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Ram V Is Writing And Drawing His Next Batman Story For DC Comics

Detective Comics #1076, solicited as being drawn by Jason Shawn Alexander, but now includes a story both written, drawn and coloured by Ram V

Death of the Venomverse's Kid Venom Gets His Own Comic

Marvel has announced that Kid Venom will star in his own comic book this January titled Kid Venom: Origins #1.

On this day, the Ethernet spec was published

The internet has a long and storied history, with Jan. 1, 1983, considered to be the birth of the internet. This is when the TCP/IP protocol was implemented in the ARPANET, or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. However, nearly three years prior on Sept. 30, 1980, the first Ethernet specification was published following its development at Xerox PARC between 1973 and 1974. Since then, it's become a standard that has evolved and grown and is a mainstay on basically all computers several decades later.

How to watch Tottenham vs Liverpool: Livestream the Premier League match from anywhere

It's week seven of the English Premier League, and it's time for another big game. This week, second-place Liverpool travels to fourth-place Tottenham Hotspur, in what promises to be an action-packed afternoon on the pitch.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #8 Preview: Bat-Finale

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #8 promises a thrilling conclusion. But, do we really believe Batman's luck has run out?

Diamond Comic Distributors Introduces Direct Debits For Comic Shops

Diamond Comic Distributors have finally introduce a new, direct automatic payment option for their US retailers, AutoPay.

Best chargers for Surface Laptop Go 3 in 2023

When it comes to affordable laptops, the Surface Go Laptop series by Microsoft is easily among our favorites. These zippy Windows-based devices offer a lot of value for what they cost and design-wise, they’re punching well above their weight, almost on par with the more premium Surface PCs.

Bruce Wayne Vs Dick Grayson & Tim Drake in Batman #138 (Spoilers)

Reddit user KelsoAlghulNYC has posted pages from next week's Batman #138 to Reddit's Batman board yesterday... spoilers on...

Japan's Video Game Rankings, September 18-24

Pikmin 1+2 HD remaster debuts at #1

Memories Off Visual Novels Mark 25th Anniversary With New Title in 2024

Original designer, composer reunite with Steins;Gate writer Naotaka Hayashi

Detective Conan 2024 Anime Film's Teaser Confirms Late Spring Opening

Golden Week holidays start in late April next year

Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc Anime Unveils More Cast, Opening Song's Artists

Kengo Kawanishi, Nobuhiko Okamoto, rock band Official HiGE DANDISM join fall anime

iPhone 15 review: A major yet sneaky upgrade from its predecessor

Apple has faced a litany of criticism over the past few years for failing to considerably improve its base-model iPhones, and for good reason. Last year's iPhone 14 was the worst example of this, which was so similar to the previous iPhone 13 that the two phones shared the same system-on-a-chip. For perspective, that was the first time a flagship iPhone was released without a chip upgrade, notably excluding budget-oriented releases like the iPhone SE. At first glance, you might think that Apple's new iPhone 15 — just released Sept. 22 in most regions — follows this same disappointing trend. From the outside, it looks the same as the past few generations of iPhone. But fear not, the iPhone 15 isn't just an upgrade over last year's iPhone 14; it represents the biggest upgrade of any iPhone model released this year.

How to access your NAS on Linux

If you have a NAS that you've either purchased as a NAS or built from an old PC, you'll need a way to access it remotely. There are a few ways to do so, and many different NAS software will actually have a file-sharing system built into the operating system. For example, I use TrueNAS, and it has support for many different file sharing methods, and you can install other ones too. These are some of the best ways to access any of the best NAS on Linux.

Kid Venom Gets Their Own Comic From Marvel In 2024

Death Of Venomverse #2 saw the first appearance of the character Kid Venom, created by Taigami, to be collected in Kid Venom: Origins #1.

Japanese Animation TV Ranking, September 18-24

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 earns 2.2% rating

Best docks for Surface Laptop Studio 2 in 2023

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 is one of Microsoft's most powerful Surface devices yet. It sports 13th-generation Intel CPUs and RTX 40-series graphics under the hood. But one thing that also makes this great Surface device even greater than before is the connectivity. Like the connectivity on some of the best laptops you can buy, Microsoft has added a USB-A port, as well as a microSD card slot. That's typically enough for most people to avoid using a dongle, but if you want to connect to additional displays, you'll still want to consider a docking station. We collected eight of our favorites right here for you.

DC's Killing Time For Paperbacks in Daily LITG, 30th September 2023

DC Comics cancelling trade paperbacks topped the Bleeding Cool chart yesterday, with two Batman comics from Tom King joining the list,

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Anime's 1st 5 Minutes Streamed

Azrest's promo also posted before anime of Korean web comic debuts on October 7

Best cases for Surface Laptop Go 3 in 2023

The brand-new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 is here, and we’re sure it will be as successful as the earlier two generations; these machines are perfect for buyers looking for an affordable laptop with a premium finish. While its dimensions remain the same as the Laptop Go 2, the Surface Laptop Go 3 comes with a few bumped-up specs (8GB RAM, the 12th Gen Intel Core i5 chip, and improved battery life) and a new price tag to match. As long as your job doesn't require you to execute resource-hungry computing tasks, this laptop will more than meet your requirements.

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