invading a woman's home and torturing her for hours.

‘This is Martial Law’—US Soldiers Force Women from Car at Gunpoint for Pumping Gas Past Curfew

curfewFor pumping gas after curfew, several women were surrounded by soldiers, held at gunpoint, and ordered to their knees by militarized jackboots.

Drone King Obama Enjoys $11 Million Mansion, While Drone Whistleblower Rots in Jail for Exposing War Crimes

droneHale’s drone prosecution case reflects the twisted morality and corruption of the legal system in an imperialist nation.

Most Police Killings in 2020 Involved Calls That Had NO CRIME or Over Non-Violent Offenses

killingsShocking statistics reveal that most police killings involve cops responding to calls in which there is no crime or the suspect is accused of a non-violent act.