Cop Promoted to Asst. Chief After Shooting Unarmed Man in the Back, Causing Him to Drop His Baby

promotedTwo Scottsdale PD officers have been promoted to high levels of leadership, despite costing their cities millions of dollars after shooting a man in the back.

Homesteading Army Vet, Elderly Couple Face Eviction for Being Unable to Pay Predatory Code Enforcers

homesteadA family and an elderly couple trying to homestead have fallen victim to predatory regulators who are fining them into oblivion making it nearly impossible to live.

HuffPo, Forbes, Nat’l Review All Took Money from Epstein to Publish Fluff Pieces On Him

epsteinThe mainstream media took money from Jeffrey Epstein to print positive puff pieces about the convicted pedophile.

WATCH: Cops Illegally Invade Family’s Home, Choke Innocent Child Who Was Home Alone

homeA disturbing video of a home invasion by police captured the moment cops illegally entered a home, attacked and choked an innocent child.

BREAKING: Houston Cop Who Lied About Raid that Killed Innocent Couple—Charged with Murder

houstonThe Houston cop who lied to raid an innocent couple which led to their deaths has been charged with two counts of felony murder and is still under investigation over claims he stole guns, drugs and money.

WATCH: FOX News Claims People are Laying on the Street ‘Having Just Shot Up Marijuana’

marijuanaOn Fox News, an internet meme about injecting marijuana became a reality as a co-host claimed people are laying "on the street having just shot up with marijuana."

WATCH: Cops Accuse Man of Robbing His Own Home, Nearly Kill Him, Drag Him Out in His Underwear

homeAn innocent homeowner was forced to his knees in his underwear at gunpoint, handcuffed, dragged from his home and humiliated after officer accused him of robbing it.

WATCH: Cops Torture Innocent Dad in Front of Kids, Pull Down His Pants, Taser His Testicles

tortureHorrifying video shows officers lie to pull over an innocent family, savagely torture a father in front of his kids, even pulling down his pants and tasering his testicles.

American Apocalypse: The Government’s Plot to Destabilize the Nation Is Working

No, it's not another "conspiracy theory" the U.S. government is actively sowing the seeds of chaos to destabilize the nation and it will reap the harvest.

Unsettling Study Names American Police as 6th Leading Cause of Death for Young Men

studyA disturbing new study published this month lists police killings as one of the leading causes of death for young men in America.

After Covering Notre Dame Fire Non-Stop, Media Silent as the Amazon Burns for Weeks

fireThe "lungs of our planet" in the Amazon are literally turning to ash by the square mile and the mainstream media seemingly couldn't care less about reporting on it.

Cop Arrested for Filming Himself Urinate on 12yo Girl at Bus Stop, Attempting to Kidnap Her

busIn one of the most disturbing cases we've ever seen, a Cleveland cop was arrested after he attempted to kidnap a girl at a bus stop and filmed himself urinating on her.

Mexican Judge Approves Recreational Cocaine Use in ‘Historic’ Ruling

In a first-of-its-kind ruling, a judge in Mexico City has granted two people the right to use, possess, and transport cocaine for personal recreational use.

Infuriating Video Shows Cops Dole Out Gang-Style Beating on Innocent 17yo Boy

videoAn innocent teen was dragged from his home, beaten by cops and then arrested on false charges. Luckily, the video proved he was innocent.

Cop Loses It, Assaults Man for Recording Him Steal a McDonald’s Smoothie

McDonald'sA Maryland cop lost it and attacked an innocent man for filming him behind the counter at McDonald's allegedly stealing a smoothie.