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Online ticket wins $7.19 million Lotto 47 jackpot, largest online prize in Michigan

One Michigan player won a $7.19 million Lotto 47 jackpot with a ticket bought online, breaking the state record for the largest lottery prize won online.

North Carolina 18-year-old wins $1 million in lottery after asking sister to buy ticket for him

A North Carolina man won a $1 million top prize in the lottery after he gave his sister some money to purchase a ticket on his behalf.

Florida lottery winners suspect state "system error" is blocking prize payouts

Florida lottery winners are increasingly expressing frustration over the claims process, with many players complaining that the state is blocking prize payouts and issuing notices of owed money for debts that do not exist.

Michigan man with unique scratch game playing style surprised by $4 million win

A Michigan man revealed that he purposefully did not scratch off the prize amount on his winning lottery ticket, and as a result, he ended up waiting three months to find out that it was worth $4 million.

Former Georgia Lottery inspector accused of taking bribes to pass store inspections

A former Georgia Lottery employee was arrested and charged with three counts of bribery after investigators found he accepted bribes to pass store inspections.

Washington Lottery retailer sells 3 winning tickets in 1 week, including $4.6M Lotto jackpot winner

A Washington Lottery retailer sold three winning tickets for three different games in one week, with two winning prizes in the six-figure range and one hitting a $4.6 million Lotto jackpot.

Missouri woman accused of orchestrating $116,000 lottery scheme using stolen credit cards

A Missouri woman was indicted by a federal grand jury for orchestrating a conspiracy to buy nearly 2,000 lottery tickets with stolen credit cards, totaling over $116,000 in fraudulent winnings and purchases.

U.S. Postal Service worker pleads guilty after caught stealing cash and lottery tickets from mail

A New York U.S. Postal Service (USPS) employee avoided a prison sentence after being convicted of stealing cash, lottery tickets, and other personal belongings from the mail she was entrusted to deliver.

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