What I Learned In 2020

(This is a personal post so if that isn’t your thing then you should move on.) This is the ninth year that I’ve done a year in review piece. I’m at a different stage of my journey so you might benefit from and find yourself in prior year versions. Here are easy links to 2011, […]

SEO A/B Testing

SEO A/B testing is limiting your search growth. I know, that statement sounds backward and wrong. Shouldn’t A/B testing help SEO programs identify what does and doesn’t work? Shouldn’t SEO A/B testing allow sites to optimize based on statistical fact? You’d think so. But it often does the opposite. That’s not to say that SEO […]

Rich Results Test Bookmarklets

The Structured Data Testing Tool is being deprecated. So I created two bookmarklets for the new Rich Results Test. Copy and paste no more!

What I Learned in 2019

(This is a personal post so if that isn’t your thing then you should move on.) This is the eighth year that I’ve done a year in review piece. If this is your first time reading one you may need the context of prior years. I’ve dealt with a variety of issues leading up to this point. […]

The Problem With Image Search Traffic

Google makes it easy for marketers to make bad decisions by hiding the performance of image search traffic. Marketers have grown accustomed to not seeing image search traffic broken out in analytics packages. And Google persists in telling marketers to use Google Search Console to track image search traffic. The problem? Google Search Console doesn’t tell marketers […]

The Invisible Attribution Model of Link Acquisition

Links are still an important part of ranking well in search. While I believe engagement signals are what ultimately get you to the top of a search result, links are usually necessary to get on the first page. In the rush to measure everything, I find many are inadvertently limiting their opportunities. They fail to grasp the invisible attribution model of link […]

Query Syntax

Understanding query syntax may be the most important part of a successful search strategy. What words do people use when searching? What type of intent do those words describe? This is much more than simple keyword research. I think about query syntax a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Some might say I’m obsessed. But it’s totally […]

What I Learned In 2018

(This is a personal post so if that isn’t your thing then you should move on.) 2018 was a satisfying year because many of the issues that I surfaced last year and in prior years were resolved. I moved my business to expertise retainers, was more comfortable with success and stopped beating myself up (and […]

Algorithm Analysis In The Age of Embeddings

On August 1st, 2018 an algorithm update took 50% of traffic from a client site in the automotive vertical. An analysis of the update made me certain that the best course of action was … to do nothing. So what happened? Sure enough, on October 5th, that site regained all of its traffic. Here’s why […]

Tracking Hidden Long-Tail Search Traffic

A lot of my work is on large consumer facing sites. As such, they get a tremendous amount of long-tail traffic. That’s right, long-tail search isn’t dead. But you might think so when you look at Google Search Console. I’ve found there’s more data in Google Search Console than you might believe. Here’s what I’m doing to […]