WATCH: Cops Tackle, Arrest Trump’s Fmr Campaign Manager Before Seizing His Guns, Baker Acting Him

managerVideo has just been released showing police violently take down Trump's former campaign manager before seizing his guns.

That’s Dedication to Liberty! After a Stroke on Friday, Ron Paul Back on Air Monday

paulShowing his inspirational dedication to the cause of liberty, after suffering a stroke on Friday, Dr. Ron Paul is going back on air Monday.

Child Reports Rape to Police and Is Assigned an Officer Who Sexually Assaults Her

assaultInstead of helping a child who was a sex assault victim, a New Orleans cop allegedly began grooming her and eventually sexually assaulted her.

Feds Investigate After Cop Killed Unarmed Child on Video and Got a $70k Bonus Instead of Jail

fbiAfter his own department refused to hold him accountable, and gave him a bonus, the FBI is now stepping in to investigate.

Police Apologize For Deploying Taser Shields To Use Against Protesters

shieldThough they were witnessed being used against protesters, police apologized for deploying the ominous taser shield weapons during the peaceful protests.

New Study Shows Honeybee Venom “Rapidly Destroys” Cancer Cells

honeybeeSpecific concentrations of honeybee venom can induce 100% cancer cell death, all the while leaving regular cells mostly unharmed.

Cop Fired After Video Showed Him Choking, Beating a Young Boy Over Tobacco

swisher sweetA California cop is out of the job after a bystander filmed him savagely beating a young boy for possessing a swisher sweet tobacco product.

WATCH: Woman Strapped to a Chair, Tortured with Taser After Refusing to Sign a Ticket—Taxpayers Held Liable

boulderIn what looks like a scene out of 1930s Germany, a woman was sadistically tortured by police in a restraint chair and the cops who did it were never punished.

Two Americas: Report Shows How Mainstream Media is Programming Divide in the U.S.

programCourthouse News examined how two news programs sharing a time slot — “Fox News at Night” and MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” — reported the same news entirely different.

WATCH: ‘We Don’t Have a Crime’, Cops Stop Man Without Probable Cause, Hog Tie, Kneel On Him Until He Dies

probable causeThe daughter of a 50 year old man who was killed in police custody is fighting for justice after police stopped her dad without probable cause, handcuffed, hog tied and suffocated him.

Texas Sheriff Arrested, Charged with Sexually Assaulting His Fellow Officers

sheriffA Texas sheriff is accused of sexually assaulting multiple employees and using his badge and title to do so under the color of authority.

Bystanders Watch in Horror as Cop Rides Bicycle Over Man’s Head as He Lies on the Ground

bicycleA man who may have needed medical attention was lying face down on the ground when a cop rode his bicycle directly over his head.

Podcast — Guest: Maj Toure — Why Black Guns Matter & How All Gun Control Is Racist

gunsTFTP sits down with Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter to discuss the problem with the war on drugs, the racism behind gun control, and solutions to achieving liberty for all.

Ann Arbor Just Voted to Tell Cops to Stop Arresting People for Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, and More

mushroomsAnn Arbor has put themselves on the right side of history by refusing to arrest people for mushrooms, ayahuasca, ibogane, and other psychedelics.

Police Pin 10yo Boy With Autism Down With Knee to the Neck and Break His Arm—Lawsuit

autismA mother called for an ambulance for help with her autistic 10-year-old but police showed up first and things got violent fast.