Charleston Fellows Program

Opera Workshop Showcase Explores ‘What If’ with Honors Student Meleana Cabales

Life is made up of many moments and decisions that lead to the next. But how would things have played out if we made a different choice, gone in a different direction, decided to pursue another opportunity in a different city? College of Charleston Opera explores the power choices can have in shaping our lives with the […]

Honors Student Delivers the Goods

Have a conversation with Alex Adams, and you’ll come away impressed – and likely inspired. This rising junior from Chicago has long been motivated by assisting others, particularly those in need. It’s a trait that not only defines her; it guides much of what she does. Recently, that moral compass prompted Adams to examine the […]

Honors Geology Student Receives College’s First Crowdfunded Scholarship

Just inside the front door of the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History on the College of Charleston campus is a big glass and wood donation box. Perched on a block inside, amid a few dozen one-, two- and five-dollar bills, is a plaster cast of a cave bear skull with a sign that says […]

December Graduate Squeezes Full Honors Experience into Three and a Half Years

Exercise science major Lilli Butterfield – a soon-to-be graduate of the Honors College – has thoroughly enjoyed her time at the College. She was so earnest about her work as an undergraduate here that she managed to finish in just 3 1/2 years. A native of North Carolina, Butterfield has known for a long time […]

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