Digital Marketing Tools: Best New SEO Software I Use

I love tools and I have a pretty solid collection of tolls I am using daily. In this article I share my most recent SEO software that I really love. [Disclaimer: I may be paid a commission if you buy the premium subscription after clicking some links below. Or I may be not] All-in-One Marketing […]

How Seasonal Trends Inform and Direct Your Content Strategy [Updated]

I spoke on seasonal trends and how they affect SEO and hence content marketing strategy at Pubcon last year. While preparing my deck, I decided to create a list of resources here to make it easier for Pubcon visitors to get a neat overview of everything they need to get this content strategy in action. […]

SE Ranking: An SEO Analytics & Monitoring Platform You Have Been Looking For

I don’t do tool reviews often, so you know if I am taking the time to share one, it must be worth it! In this article I am going introduce you to a pretty awesome SEO dashboard called SE Ranking. The platform has a gazillion of features, so I am not going to describe all […]

Google’s Featured Snippet Deduplication: What Does It Mean for Web Publishers?

As of yesterday, Google is not showing the featured page in organic results. That is, if previously you were ranking in Google’s top 10 and were featured, now you are just featured. The official claim is that this has been done for “decluttering” search results. What does this move mean for web publishers? Let’s try […]

Linkedin Content Marketing: How To Make An Engagement-Boosting LinkedIn Presentation

Sharing visuals on LinkedIn isn’t as easy as some of the other platforms. The visual has to be sized perfectly, and most of the time LinkedIn compresses the visual into a blurry mess. Plus posting infographics is almost impossible! Now when you share a ton of visual content like Venngage, that quickly becomes a problem. So […]

How to Optimize Your Site for Phone Calls

A lot of time passed since my post on calls-to-action but I am still getting comments and requests from people who are willing to get their site visitors to act. One of the recent comments was about optimizing your site for phone calls: how to place your company number to start getting calls. I don’t […]

How to Get More Reach and Shares on Your Social Videos

Video marketing is thriving. Industry thought leaders predict video to take an even firmer stance in the years to come, as people don’t want to read that much and images aren’t nearly as dynamic. Companies and small businesses realize the power of video and plug into the video making trend. At the same time, there’s […]

[From #38 to #9] Improve and Diversify Your Organic Rankings with Text Optimizer

I’ve been reviewing SEO tools for at least a decade now (stopped counting about 5 years ago) and it’s not easy to impress me these days (that’s why you don’t see tool reviews that often from me these days). But a few weeks ago this tweet drew my attention: While it did look too good […]

How Much Does a Blog Site Cost? The Minimum Blog Price

Due to the nature of my multiple projects, I get many questions from readers and bloggers which I try to address in as much detail as I can. Some questions are asked so often that it makes sense to answer them in an article. Three of the more frequent questions: How much does it cost […]

JetOctopus: The Fastest Web-Based SEO Crawler

I love our industry for the variety of tools we create for ourselves. I think we are one of the most self-innovating industries out there, and I am always happy to come across new tools to play with. This time I am reviewing a cool new SEO crawler: JetOctopus Disclaimer: I was given free credits […]