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I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/wrJpheMI4vU?a #UFC Killing Division and Careers, Floyd Faked Out | IF I DID IT

MikeyGilz @MikeyGilz

@MesozoicReptile @BloodyElbow Are you prepared to argue that a win over James Vick means anywhere near as much as Pettis?

Rob Lawrence @rob_nyce

Garcia not ready for that power bloodyelbow.com/2018/11/13/180…

Clayton Carlile @MesozoicReptile

@MikeyGilz @BloodyElbow Wut......LOL https://t.co/B3bcnCJlo5

HernandezTombs @hernandeztombs

@BloodyElbow He’ll get Poirier

Ryan Ray @ryanraysr

Benson Henderson re-signs with Bellator MMA after fighting out previous contract bloodyelbow.com/2018/11/13/180… via @BloodyElbow


RT @ljanders96: @rleonekc @BloodyElbow @antontabuena Porn would be the easier route

Justin @SlipNRip

@BloodyElbow @antontabuena Her new additions make her an exaggerated version of herself...like a WWE character

. @KhabibTime_

@rleonekc @BloodyElbow @antontabuena The amount of fake promises she's made is crazy and the ufc are just feeding h… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

uriel @ep3uriel

@jsoto20870 @BloodyElbow Well Conor’s recent record ain’t that good either so...

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