How to Get Insanely Productive with Social Media Updates to Scale Your Referral Traffic

Life can get crazy… Holidays, trips, family and personal life: There are lots of things that may stand in your way to being consistent with your (and your business) social media presence. Therefore making some sort of social media editorial calendar to keep yourself accountable is a great idea. Like with any productivity hacks, the […]

Seven Alternative Keyword Research Tactics to Uncover More Ranking Opportunities

Keyword research, the bread and butter of my trade. Everything, from SEO to content marketing to customer engagement, is hinging on finding and cornering the best and brightest keyword combinations within my little slice of the industry. So I am always looking for new ways I may have been missing that help me do that. […]

5 Referral Marketing Strategies to Win More Sales

Winning more sales ultimately comes down to trust. The prospective customer has to trust that your product or service is valuable and that you’re honorable enough to not sell them something they don’t need. The way to win trust only comes in three forms: You’ve built trust by getting to know who you’re selling to […]

A Detailed Guide to Writing Listicle Articles

Listicle articles are popular among bloggers. They don’t require writing tons of information on a particular topic. Instead, this type of article embraces a wide range of different service or product items in one place. The goal of listicles is to get people familiar with various products. So, how to write a listicle piece of […]

These Four Marketing Automation Tools Will Boost Your Site Growth

There’s no denying a fact that most of marketing tasks we get to perform cannot (or should not) be automated. You cannot automate content creation and link acquisition. You’d better stay away from automating most of relationship building tasks. You cannot fully automate customer service, loyalty building and community nurturing. However automation can reinforce your […]

Digital Marketing Tools: Best New SEO Software I Use

I love tools and I have a pretty solid collection of tolls I am using daily. In this article I share my most recent SEO software that I really love. [Disclaimer: I may be paid a commission if you buy the premium subscription after clicking some links below. Or I may be not] All-in-One Marketing […]

How to Get More Reach and Shares on Your Social Videos

Video marketing is thriving. Industry thought leaders predict video to take an even firmer stance in the years to come, as people don’t want to read that much and images aren’t nearly as dynamic. Companies and small businesses realize the power of video and plug into the video making trend. Maxwell Hertan, Director of Megaphone […]

25 Actionable Ideas to Smartly Re-Use Your Old Content to Get You Busy Right Now

We know too well that in order to succeed online we need to create great sharable and linkable content. What many of us are missing though is that we may already have loads of great content piling up which we once created, promoted and then moved on. That content is the huge asset we should […]

HOW TO: Re-package Your Best Content for More Exposure (and Links)

Your best content doesn’t have to live only once. If you have managed to create something awesome that resonated with the audience, go ahead and make the most of it. Re-purposing or re-packaging an article means giving it another form and format based on the exiting content and research. By re-packaging, you spread your article […]

Calls To Action Follow-up: Who and Where?

My old post on calls-to-action attracted a number of comments asking for advice on my readers’ current website design. I am not a professional web designer, so the only way I can find the best solution is by experimenting and testing. Yet, effective conversion rate optimization can boost your revenue, so it is worth every […]