8 Tips for Recognizing a Manipulative Person

How can we easily detect a manipulative person? Here are some common behaviors.

Dolce & Gabbana Sues Two U.S. Bloggers for $600 Million

The lawsuit was filed in Milan civil court in 2019, but was just made public this week.

The First Female RV Company CEO on Bringing Ultra Luxury to Land Travel

Geneva Long wants to put yacht life on the road.

Burger King Tweets "Women Belong in the Kitchen," And Social Media Is on Fire

The message is accompanied by a thread in which the company explains that it is launching a scholarship program to encourage female employees to pursue a culinary career and reduce the gender gap in this sector.

The Bad Streak Continues for Tesla and Elon Musk: The Tycoon Lost $27 Billion in a Week

Following Tesla's stock crash, Elon Musk's fortune has plummeted, widening the gap between SpaceX CEO and Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

Meghan Markle Told Oprah That Her First Job Was Working at a Frozen Yogurt Store, Humphrey Yogart, in L.A. When She Was 13

She met her idol Yasmine Bleeth, who starred as a lifeguard on 'Baywatch,' while working there. Her old boss said she was outgoing and popular with customers.

5 Pieces of Advice I Never Expected to Give to Entrepreneurs

A venture investor discusses getting blindsided, saying no, human connection and more.

The United States Approves the First Digital Contraceptive

This application was developed by a German company and its launch is expected to take place this year in the American country.

5 Psychology-Backed Tips for Earning, and Keeping, a Prospect's Trust

One of the first steps is to establish your credibility.

Big Lots Follows North Star To Profits, You Should Too

Big Lots continues a great quarter of profits by showing resilience and adaptation in the face of the pandemic.